About MLSlavePuppet

I’m a 24-year-old lesbian, currently in her last year of postgraduate studies in the UK. I like to write, video edit, play football, rugby, tennis and hang out with friends.

I started out in this lifestyle looking for something I knew felt right but wasn’t ready to admit to myself. An online Mistress trained me and helped me uncover parts of me that had always been there but were repressed out of fear and insecurities. It felt wrong of me to be submissive, but I’ve long embraced my craving and desire to please and serve as best as I can, in a Mistress/slave relationship.

Obedience, fulfilling tasks and trying my best to please my Mistress come naturally to me. I am a slave and I have never felt more like myself than when I acknowledged this. In a way, being a slave gives me purpose.

In my ideal relationship, it’s not about what I want, it’s about what my Mistress desires. I don’t tend to have preferences in specific kinks. While my previous online Mistress was training me, I found myself simply desiring what she desired of me. And so I’ve drunk pee, stapled my labia together, put hot sauce on my clit and in other places, said goodbye to wearing panties, amongst other things, that I’ve written and am writing about on this blog, as no short description here can ever do all of me, as well as the training I’ve had, justice.

I used to wear hoodies all the time and walked around with my head down, trying to disappear. I couldn’t see my own beauty and strengths, but I like to wear heels now, dress up nicely, wear make-up and have taken up the space that I’m allowed to have. I believe in my own abilities that don’t just have to do with appearance, but the two go hand in hand together.

I am creative, as you can tell from my pictures. I don’t identify as an exhibitionist. I think that everything you see on my profile comes from a place of expression and that of pleasing others.

I’m very open-minded, kind and polite, really good at obedience, pushing boundaries and going above and beyond, voicing my thoughts and looking inside, doing everything in my power to constantly learn and improve. It’s been really hard for me to go out there to munches and such, for example, but there is nothing more I want than to find a connection with other people. I’m not lonely, but I want to be able to be me and I hope to find a Mistress one day who will be as happy with me as I will be with her.

Please feel free to say hi through my Twitter, Fetlife, Onlyfans or by emailing me on mlslpup@gmail.com

About MLSlavePuppet