Task 3: Pegs on Labia

Previous task | Next task “Put clothes pegs on the labia and use your wand.” Just after waking up I put the pegs on my labia while my music was still playing, then walked back to my computer to turn the music off. As I walked over I started to feel a slight burning sensation around my labia and wondered what the hell was going Continue Reading →

Task 28: Pegged Toes

Previous Task | Next Task “Wear some stockings, put clothespins on your toes and hit them off with something.” After task 27, Roxy stopped giving me tasks for a while. This was around the time I moved to Glasgow and since I have been able to see her much more often, especially as she’s my extended household during this lockdown. Naturally, as a result, we Continue Reading →

Drooling Punishment

Quite a while ago, Roxy started a project that required green screen replacements, for which she thought I’d be the perfect person to help out. I work well with After Effects, but I’d never replaced 4 different moving green screens in one clip and it proved to be quite the challenge. The job is very tedious and was specifically frustrating due to some technical issues Continue Reading →

Task 9: A Clothespins Zipper

Previous task | Next task “Have you ever put rope under pegs and torn off the pegs? Make a line of pegs with string or rope underneath across your breasts, including the nipples and pull them off.”   Full video and more pictures on Onlyfans here and here. I think Roxy likes pegs. I haven’t used pegs in so long and now suddenly, I am Continue Reading →

Task 1: My Pain is your Pleasure

Next task The lovely Miss Roxy who I met at The Unicorn Board has been giving me some tasks which I’ve been uploading on Twitter, but I thought I’d keep up with my blog as well. I’m catching up but once we’re at task 8, I’ll upload them on the day they were done. “Use clothespins and snake them down your body, continue the trail Continue Reading →

Wearing Clothespins for a Full Night

Clothespins were one of the first things I used to experience some sort of submissive feeling and pain on my own. I don’t remember how I got the idea, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it was an easy and cheap way to do some nipple play. When I discovered this I searched through my parent’s house for clothes pins but they were Continue Reading →