Part 2: Squirting at all Costs

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(Please keep in mind that this post was written a full year ago before the time of publishing.)

“Am I allowed to take the clamps off please, Mistress?”

Lois: “Not yet. Make yourself cum and collect squirt in a bowl or similar, if you squirt.”

She wanted me to do what? I mean… I had thought about how she might want me to orgasm afterwards but… She must also know I couldn’t, surely? Maybe that’s why she wanted me to. My suffering wasn’t over yet. She was enjoying this too much…

Shit, how do I do this? Which vibrator do I use? What’s the least painful way for me to get this done as quickly as possible? I come quickest with my wand but that one would certainly be too big and touch the clamps and I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with the vibrations there. And a bowl… I didn’t really have a container in my room and omg my landlord and flatmate had just arrived home!! I had told my flatmate I was having some pleasure time in my room and that she shouldn’t come in but…

Me: “Can I use a plate Mistress?”

Miss Lois: “Sure.”

I had this very small plate in my room on which I’d placed a candle, which would now simply have to temporarily change its function. I had recently bought this mini wand for traveling purposes and opted to use that one as I thought it might not touch the clamps!

I squatted over the plate and turned it on. A minute went by before I noticed that she’d sent me another message.

Lois: “I want to see your face as well, or well, the mask. Move back a bit.”

I moved back.

Lois: “I want to see everything.”

I moved again and titled the laptop screen this time.

Lois: “Good.”

It wasn’t helping me that I’d had to stop and start again. I knew that a restart would make the clamps hurt more and god they were hurting so badly, I hardly knew how to cope with it.

Lois: “Use the other toy if it’s better.”

She was referring to the clit sucker, but I didn’t think using that would help me as I’m too sensitive for it; it would probably make it worse. However, I had considered using it and wondered if it might be faster. At the moment, with the wand, it just wasn’t happening. It just wasn’t. After about seven minutes I turned the vibrator off.

Me: “I’m not getting any build Mistress.”

Lois: “Use the clit sucker or the bigger wand. The more pain you are in, the better I like it.”

I felt like smiling at that, but also… how was I going to do this? I couldn’t cope with this pain. How was I going to do this??

I grabbed the bigger wand and pushed it against my clit. Instantly I felt bursts of pain shoot through my labia from the vibration that hit the clamps. She could see how much it hurt.

Lois: “You are a slave, a tool. Your pain is my pleasure.”

It hurt so badly.

Lois: “It is a good thing. Cry if you must.”

I couldn’t cry. It didn’t feel like this kind of pain could make me cry. I paused. I couldn’t do this.

Lois: “Use the toy slave.”

I hesitated. I couldn’t. I really couldn’t. The pain was so bad. I started crouching over as my fists were clenching together. The pain was so bad. It just kept surging. I couldn’t cope. She let me be like that for a few minutes while I was trying to get it together.

I have to do this. You can do this. You can do this. It’s fine. Just bite through the pain. You can do this. 

I tried to put the wand on it again but just the slightest contact with the clamps, without any vibrations sent that same surging pain through my labia and I crouched over again. I was clenching my teeth while I could hear my landlord rummage through the house. He was here to fix my flatmate’s radiator and was probably checking all the other ones in the house. I had checked my phone and my flatmate had said she’d told him I was studying but since she hadn’t told him I was asleep he could come in…….

I threw the wand away and picked up the clit sucker and then hesitated again. I can do this, I can do this.

Lois: “Get yourself together slave and use the toy.”

I pushed it on my clit and turned it on and instantly, I couldn’t do it because it was too sensitive. I took it right off. I tried again and the same happened.

You have to do this. It’s just a moment. You can do this. 

I put it on again and this time I made sure to keep it there, using all my willpower to not pull it away and to push through the sensitivity. I could feel that I would squirt soon and it took all my effort to actually allow myself to squirt.

When it happened, it stayed as difficult, but then once it was done and it felt like it had gone everywhere, as it was a lot, some pressure was taken off my clit. However, it felt like a build was still far from happening and I felt despair over how difficult this was. I didn’t think this was going to happen.

Lois: “Ok, you squirted. That is enough for me.”


I stopped and threw the toy away.

Me: “Can I take them off please Mistress?”

I felt like I was practically begging by this point. The only reason why I didn’t go on my knees and actually did beg was because I had to keep my heels on the pins in my shoes, lmao.

Lois: “Take a picture of the squirt, then you can take them off.”

I was pretty impressed that this plate seemed to have caught all of it, and how I hadn’t spilt any squirt elsewhere.

I took them off and of course, there was the new agonising pain when doing so. I wondered how long it would take for the after pain to go away…

Me: “The nipples too Mistress?”

Lois: “Yes.”

Me: “Thank you, Mistress.”

I always thank her before I do the thing she allows me to.

Taking off the nipple clamps hurt so much more than the labia ones had. The pain instantly spread to the rest of my breasts and my nipples started burning a lot more. The after pain of these clamps on my nipples feels way more intense than it did during and it lasted for 2 hours that day. It’s so unfair that when you should get relief the real pain has only just started.

Lois: “You can take everything off now. Well done, you have one again proven that you are a good slave.”

The above is a picture of the marks on my heels left by the pins.

Me: “You might find this amusing. Our landlord is going through the house with my flatmate atm.”

Lois: “You have done very well to continue with your punishment. Very well done with everything. I have to go now but you can be proud of yourself for today.”

Of course, I continued, can’t just stop! Can’t be distracted, you taught me that!

However, my flatmate did text me just then that he might come into my room soon… and I started to realise that I had several toys on my floor, a plate of squirt and that I was wearing this sexy outfit… aaaah!

I asked Lois two more questions about some ongoing development thing she’d been ordering me to do. Then she complimented me again and then had to leave.

I threw all the toys on my bed and hid them under my blanket. But then my door opened and my landlord tried to come in without even knocking! I held the door back and called out that I was changing and that he had to wait a second.

I moved the plate of squirt under my bed, hid the rest and quickly put trousers over my outfit with a football top on. When he saw me he asked me surprised (as it was storming outside) if I was going to football and I just had to say no but that I thought it was very comfy to wear, lol.

After he left my flatmate wanted to talk to me. It took about half an hour before I could excuse myself, all the while I was shaking and in some clear need of aftercare. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was once I got to lie down in bed under my heating blanket.

The video of the entire thing can be found on my clips4sale here.


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