About MLSlavePuppet

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I’m Mila, a 28 year old blogger and caning / sub model. I like to write, edit videos, play football and tennis and love anything to do with kink. On this blog, I share my personal journey with you. 

I started out in this lifestyle looking for something I knew felt right but was reluctant to admit. I have had submissive desires for as long as I can remember and it subtly shines through in my personality in daily life. I identify as a sub-slave, which means that in a dynamic I choose to submit once and every act of submission thereafter comes naturally. 

I don’t tend to have preferences in specific kinks and in my ideal relationship it’s not about what I want but about what my Mistress desires. I’m a masochist and have a specific interest in predicaments and pushing limits. But I also love the gentle aftercare side of it all. There’s nothing I love more than being beaten up to tears, to then lovingly curl up into the arms of my sadist afterwards.

Separate from just my submissive nature, I love to be playfully bratty too. 

I started this blog because I felt it was the only way anyone could truly get to know me. Experiences shape us and by sharing mine I want to give you an insight into my kinky journey. I hope that my blog inspires you and helps break down the stigma around BDSM.  

I make professional corporal punishment videos, as well as other Mistress/submissive related content and can be hired as a model. I also take custom video requests. Please feel free to reach out on Twitter or slavemila1@gmail.com.

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About Mila