Task 24: Outdoor Rope Harness

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I cannot remember how she set this task so let’s just imagine it was something like, “Wear a rope harness and take a picture outdoors.”

The other day I realised that I had forgotten to post about this task as it took place just before Roxy came over weeks ago. But as I went through the posts I’ve uploaded I remembered that I was lagging behind, to begin with since the week of erotic art also happened before the weekend. In other words, I’m perfectly on schedule I guess! This is from July 7th.

For this task, I looked for full-body harnesses I hadn’t yet done before, which were hard to come by. I figured I could just do a chest tie but I wanted to implement a crotch rope; apparently I wanted to be very aware of wearing this thing. So I resorted back to the very first harness I did for Roxy, which was surprisingly simple this time around. I remember that it took so long to do back then, having to start over about four times. The one from a few months back does look a bit neater though, haha.

Thanks to yet another previous task Roxy gave me, I knew just the place to go for these pictures. There is a coastal path near where I lived, which goes up a hill and then somewhere along the hill there’s a path that takes you all the way down to a part of a beach, which disappears during high tide. From above, you can only see certain parts of the beach and there is nothing but sea around otherwise. People know the spot and go down there but chances are you’ll get to be alone there for at least a little while.

I chose to wear a skirt because it seemed easy with a sweater because it needed to be big enough to hide the rope, (which was not ideal for the temperature. Had not realised it was about 20C!) Wearing a skirt and a sweater without pockets meant I had nowhere to put my keys but instead of bringing a bag, I attached the key to the rope. That’s all it was, practicalities but it kind of became part of the outfit.

Outdoor Rope Harness

The key, red rope, rocks and backdrop of the sea gave me sea adventure like vibes. I think many who saw the pictures also wondered what this key was for as if it could unlock a chest or played a part in this unspoken narrative.

Outdoor Rope Harness

I felt a lot more comfortable taking pictures outdoors this time. Maybe that’s also why I wanted to do a full-body harness. Maybe I wanted to have an excuse to go completely naked, who knows? Feeling the (warm) outdoor breeze on my naked skin is really pleasant. It surprises me how much I like it. I’d go as far as to say I’d happily run around naked outdoors any day but I’m sure I would regret that statement.

Outdoor Rope Harness

I know my MH wasn’t the best at the time but this task gave me a nice distraction and improved my mood a bit. I took a lot more pictures, which I’ve sold on my Onlyfans for $5 and if you’re interested in the full set either contact me on OF or email me at mlslpup@gmail.com.

Xx Mila

For this time’s Tie me up Tuesday I’m challenging you to wear a rope harness out under your clothes and take a sneaky picture. Check out the prompt and join in here!

Previous Task | My Mistress is Coming Over

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