Surprise dildo show

A few weeks ago, I knew Mistress would briefly pop by on her way home so I made sure to shower and clean the dishes. I had no idea when she was coming, so I thought I might as well do the vaginal training early (by which I mean 3 pm, as opposed to 10 pm). I put a towel down, set up my phone Continue Reading →

Examining my vaginal training progress

As you may know, Mistress gave me the task to train myself to be able to insert vaginally. I have been doing this task daily for almost two months and managed to go up quite successfully in dildo size. I’m genuinely surprised that I’m being successful. I can actually move a dildo inside of my vaginally without pain, even if the initial insertion still hurts. Continue Reading →

Daily Vaginal Training Task

About two weeks ago, I started a daily vaginal training task that Mistress has given me. As you all know, I don’t like vaginal penetration and tend to avoid it if I can. Insertion generally hurts me, no matter how small the object. I would never even use tampons for example and I think it’s save to say I probably have vaginismus. Mistress likes things Continue Reading →

Deep Throating and Insertion

Previous Post | Next Post (Please keep in mind that my dynamic with Lois ended over a year ago and this was written a while ago.) The conversation between Lois and I started by her reflecting on how I’d been doing well, in response to thoughts I had written to her earlier. Then she immediately followed it up by a command. “Wear 244, 232 and Continue Reading →

Forcing a Dildo Inside

Previous Post | Next Post You may have noticed TmuT wasn’t updated last Tuesday and I haven’t been reading other peoples blogs or writing much myself. I’ll get back to it. I’m just having a bit of a stressful time right now. TmuT will be updated again next Tuesday.  (Please keep in mind that this post was written a full year ago before the time Continue Reading →

The First Time I Cried During a Task

Previous Post | Next Post (Please keep in mind that this post was written a full year ago before the time of publishing.) Lois and I had briefly spoken a few times over the past couple of weeks but it felt like it had been a while since we’d been able to have a full session with webcam and all. So when she came online Continue Reading →

Fun in a Toilet Cubicle

Previous Post | Next Post Disclaimer: This was definitely not Covid proof but took place far before 2020. Also what the hell ML? What were you thinking! Can’t believe half of the things I’ve done!  On this day I was working in my postgraduate building in an attempt to make progress on my thesis. Progress, however, was slow, by which I mean I was writing one Continue Reading →

Part 2: Clit Gone Numb

Previous Post | Next Post (Please keep in mind that this post was written a full year ago before the time of publishing.) After getting off the train, home and upstairs, Lois asked me to turn on the webcam and to check what was in the room. I was visiting my dad so I didn’t have a lot of toys with me. In the meantime, Continue Reading →

Part 1: Fun on the Train

Previous Post | Next Post (To read this full post with the pictures, subscribe to my Onlyfans here.) (Please keep in mind that this post was written a full year ago before the time of publishing.) It’d been about a month and a half since Lois and I had the conversation in which our dynamic ended. She’d said hi a few times to see how Continue Reading →

You’ll Obey when I tell you to Insert It

Previous Post | Next Post When Lois told me to get two new toys (an inflatable butt plug and a remote control vibrator) I was equally excited and a little scared. I was impatient over the delivery time, excited when they arrived and when Lois came online and asked me if I was indeed excitement, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Instead, I was afraid of it Continue Reading →

Tasks Given by People on Fetlife

Previous Post | Next Post Lois had been interested in having me do tasks given by other people for a while. I suppose this is evident in how she’d ask my best friend what he’d like me to do, or what embarrassing position I should take in pictures. So far, however, I didn’t seem to respond in the way she’d expected me to. The fact Continue Reading →

A Small Christmas Gift

I don’t remember how or why I thought of this, but I thought it’d be fun and nice idea to wish Miss Lois a happy Christmas by writing it on my body and taking a picture of my naked body. I wanted it to be a bit more special though and not only write it with a black marker. So I went to the shops and looked for coloured marker pens, which were luckily fairly easy to find. Continue Reading →

Training: Vaginal Insertion

Miss Lois: “Insert one index finger in your vagina, completely to the knuckle. Then show me a picture. Then insert the marker at least halfway into the vagina (you can take your finger out if you want). Take a picture again. You’re only allowed to take the pads out after you’ve taken the second picture.” Continue Reading →