Task 25: Showcasing My Tail

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“Promptly take any creative picture with your new tail.”

I had been awaiting my tail for a long time. I first started thinking of getting one back in April and when I looked on Etsy one immediately caught my eye. I couldn’t justify getting one, however because what would I do with a tail anyways? They’re expensive. But since then every few weeks the idea resurfaced and I kept checking Etsy every few weeks. Maybe I should first get a cheap black one, I thought. That way I could see if I liked having one enough to spend a lot of money. By August, I got one, took some pictures which can be found on my OF and made a video for C4S and loved it. Finally, I bought the one I’d had my eye on.

Roxy and I had talked about how neither of us liked dogs because they’re very high maintenance, kind of like having children. I like cats a lot because they are independent and do what they want; in other words, they’re not submissive, which is funny considering. Roxy doesn’t like cats, but unfortunately for her, that’s the animal I identify with so when I tweeted the result out to her I wrote: “If I’m the cat, surely you’ll learn to love me? 😘”

Picture Idea

For these pictures, I have to admit I was too happy about the opportunity to embody a cat that I considered the kind of picture Roxy might like second. Since she doesn’t like cats why would she like my attempt to appear as one? Well, I guess I’ll make her like it, said I to myself all too confidently. The first thing that came to mind for cats is how they like to sit in windowsills. This is the kind of picture I imagined.

Because the second bedroom was empty, there was nothing to obstruct the view of the double window. I thought it would look really good being so clear, but unfortunately, the walls had a lot of mould stains (old house with little to no maintenance by the landlord). The curtains on either side hid the stains fairly well but didn’t look that aesthetically pleasing to me. The radiator below the window was also in the way and since I’m a full-grown human rather than a cat, the proportions seemed off. Moreover, the light didn’t quite work out but I was adamant to get at least one picture.

Task 25: Showcasing My Tail


I decided to remove the curtains to see if it made a difference but from distance, the windowsill looked really weird without. As a result, I opted for a closeup, hoping that it would also cut out some of the extra ‘noise’ of the curtain rail.

Task 25: Showcasing My Tail

I think this shot works quite well, as it highlights the tail and my butt but the closeup also highlighted the black and yellow marks on the wall and radiator. I did try and touch it up (as with the first one) and have in fact removed the worst bits but making it too white made it seem too unnatural.

From the Side

The first time I jumped on the windowsill I thought about trying to take a sideways one too. I wasn’t sure if it was possible because the windowsill wasn’t all that wide and if you keep in mind the ten-second timer then you can imagine it’d be a bit challenging. Challenges don’t stop me, however. I did it by jumping onto the windowsill by holding onto the handle, moved into position and managed to keep my balance just about long enough. I should probably be a bit more careful but I get so passionate about getting the right shot. Plus this is like balancing on a wheelchair because you’re too lazy to get out the ladder; everyone does it. (Right?)

I captured one fairly early on that I liked but the tail wasn’t facing the right direction. In some, the hand closest to the window was positioned perfectly while in others my bottom and shape came out better. I kept trying but didn’t manage to capture all the right elements in one picture; it’s too difficult when you have to run back and forth and only get a few seconds to pose. But I’m still quite happy with the result.

Task 25: Showcasing My Tail

Her Response

Mhm, was she impressed?

Xx Mila

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26 Replies to “Task 25: Showcasing My Tail”

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  2. NeverWasteADirtyMind

    Dear Marie Louise,

    That sideways picture is very striking. The pose and the tension in the lower half of your body is very sexy.

    It looks like you are about to annihilate the opposition in the 100 meters dash at the ears & tail Olympics (that’s a thing, right?).

    More importantly, it sounds like you are in a good place and in a playful mood with Roxy. It makes me happy for you.

    All the best,
    – Henrik

  3. Marie Rebelle

    First, that tail is absolutely GORGEOUS, and then, your images. I love your dedication for the right shot (and totally get it!) and I think you have outdone yourself here. It is that you mentioned the walls and the radiator, as my eyes were instantly drawn to you.
    ~ Marie

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