Piercing my Nipple with a Needle

I was in a masochistic mood the other day. I was still at my dad’s house so I didn’t really have any tools with me to inflict pain except for… needles, perhaps? This was the first time I used needles. I had always been quite scared of the idea of using them, but curious as well. A long while ago, Miss Lois wanted me to buy Continue Reading →

Feeling like a good slave: Elastic bands and Candle wax

The first thing I did when I got home was take off my clothes. Usually I then put on comfy clothes, but I decided to not to as I suspected I might have to take them off shortly anyway. Miss Lois asked me to show her my room with pictures and afterwards I snuggled up comfortably in my warm bed. Only for her to tell me to get up 5 minutes later. Continue Reading →