About MLSlavePuppet

I’m a 25-year-old lesbian, currently in my last year of postgraduate studies in the UK. I like to write, edit videos, play football, rugby, tennis and hang out with my friends.

I started out in this lifestyle looking for something I knew felt right but was reluctant to admit. I have had submissive desires for as long as I can remember and it subtly shines through in my personality in daily life. An online Mistress (Lois) trained me for two years, during which I was able to accept myself. I identify as a slave, which means that in a dynamic I choose to submit once and every act of submission thereafter comes naturally. Kink is my lifestyle and being a slave is an integral part of my identity.

I don’t tend to have preferences in specific kinks and in my ideal relationship it’s not about what I want but about what my Mistress desires. After my dynamic with Lois ended, I met Miss Roxy at a play event, which has since allowed me to explore a Mistress/Slave dynamic in real life. I’m a masochist and have a specific interest in predicaments and pushing limits, which Roxy seems more than happy to explore with me. 

I started this blog because I felt it was the only way anyone could truly get to know me. Experiences shape us and by sharing mine I want to give you an insight into my personal and slave journey. I hope that my blog inspires you and helps break down the stigma around BDSM. I now also write for My Sex Toy Finder.  

I am creative, as you can tell from my pictures and decided to start an Onlyfans several months ago to share all the content I make. I started making corporal punishment videos with Miss Sultry Belle, which often means getting caned and make some of my own kinky videos for Clips4Sale too. I make custom videos on my own, as well as with Roxy, which you can email me about if you’re interested (mlslpup@gmail.com). I don’t identify as an exhibitionist but I am very passionate about my creativity and expressing myself.

As Roxy likes rope a lot I started doing self-bondage and have since started the meme Tie me up Tuesday to inspire others to try rope too and hope you’ll join in one day. 

Please feel free to say hi through my Twitter, Fetlife, Onlyfans or by emailing me.

About MLSlavePuppet