Task 23: Week of Erotic Art

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This task took place before Roxy was over for the weekend. You can read about that here.

Because of the pandemic, Roxy started a new job out of necessity. After the first week, it was pretty clear that it’s not a job she particularly enjoys and so I thought I could perhaps improve her week by doing something with rope or something else for her. I suggested it and she seemed more than happy to steer me in the right direction. I had thought I’d make her something for the end of the week but Roxy had a slightly better idea.

“I would very much appreciate an artistic photo of a body part:
Monday collarbone, Tuesday rope, Wednesday nipples, Thursday belly button, Friday back.
Add as many props to the images as you wish.

On Saturday I want an artistic video of you in a mask, hood or otherwise.
You are right in that you can be very useful as a plaything and source of optical pleasure.”

Ha, source of optical pleasure. Is that how you all feel seeing my pictures?

I rested my head against my hand. She wanted me to make her something artsy for every day of the week? How the hell was I supposed to do that? I went over the list in my head and realised I couldn’t figure them all out in one go. Roxy had given me the example of using nipple clamps, pegs, hot wax or paint and nipple clamps stood out to me. The thing is, however, that I don’t like to take someone else’s ideas and use that to create my image. Reading this back now I realise that the things she listed are things she particularly likes and it would have probably been helpful to actually use them but I wasn’t about to use nipple clamps; that idea seemed too simple.

I figured out what to do in the following order: Wednesday came first, followed by Monday, then Tuesday (Tie me up Tuesday prompt) and I was at a loss for the last two for a while. For the video, I drew inspiration of a picture I took a few months ago.

I will post one day each week starting this Monday (apart from Tuesday, as this one has already been published) and each will come out on their respective days. If you’re really impatient you can find the result for each day on my Twitter as Roxy likes me to tweet them publicly and tag her. I’ll update the list with links on here as I go along. Additionally, the full photo sets of all days can be found on my Onlyfans.

Monday Collarbone
Tuesday Rope
Wednesday Nipples
Thursday Belly Button
Friday Back
Saturday Erotic Video

Xx Mila

Previous Task | Monday Collarbone

13 Replies to “Task 23: Week of Erotic Art”

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  2. David Proctor

    What ways she has given you: so concrete and tangible and body-centered along with the opportunity to get in touch with your inner creative self and create “optical pleasures” for her, for yourself, and the rest of us voyeurs. Nice collarbone photo with the bonus smile and dimples!

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I know, this task was honestly so nice because it was specific enough and yet left so much creative freedom too. Thank you! I didn’t realise this picture showed my collarbone until you pointed it out haha!

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