Task 15: Let your Nipples feel the Breeze

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“Find a secluded spot in nature, take your top off and spread out your arms, showing your back to the camera. Let your nipples feel the breeze.”

Nudity in nature… It’s kind of something I’m a little scared of because what if someone sees you? Why did she give me this task… oh wait, it’s probably because I mentioned nude photography *facepalm. Did I do this to myself? Maybe? But it doesn’t matter now because aaaah. You may think putting needles in me is scary but this task felt a little more daunting. Naturally, therefore, I thought I best do it right away.

It was a really nice summer-like evening. The sky and the sun had been looking great from my window all day and while I hadn’t planned on going out (dissertation work) this was a good excuse to. I settled on the most practical outfit I could wear for this (a cardigan with nothing underneath) and went over possible locations with Liam and considered the golf course, as I’d found some pretty secluded spots there while the golfers are gone. I briefly considered this forest which would take me quite a while to cycle to, but he suggested a spot closer nearby, which we’d been to when he visited me.

Initially, I didn’t think this was a good spot as the path is rather popular. However, there is a small beach if you go down these tiny steps, which you can get to by following this path. It seemed like the perfect location as even if someone stood at the path, I could hide behind this massive rock. When I came down though, I knew I had to take the pictures with the amazing backdrop I found.

On my way down, a girl came walking back up the stairs. This was a little nerve-wracking because it meant other people could still end up being there or could come down after I had taken off my top! Nonetheless, it was time to do this and after checking the empty surrounding I felt quite comfortable. One thing I hadn’t thought of was that I didn’t have a tripod. I opted to take my phone because I have a Bluetooth shutter for it, which my canon doesn’t have. It would have been easiest to place my phone on the ground but I wouldn’t be able to capture the backdrop like I wanted that way. Instead, I put my phone on this very unstable bush.

Okay… time to take off this top. And you know what, it actually felt really nice to do so. The outside temperature was very comfortable and the small breeze (very unlike the usual harsh Scottish breeze) felt so good against my skin. Walking up to the rocks then and spreading out my arms was quite amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, unsure if my nipples would actually particularly feel the breeze. I can tell you, they did! It kind of felt like a pleasant tickle or a soft gentle touch. For a moment, it felt a little like standing on top of the world. The whole experience was pleasant and when I got the picture I wanted, I tried out some others as it had become comfortable being naked like that. Also, the weather and location seemed too perfect not to!

Nipples feel the Breeze

I would really like to take naked pictures outside with someone someday. There were so many I could think of that I’d like but it was hard to take them on my own. I had just tried another kind when I saw someone stare out at the sea from above, on the path and I immediately ducked away. I have no idea if he saw me but his mere presence was enough to make me say, well that’s enough for today!

Nipples feel the Breeze

But hey, maybe this will inspire me to take more nude pictures in nature in the future.

Xx Mila

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31 Replies to “Task 15: Let your Nipples feel the Breeze”

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  2. Marie Rebelle

    I looked at the image of you with your arms spread wide, and it was like that feeling of ‘freedom’ touched me too. Lovely images, and such a great task! xox

  3. A Man Called Alice

    I found it fascinating that you were more worried by this task than some of the others you have done. A beautiful picture though. There is something about outdoor nudity, so natural really, yet strangely so taboo.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I know, I’m a little odd like that haha. I have more anxiety for public things than for pain. Thank you. In the end it was far less scary than I thought and rather freeing

  4. nopantsendurance

    Great first nature shoot! Hopefully you can find somebody to help with opportunities in the future! Due diligence should always be kept in mind, had a couple close calls myself!

  5. collaredmichael

    Being naked outdoors is such a wonderful experience. Taking pictures just adds that little bit of frisson! Stay safe!
    Oh, I loved your pictures. The one with your arms spread wide is really spectacular!! The bush did a good job!

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you so much! It was such a freeing experience and as I stood there I wondered if the people on the beach could see me, lol. I was hoping they didn’t and just ignored the idea. I also had to think of the titanic lol. Thank you!

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  7. minnie

    I love that feeling. Naked outside, especially with a breeze. I would love to hike naked, but sunburn is always a concern for us gingers living in the desert.

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