Nipple Torture…

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I was out roaming town with my friend when I heard a sudden ping. Miss Lois had messaged me, asking what I was up to. I felt excited like I always did as soon as I got a message from her. It made me want to respond instantly. It’s kind of like a compulsion. But I also felt a bit worried and sad. I was about to spend at least 2 or 3 hours with my friend so there’d be no way I could serve her today, and it was never quite certain when I’d have another opportunity to serve her, as her job was quite busy.

However, Miss Lois didn’t plan to leave me to my plans at all. She started a conversation, forcing my attention constantly back to her even though I felt like I should probably pay attention to my friend. I couldn’t help it though. As I said I felt compelled to always reply to my Mistress. And while I love my friend, I also much rather served my Mistress…

I was also thinking of a way of how I could serve her right now even though I was occupied. It crossed my mind how I could have been wearing no panties today and I felt sad that I had put some on this morning. Then I thought of how I could maybe take them off in the toilet… thinking she would have wanted me to. I don’t know specifically what sparked the thought, but something like… (if she’d had known that I was going to be out, would she have told me to…? Must be a little boring for her now that I’m wearing panties, oh but I guess it is possible to take panties off in a toilet) – saying that it was still a little shock? when Miss Lois then actually told me (without me having said anything) to take off my panties in the toilet and show her a picture.

Not wearing panties excited me, as well as scared me a little. While no one could tell as I was wearing jeans… what if I was to leave a wet patch from my arousal, which certainly would be there just from talking to my Mistress.

My friend and I met in Starbucks and then moved to another venue for lunch, elsewhere in town. We walked around a bit until we eventually settled down, while all the while I’d been texting back Miss Lois. Once we sat down in the cafe, she told me to show her a picture of my jeans (curious about a possible wet spot?) and I felt stressed about being rude to my friend for taking a picture of something so seemingly random, especially because I’d been talking to this person she didn’t know about on my phone all this time.

I also hated walking in the jeans without panties because I could feel it with every step. Most of the time I was thinking: when can we finally stand still? But moving and feeling it did make me wet.

My friend and I went separate ways around 4/5 pm, and Miss Lois told me to buy some clamps in town before heading home. She told me to get the binder clips, which I couldn’t find that easily which worried me because I didn’t want to disappoint. Luckily I did manage to find them in addition to two other kinds of clips, just before the shops closing time. It made me wonder and anticipate if I was going to be in pain tonight. Clamps especially scared me a little bit because my nipples are very sensitive, and it was not something I’d really mentioned to her before. It gave me a certain feeling of dread, but also some excitement and a sense of hope about having some fun/serving her that night.

I got home, made some small talk with my mum and found an excuse to go upstairs where I wouldn’t be disturbed for a while. I put the clips down – I’d shown them to Miss Lois when I was in town through pictures was anticipating for them to be used now. However, she didn’t mention the clips again for a while and told me to do something else first, about which I’ve written here. I felt a little bit disappointed but adjusted quite quickly. Clearly this other topic was more important now. The fear I’d felt about the clips slowly went away because I was distracted. And when I thought we were only going to talk about the aspects of being a slave, she asked me “what do you want to do now?”

I thought about the clips and how I didn’t want to use them, but how I did want to be used tonight. She then told me to put the different clips on my finger to see what they felt like.

Nipple torture...

The binder clip was the most painful one. Then the one with the coloured end, which had teeth, and then the last one, which didn’t really hurt at all.

Then to my surprise, (again! I just didn’t know what to expect?) she told me to get a clothes hanger (one for hanging up skirts, the ones that have 2 clips attached) and attach those to both my nipples.


On the one hand, I was relieved that I didn’t have to attach one of the clips (especially the binder clips…) I’d just bought to my nipples… on the other hand, this already hurt more than I expected and I seriously started to doubt if I would be able to fulfil her wishes tonight.

However, humans are pretty great in that they can’t avoid suffering and when they do they deal with it and adapt because they don’t have any other choice. So how do I deal with things that are seemingly too painful for me to deal with? I guess it’s just like… I tell myself: Just do it and don’t think about it. – After all, if my Mistress tells me to do something I must comply without complaint. I’m to serve her and make her happy and my comfort shouldn’t matter.

I hadn’t realised that she told me to put the clothes hanger on my nipples because it meant I could then attach things to it… in other words, attach weight.

First, it was a teddy. It added quite a lot of weight even though it was just a teddy. It hurt a lot. I didn’t know how I was going to cope with something else but it felt like we had only just started. But I had to manage somehow. I don’t know how to explain this, but I somehow manually push my coping amount further. It’s like trying to hold your breath long enough.


At first, it felt like the coat hanger alone had been attached to my nipples for too long. Then it reached the point where it really hurt a lot and I somehow reset my ability to cope or stretched my ability to cope further.

With the teddy, it was pushed a little further. I told Miss Lois that it hurt to stand straight. Then she told me to add another item, and another – as many as it took for the coat hanger to come off on its own.

Then it came off… And she’d told me to take a picture when it did. I captured a very blurry face/body of mine that seemed to be in pain, lol. And it hurt a lot! At the same time, the relief of it being off was bigger than the intense pain of it coming off.

For a moment I felt relieved… I’d done it, it was fine now. right?

Then she told me to put the clamps with the teeth on both my nipples, which was surprisingly ok! Everything between the last painful hitting point and the teeth ones was like painful but not really there? It felt as if I’d temporarily reached a stage of numbness/coping in terms of pain.


So naturally… Miss Lois didn’t tell me to put on the binder clips. She asked me if I wanted to. I couldn’t say no… It’s what she wanted, wasn’t it? But I was screaming no in my head…

I put the first one on my right nipple which made me crouch down on the floor as I grabbed hold of the desk. The pain shot far over into the red area. I screamed silently. For a good 20 seconds, I didn’t know how to cope at all.

Shaking, I brought the other clip to my left nipple. I couldn’t cope with this one either and felt like I was in complete agony. I started wondering why I was doing this. Why? Miss Lois had said it herself. I didn’t have to put these on. I didn’t have to. I only had because I had ‘anticipated’ that it would make her happy if I did… a lesson she’d been trying to teach me too…


My mind kind of started floating after this. I don’t remember the timeline clearly. She told me to masturbate with my thong on, something of which I hadn’t even thought yet by that point. I hadn’t even felt the desire to touch myself, but of course, I was soaking wet, which made it very easy.


She told me to put the thong in my mouth, which was a little gross but I adjust to it very quickly and it just becomes something that’s there.

Then, she told me to put a binder clip on my lips… which is equally as bad as on my nipples?? but worse in some way?? Again, I struggled to cope.

It’s a different kind of pain than on the nipples. Like right then my nipples still burned and I felt them when I didn’t move and when I move and it’s very much there but my upper lip, while it doesn’t hurt as much, it bothers me way more.

After that… More clamps and coming again. I could take the binder ones off my nipples – which… aaahhh. Taking them off. ffs. And these were moved to underneath my nipples… and the ones with the teeth to my nipples, which putting them on by then hurt as much as the first time that I’d put on the binder clips. And so did removing them later.


Coming for the second time was a real struggle. When I finally did come, I actually made a little bit of noise… rather than staying my usual quiet self, hehe.

Once we finished I felt exhausted and ready for bed by 10 pm…
I felt a little happy, satisfied and slightly peaceful in some way. But most of all grateful for the experience and ability to serve Miss Lois again.

[Purchase a video of nipple torture with me and my current Mistress Roxy here]

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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18 Replies to “Nipple Torture…”

  1. AC @ The Cracked Lens

    I have no doubt that you did make some noise. Those clips made everything sensitive and swoll.

  2. Tom

    Lovely, I can relate to your sweet nipple agony. I bet you couldn’t stay silent, neither can I.

    When I am being teased, all nipple pain somehow morphes into something bearable and arousing, even when I get tears in my eyes. My Wife likes to pull squeeze, and twist my nipples (no clamps, except Her fingers and fingernails) while I am masturbating (at Her order). The pain is intense but so is my arousal. I must pull my hands away when I reach the edge. On a few occassions She would continue to torture my nipples and this may even result in a frustrating ruined orgasm. And when this happens – I suddenly become aware of my burning raw red nipples that bruise and remain painfuly sensitive and take several days to heal completely.

    • MLSlavePuppet

      I loved it when my ex used to squeeze and play with my nipples. Sometimes it was painful, but there was this exact spot in between which was slightly painful but so pleasurable! I love that feeling. Since it was only online with Miss Lois I never had that. While nipple clamps and such immediately make me wet, it’s always really painful and I don’t like it haha. I also do like it, but when it’s really painful the hate is much stronger!
      I like how for you it can be less unbearably painful if you also have the pleasure and then only notice the pain truly afterwards!

  3. Tom

    I know exactly what you mean, the love/hate feelings about the pain.
    For me, to get sexually excited while it’s happening, the pain needs to be in the right place, above the “comfortable” threshold (but not too severe either) and induced by the right person, otherwise the magic doesn’t quite work at the time.

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