Monday Collarbone

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“I would very much appreciate an artistic photo of a body part: Monday collarbone.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the collarbone. I had never thought of specifically photographing that detail and was a bit clueless as to what props I could use. I wondered if props were necessary as my collarbones come out rather defined but it seemed so naked without. I thought about how I had decorated my body with flowers in the past and derived my inspiration from there. In my mind, I envisioned the white seeds of a dandelion fly in the direction of my shoulder attached with staples. However, I didn’t have a dandelion and didn’t feel inclined to look for one and the seeds would have been too small to successfully staple to my skin.

Incorporating leaves

I looked around the living room and saw this little pot with a plant that must have been there for a few months. It was a living one, which apparently managed to semi-survive without water. There were still a few flowers that looked alive enough to use but I was more interested in the leaves; they could replace the dandelion seeds and still portray the flying-on-a-breeze idea.

I crouched down on the floor of the living room in front of the mirror and positioned a small leave on a random place under my collarbone, hoping it’d somehow end in the right place; I wasn’t sure where this was heading. I positioned the stapler on the leaf, bit my teeth and pulled the trigger. The leaf fell off; it was too small for the staple to successfully capture. I also realised that I chose quite a painful place to place staples.

Tool for creativity

I remember being so scared of the idea of using staples in the past. The first few times I used staples my fear remained but by now I see a stapler as a tool for creative creations. It hurts when you staple but it only hurts for a few seconds and then it’s over. It’s very different from the cane or a whip or the repetitiveness of several spanks. Pain lingers after the hit with impact play, while staples only start to burn ever so slightly over time; they don’t even come close to the sensation of tiger balm.

Stubborn as I am, I tried to staple another small leaf to my skin. I thought the small ones would best be able to capture the effect I was after but it didn’t work. I decided to staple the biggest leaf then to see if it was going to work at all and I’m happy to say that it did. As I added the others, I realised the floating-leaves effect wasn’t going to work but they still made my body look artsy if you like.

As I didn’t want it to seem cluttered and cover my skin too much, I stopped after the fifth leaf. It was difficult to capture them on camera because they were rather dark, which made their details disappear. Because of this, I tried black and white in addition to the coloured pictures. I like the even effect of the black and white but I quite appreciate the redness of my skin and how it looks next to the green of the leaves. By the end, I was very excited to share these pictures.

Monday Collarbone

Her response

Xx Mila

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24 Replies to “Monday Collarbone”

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  2. Littlegem

    I have never used medical staples before so was really interesting to read. The effect especially with the leaves is pretty and I think it looks Eve like.

  3. askmefast

    ML you are so creative. you really do make pain into artform. Like a great artist, you evoke all sorts of feelings and ideas. you make me sqirm when I see the stamples embeded in your skin. you make me feel calm when I see the almost mathematical distribution of leaves across your collarbone. you evoke empathy when I see the redness of your deistressed skin.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you, that’s honestly so nice to hear and I didn’t realise I was evoking so many emotions but it’s a massive compliment! Thanks so much

  4. missy

    Wow ML – you are an inspiration. I love your creativity and also your devotion to the tasks as a submissive. A gorgeous set of images too 🙂

  5. David Proctor

    I find it fascinating that you show 3 different distinct artistic collarbones which develop over time from the initial staples through your skin to create collarbone leaf art to a while after the last stapling when blood has had more of an opportunity to respond to the staples breaking through your skin to create a collarbone sculpture, Your black and white composition draws my attention to focus on your collarbone leaf arrangement since there is no reddening of your skin distracting me. Another very creative and deceptively complex task accomplished. Well done.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Oh that’s so interesting and great feedback to receive. I hadn’t thought about the time passing in these pictures, but I do know I really liked how my skin went more red. And it’s good to know that the black and white puts perhaps more focus on the art as it was intended. Thank you

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