Open Lotus

I’m not sure if this title makes sense. I brainstorm titles with my best friend and he was like, well if you had both legs crossed it would be a lotus, so maybe it’s half a lotus, or, an open lotus! So there you go. I bought these because all of you have these great pictures with fishnets and I got curious. I now know they’re a pain to get on the first few times but I do like the Continue Reading →

Stapling my Vagina Shut

This idea wasn’t entirely fabricated by my mind alone. I mean, of course, it wasn’t. But it’s also not like I, myself, personally stumbled upon this idea or saw a porn video. I had no idea people did this. When I found out, I thought it was mad. This isn’t something I ever thought I’d do but here we are. I tried it out. Without saying a word One day, a long while ago, Miss Lois sent me this link Continue Reading →

Shattered Trust

It feels like the wall of the start of my house has collapsed. In recent weeks I started being able to see a small light at the end of the tunnel that I’ve been walking in for years. I found a connection. I started feeling like a person. Alive. And now I’m not sure what that means anymore. I’ve been with my counsellor for over a year. Sometimes I could only see him once in 3 or 4 weeks, which Continue Reading →

Writing Letters with a Kinky Twist

I was in a relationship for a year when I was around 20. I met her during the second semester of my first year at university and we officially became a couple about one to two months after that. She was an exchange student at the time and we had to part in August because her studies started back up in Denmark. My ex was really scared of going long-distance. She wasn’t scared because she was afraid our relationship would Continue Reading →


Marks are from the photo series of using red clothespins, which I took for this post. People submit so many good entries to Sinful Sunday every week. I’m going to try and pick out three every week, rather than one because I’m bad at choosing. That’s why I like a Mistress to dictate things for me, duh. Jk Jk. Delicate by Purple’s Gem. The picture is such a beautiful composition. The soft, yet vibrant red of the flower contrasts very Continue Reading →

“You have 5 Minutes to send me a Kinky Picture”

Another post on a past happening with Miss Lois. I had just woken up and the sound of her incoming message took me by surprise. Just a few sentences into our conversation, and she noticed I’d only just woken up because I guess I respond differently when I’m still sleepy? So of course, she then said… “Ok, let us try a new game. You have 5 minutes to send me a picture and that will buy you some of my Continue Reading →


We’re a week in and I just wanted to highlight my favourite picture I came across this week, Laces by My Controlled Ascent. I love the vibrant pink on the black, the heels, the dots, the pose of the legs. But I’m enjoying all the pictures. Wish I had enough time to check them all each day, but I am doing it in chunks each week. Xx Marie Louise

Licking Wasabi off My Stilettos

(I’m currently relying on scheduled posts because of work and uni and football and planning classes and… I expect to be less busy on the weekend and will catch up with blog things! Am certainly excited to relax and read some sex-related posts and see some Feb-fest pictures, hehe. In the meantime, thank you for all your kind comments. I really appreciate it ♥)   The last few posts from my chronologically ordered training with Miss Lois mention that my Continue Reading →


Ordered a new pair of underwear. Can you tell I like the crotchless type? 😉 (crisscross for the crisscrossing black thingies ~) My favourite picture from last week is this one this one. Check out other people’s entries this week by clicking on the lips below! Xx Marie Louise  

Discovering Kink as a Child

I am aware that this is a controversial topic and I believe it is for a good reason. It is important to have the age of consent to protect minors so that they cannot be taken advantage of and that is also why BDSM and kink are only allowed to be engaged in once you are 18+ (though the age of consent is different in each country). However, there are quite a few stories of people that rolled into this Continue Reading →

Wearing Clothespins for a Full Night

Clothespins were one of the first things I used to experience some sort of submissive feeling and pain on my own. I don’t remember how I got the idea, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it was an easy and cheap way to do some nipple play. When I discovered this I searched through my parent’s house for clothes pins but they were really hard to find. Did they not use any? What about laundry? Why were they Continue Reading →

Which one is Real?

Trigger warning: depression and suicidal thoughts. Sometimes I slip into it so slowly that I don’t notice I have changed at all. I am aware that I’m not feeling well and that depression has crept up on me but I’m not aware that ‘my voice’ has changed. I am ‘the other’ and I don’t realise because she feels so familiar to me. She’s like an old friend but I am scared of her. I am scared of feeling this way. Continue Reading →