Testing the Leather Cane

I went over to Mistress’ flat the other day when she told me with a glimmer in her eye that she had bought a new toy. I asked her what it was and she said it was a stick.

“A cane? But we already have a cane?”

“Not this kind; I’ll go and get it for you.”

Her excitement partly scared me and was otherwise infectious. Mistress never seemed that excited about canes before. 

She brought a leather cane back into the room and it also had a ball at its end. I immediately wanted to touch it, to perhaps inspect how much damage this would do to me? But I was also very excited.

She told me that her partner hit her once over her trousers to try it out and that it certainly stung, to say the least.

She only gave me a few slight taps this time, also with my trousers up.

“Maybe we should make a video. We can call it testing out a new toy,” I suggested.

Mistress slightly turned her head as an intrigued smile played on her lips. She definitely liked the idea.

Testing the Leather Cane

In the dungeon

We rented a dungeon with a spanking bench where we set up our filming equipment. I felt rather nervous about this and forgot this video had been my idea until Mistress mentioned it during our pre-interview.

I knew that this cane would be more painful than a normal one because it is heavier and the little ball on its end would contribute to my pain. Furthermore, impact play always hurts more when I’m with my Mistress because I’m relaxed around her and don’t detach and she knows how much I can take and when to push me. It’s exactly what I like but it doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous.

After I undressed in front of the camera, Mistress strapped me onto the spanking bench, which left me with no room to wriggle. Being strapped in like this put me in a particularly submissive headspace because quite often, I am not secured this well. It made me very aware that I would be unable to protect myself against the cane, and all I’d be able to do is submit to the sensations.

We did not set a number of strokes at the start of this scene because we were going to test the leather cane and see how many I could take. Mistress reminded me of my safe word before we started, as I’d never used it before and do forget. I briefly thought how this test might be a terrible idea because I’d be too stubborn to give in, but decided to see how it’d go.

The first few hits

The first hit Mistress delivered was way more sore than I anticipated and I could tell that she meant it. What did I sign up for? was a thought that passed through my mind. The second hit was no different and by the third I very much tried to channel my ability to cope during all the other caning videos I’ve done. At around hit number five, Mistress gave me a small break as she mentioned how the handle of the cane scraped her skin and caused her a mild irritancy.

“But the pain I can cause you from this is just absolutely amazing.”

I could feel the arousal down between my legs grow, and a shiver of pleasure run up my stomach. And at the same time I thought, how many will I really be able to take? 

The following few hits didn’t get any easier and every time I felt the leather touch my skin, I waited an extra second before counting the strike out loud so as to give myself more time until the next hit.

“How many is that?” Mistress would say to speed it up.


The number was quickly followed by another painful moan escaping my mouth.

Testing the Leather Cane

Halfway through

Then when we reached above 30, I started being able to cope better and taking the hits became easier. I remembered this feeling from previous caning videos I’d done, though in those I would always reach this mindset sooner.

Mistress noticed and remarked how we’d easily get to 50 now. I knew she was right.

Some hits still hurt a lot but the majority were okay and it was audible in the sounds I made.

Still when we reached 50 and Mistress stopped for a moment, I exhaled in relief and smiled for making it.

She asked me what the cane felt like and the only way I can describe it is that one hit feels like being hit for the fifth time in exactly the same spot with a normal cane. At first I feel the heavy hit of the ball, but that is quickly cancelled out when the stick causes a stinging sensation immediately after.

Just the ball

Mistress made a sound that I knew indicated she’d just thought of something new, fun and exciting that was about to cause me pain. Just a second later, she started hitting my sore bottom with just the ball of the cane over and over and over. My pain threshold instantly shot beyond the zone of red but I refused to give in and call my safe word. Instead I screamed and tried to move out of the way, which was impossible since I was restrained.

She stopped. “Well it can’t be that bad, as you haven’t called your safeword.”

No… well. I don’t know. I’ve never used it before! 

She chose the sorest of my two bum cheeks (How did she know?) and started doing the exact same hitting with just the ball and way sooner than I’d expected I called out “Red!”

Mistress listened immediately and asked if I was okay.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said between catching my breath. “It’s just… just… very sore with the ball.”

She laughed as I said that last bit in a joking-self-deprecating manner and started undoing the restraints.

Exit interview

Mistress hugged me once I came off the spanking bench. I always feel so safe and warm in her arms afterwards; it’s one of the best feelings. We sat down next to each other on the spanking bench and I put on my comfy poncho that looks a bit like a tartan blanket.

“So, how was that?” she asked.

In all honesty, I can’t remember what I answered, but this blog post might be a good indicator.

We have decided to start doing exit interviews for every video we film, so that people hear about how we experienced it too. The interviews will be uploaded on my Onlyfans and are always going to be a part of the full video that we sell on C4S, IWC and SL.

If you would like to purchase it, please follow this link.

As for the leather cane, it certainly passes as a good toy, since Mistress enjoys how much she can hurt me with it, ha!

Xx Mila

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  1. MrsK

    I love the exit interview idea, not just for your viewers, but for the two of you as a dynamic Great tool!
    I’m very intrigued by your new cane, although from afar! lol It left wonderful marks on your bottom though, didn’t it?

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you! We had been meaning to do it for a while but always forgot having it as a set thing will definitely help to immediately debrief, whereas we otherwise don’t always talk about everything we’ve done (which is not necessarily bad, but it’s nice to)

      It did! It is so hard to leave marks on my bottom nowadays because it’s so used to it so I was quite happy!


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