Pantiless to the zoo

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Similar to my dread of heels, I dreaded the day when Miss Lois was going to tell me to go without panties. I don’t know why but it actively scared me so. That day I had planned to go to the zoo with my mum. (We had won cheap tickets or something and were curious about what the zoo was like 10 years after we’d last been. Spoiler alert: it was terrible. The enclosures were way too small for all the animals and most of them were walking around in circles and were clearly not okay. (Am never going to a zoo again.))

Pantiless to the zoo

So there it was, the dreaded day…

“Feels strange not wearing underwear doesn’t it?”
“Vulnerable,” she said.

She told me exactly what would happen… that I was already wet and that I’d probably walk a little awkwardly because of my situation and that people might or might notice, which would make me extremely aware of everyone around me – feeling uncomfortable physically and emotionally vulnerable… which would make me wetter, which would add to the fear of people seeing a wet patch, which would then again make me wet and so the circle would go on…

It felt indeed awkward to walk in these trousers without panties which in turn made me wet and worry about being wet and it being visible.

However, once I got to the zoo I told her I’d rationalised the idea of people looking at me. They were here to look at the animals and not at me so I had nothing to worry about.

That sentiment didn’t knock her down, lol. She told me that there are people accompanying people that look at animals, who are more than happy to look at people also, especially slaves with wet patches on their trousers.

“They will look at your face, then your tits, then your legs, and on their way down they will realise your wet patch and they will absolutely love it,” she said.

Today wasn’t just about making me uncomfortable. Today was about instilling the idea that I was attractive to other people – especially of the slave that I was. And that I was doing people a service…

This didn’t have anything to do with kink… But about people seeing “a young girl with a gorgeous body walking around with a wet patch from arousal and no underwear.” – she said it had to do with me being a fantasy of many people… And in response, I said that this aroused me. (which I never usually said. I never realised when I was aroused… I always had to check if I was wet).

I then started getting used to the feeling a little and started feeling good about not wearing panties, rather than worrying if I was being inappropriate or weird. It made me walk a little straighter.

For most of my life, I tried to be invisible around other people. I kind of tried to not exist, but this day I slowly started to realise that it can be nice to be desirable. I started to feel a little proud and happy about it all. Not wearing panties was such a nice experience and completely the opposite of what I’d been so afraid of.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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