Becoming Mistress Roxy’s Birthday Cake

In the lead up to Mistress’ birthday, she mentioned that she had always wanted to put birthday candles on her human slave. I didn’t understand how it would work, as I couldn’t envision the candles staying upright. And so she explained that we’d use needles of course, and that I was going to be her human birthday cake. The thought filled me with joy because she Continue Reading →

A New Years Belting

On New Year’s Eve, I asked Roxy if we would play tonight. I thought we might but it would have been okay if we didn’t; I was happy enough that we were together but she said we would, she was wearing her belt. “Great,” I said quite nonchalantly, conscious about not wanting to seem too excited (I was very excited, obv). Twelve ‘o clock came Continue Reading →

Thursday Belly Button

Wednesday Nipples | Friday Back “I would very much appreciate an artistic photo of a body part: Thursday belly button.” Whereas my ideas came fairly easily to mind for Mon-Wed, I was a bit lost for this one. I never really think about belly buttons; they’re there and that’s fine but I don’t feel a specific appeal for them. I do quite like how the Continue Reading →

Task 12: Wax Hearts

Previous task | Next task “Prepare a cut out of a simple shape out of card, you will use this as a stencil if you like for candle wax, which you will pour around the shape so as when you lift it there will be your shape there.” I love creativity. I instantly had so many ideas that were all way too complicated and I Continue Reading →

Task 2: Masturbating to…

Previous task | Next task “In the evening, dim the lights and put on: Mantra 1 by Popul Vuh. Light a candle, strip down, masturbate and then pour the candle down your front.” This task was a little strange. I listened to the music through my earbuds to immerse myself. It’s not the kind of music I normally listen to but when I started masturbating Continue Reading →


Almost Christmas. What better way to celebrate with red wax? Happy holidays everyone! This is my favourite post from last week by Molly’s Daily Kiss. I love how it manages to capture Christmas while including that little kinky/naughtiness with the naked butt (Wax play candle from Kandles by Kittens.) (Here’s a post about when I used candle wax in the past) Check out other people’s Continue Reading →

Feeling like a good slave: Elastic bands and Candle wax

The first thing I did when I got home was take off my clothes. Usually I then put on comfy clothes, but I decided to not to as I suspected I might have to take them off shortly anyway. Miss Lois asked me to show her my room with pictures and afterwards I snuggled up comfortably in my warm bed. Only for her to tell me to get up 5 minutes later. Continue Reading →