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“Saturday, I want an artistic video of you in a mask, gimp hood or otherwise.”

Out of the six tasks this week, I dreaded Saturday the most. For some reason, I get anxious every time Roxy gives me a video task; I think I’m afraid to fail – I mean, that’s definitely it. In order to avoid my anxiety spiral, I focussed on the pictures first. Once I prove to myself that I’m capable of doing things there is less reason for me to be anxious. In other words, successfully taking pictures gives me the confidence to succeed in making the video as well.


Since my last video task didn’t work out because it became too complicated I thought I should try and keep it simple this time. Roxy helped me massively (probably without knowing) by telling for me to wear a hood as the hood itself provided inspiration. When I first got this hood I did a specific photo session and found that it could turn things a little animalistic. At the same time, it has some strange kind of beauty and of course, it also objectifies.

I posted one picture of me in this hood before here, which is from a set of 35-pictures, which can all be found on my Onlyfans. When I took these pictures I envisioned myself slowly (and erotically, lol) moving closer to the camera, in the way I realised in the video. Making this kind of felt like I was simply completing my creative vision from back then.

Acting on Camera

As you can see I chose to wear some light makeup. I think red lips add something unnatural to it all, which I like.

Every time I make a video I feel like I’m a fraud as I am dying from embarrassment or anxiety inside. When I look back at the material I’m like… oh, that worked out pretty good; I’m not sure how I did that but yay me?! I filmed this in the living room in front of the brown blanket and essentially just crawled over to the video several times, then shot some close-ups of my face. I took this video just before I attempted the belly button picture so this video shows my last moments with an undamaged lip, lol.


As I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy video editing and at the very least this material allowed me to do a little of that. It’s all very basic editing, mind you but that was good because I did not want to spend hours making this. I found a copyright-free song here and only took the part I wanted to use. The sound makes me envision what I want a video to look like. In fact, no matter where I am as soon as I hear a song my hands or feet automatically start tapping along while In my head I picture how I’d edit a video.

For simple videos, I always use Adobe Premiere Pro and if I want to add certain effects I dynamic link it to After Effects. All I used for this video were some fades, blur, tint, a grain effect, an overlay and I sped up/slowed time in two places. In theory, you can do it in Premiere but working with effects in After Effects is much more pleasant.

And that marks the end of the week of Erotic Art!

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Xx Mila

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