Daily Vaginal Training Task

About two weeks ago, I started a daily vaginal training task that Mistress has given me. As you all know, I don’t like vaginal penetration and tend to avoid it if I can. Insertion generally hurts me, no matter how small the object. I would never even use tampons for example and I think it’s save to say I probably have vaginismus. Mistress likes things Continue Reading →

Proud of calling her Mistress

In my blog posts, I have mentioned before that I sometimes struggle with addressing Roxy as Mistress, because I second-guess myself and wonder if I’m really allowed to. Or, whether I’m a weird person by saying so.  In recent months, I have mostly overcome this struggle and always reply to questions with the appropriate title. However, I’d become so used to also calling her Roxy, Continue Reading →

Becoming Mistress Roxy’s Birthday Cake

In the lead up to Mistress’ birthday, she mentioned that she had always wanted to put birthday candles on her human slave. I didn’t understand how it would work, as I couldn’t envision the candles staying upright. And so she explained that we’d use needles of course, and that I was going to be her human birthday cake. The thought filled me with joy because she Continue Reading →

Sleeping Next to Mistress in a Cage

A week or so ago, Mistress and I stayed in Kent for a little over a week with our good friend Lady Amber. We were there to do sessions and have a catch up, which included watching several horror movies at night. I ended up feeling ready for bed far earlier than they did, however and so I asked if we could sort the sleeping arrangements. Continue Reading →

Trying out Naomi’s Paddles

Naomi and I were sitting outside on the porch with a blanket shared between us. It was the late evening and everyone was tired. There had been a fetish party the night before, but Naomi and I hadn’t really seen much of each other. During the day we intended to take a bath together but in between cleaning and harvesting vegetables we didn’t find the time. Continue Reading →

Task 10: Cook for yourself

Previous task “Cook yourself an elaborate and delicious 3 course meal of your choice. Find recipes for me to approve if it’s elaborate and special enough. When you eat it, wear something nice so you feel good.” A poor diet When the day came to do this task, I felt a massive dread to execute it. I’ve been struggling to eat healthy over the past Continue Reading →

Ring Restraint for Caning: Review

Roxy recently moved flats and very enthusiastically showed me her new four poster bed when I came over for the first time. She suggested that this bed would be great for play, and I remember thinking: I’m sure it would be… and pictured the different positions she might put me in. On my third visit to her new flat, I brought along a bondage restraint that I Continue Reading →

Task 9: Write a letter

Previous Task | Next Task “Send me a letter with the A4 sheet you wrote out in it.” When I was a teenager, most of my friends lived on the internet. I was incredibly close to them and since there was a big distance between us, I would sometimes write letters or send postcards because it’s fun to receive something physical in the mail. Getting Continue Reading →

Task 8: Balance a bowl with pee on your foot

Previous Task | Next Task “Pee into a bowl. Balance the bowl on your foot and balance on one leg. If it drops in under a minute, lick it off the floor.” I feel like this task was set up with the intention that I would fail. While the same seemed to be true for the line writing task, this one held slightly bigger stakes. Continue Reading →

Task 7: Write lines while balancing a coin

Previous Task | Next Task “Fill an a4 sheet with the line ‘I worship and adore my mistress’ whilst balancing a 10 pence piece from your writing hand. Every time it drops you have a Talley of 10 self spanks for every time it falls, deliver yourself the spanks straight after the sheet if full.” I spoke on the phone to Roxy when she first Continue Reading →

Task 6: Pee yourself

Previous Task | Next Task “Put on your white pants and pee yourself.” I have been spending a few days with my friends up in the countryside and this evening we were catching the last of that day’s sun with a drink in the garden. I hadn’t been putting this task off, but when I’m with people I feel more self-conscious about having to take Continue Reading →

Forfeit: Self flagellation with Nettles

Previous Task | Next Task “The task was to write the word mistress with the pen up your butt not the word mistress onto your butt. So now your arse looks like a target with my name on it. Literally. Well, I suppose there’s gonna have to be a forfeit. Self-flagellation with nettles. Enjoy.” I went outside and first came across plants that looked like Continue Reading →

Task 5: Write Mistress on your butt

Previous Task | Next Task “Write the word Mistress with a pen up your butt.” The way I read this task was “write the word Mistress with a pen” and “up your butt”. It didn’t make sense to me to write the word up my butt so I presumed my Mistress must mean write it on your butt. I asked Naomi if she wanted to Continue Reading →

Task 4: Nettles up your bum

Previous Task | Next Task “Get some nettles and use them with the training dildo in your butt.” This task surprised me and was a little expected at the same time. A while ago, Mistress said she would like to use a strap on with nettles because I dislike vaginal penetration so much. (If this is your first time on my blog, I like things Continue Reading →

Task 3: Pegs on Labia

Previous task | Next task “Put clothes pegs on the labia and use your wand.” Just after waking up I put the pegs on my labia while my music was still playing, then walked back to my computer to turn the music off. As I walked over I started to feel a slight burning sensation around my labia and wondered what the hell was going Continue Reading →

Task 2: Stand on your Tiptoes

Previous Task | Next Task “Stand with your head and elbows against the wall on your tiptoes for 10 minutes.” Like the last task, the time it took to execute was very minimal. I expected this position to be strenuous because I’ve often done this stretch of standing on the toes for fitness purposes and it’s not pleasant! Stress position I set a timer on Continue Reading →

Hand Spanked by The Baron

It was around 4 or 5 am in the morning and it had been a very strange night. I was on MDMA and it had been filled with kink and filth until our gathering was interrupted. After the issue was resolved, most people continued having a good time but I noticed that The Baron, my good friend, appeared to be feeling off and I was Continue Reading →

5 Basic Safety Rules Of BDSM Sex

This post was written and sponsored by sex diaries project. As you have noticed, I haven’t written much in the last month. This is due to my submission of my thesis, which will be completed after the 24th of June and I’ll come back with loads of kinky posts after this date 😉  Now, on to the main post:  5 Basic Safety Rules Of BDSM Continue Reading →

Leashed, lashed and blinded

I love knowing that Roxy and I are going to play. When we go to certain places it no longer has to be said and there’s simply a knowledge that we will, which makes me happy. I don’t tend to ask what we’re going to do and only inform her if I need to be unmarked or not. When the evening fell we went to Continue Reading →

Vagina Pump Review

I was approached by Bestvibe once again to review one of their toys and I chose to try out the Remote Pussy Pumps with Egg Vibrators. Like last time, the toy arrived in discreet packaging, and within the box, every item came in individually wrapped plastic.  The reason why I was interested in trying a pussy pump is that I wanted to know if it Continue Reading →

High Society

Next Post A few weeks back, I tried acid for the first time as I went candy flipping with a few friends. I have tried different substances and find the different effects fascinating, so felt naturally curious about acid too. Whereas in the past I was afraid of having a negative response, nowadays I feel like it couldn’t possibly be worse than having to hold Continue Reading →

Mistress pieced my nipple

After Roxy and I played with needles for the first time she said: “Maybe we can pierce your nipple next time?” It was partly a question and partly a statement.  “Y-yes,” I believe I said, a little taken by surprise. As the idea further dawned on me I became more excited. I had thought of nipple piercings many times before but getting them done by Continue Reading →