My favourites from last week:

Filling the Frame by Discovering Kink
I love this composition and how it blurs out around the edges while the spiral is still visible. I feel like the eye is looking quite seductively through what can almost be called a lens and at the camera. I like how her face appears to be slightly tilted and that we can only see part of her eyebrow and only just about her full eye. This was a very creative idea which is perfectly executed.

Filling the Frame by Focused and Filthy
I think this picture followed the prompt perfectly. I love the overwhelming presence of the two bodies, how symmetrical it is and the prominence of her breasts in the middle of this picture, as well as how he is embracing her from behind and how his hands have slipped down to her vagina.

Headstrong by sub-Bee
Sub-Bee’s pictures always have an amazing distribution of focus and I am a sucker for eyes. Like they say, they are the windows to the soul. I love the calmness she appears to radiate and I think the black and white edit emphasises this. Oh, and the head knot is beautiful!

(And if you like head knots, here’s another beautiful picture Quiescene by Considering Cuntella)

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Sinful Sunday

23 Replies to “Pleasure”

  1. Molly

    Oh yes I agree about the headknot images from last week. They were both amazing. As for your images I found my eye lingering on your neck and it was only at the last minute that I noticed you were blindfolded too


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