Wednesday Nipples

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Content warning: Needles

“I would very much appreciate an artistic photo of a body part: Wednesday nipples.”

For these pictures, I thought of using nipple clamps but it seemed a bit cliche to use nipple clamps for nipples. I don’t know why as they’re literally just designed for nipples, but hey; It didn’t feel creative enough and a bit boring. I thought of making a circle of needles around my nipple but I made a circle with needles last time (around my belly button) so that also seemed like a lazy idea. In recent weeks I had started feeling afraid of piercing my nipple with a needle, which didn’t make a lot of sense to me since I’d already done it and it was fine. So if I were to use needles, maybe this was the perfect opportunity to get over that fear, I thought. But since this picture had to look creative I thought that instead of using one needle it’d make sense to use two for aesthetic purposes.

Yes, it hurts to push a needle through your nipple but using these kinds of needles over sewing needles helps. For one, these needles are sharper and secondly, the bit on the end makes it easier to push them in without hurting your thumb. If you want to try it out I would definitely recommend these needles, which I got here. I mentioned above how I felt afraid of doing this but once I put the idea of creative pictures in my mind, I stopped feeling afraid. Instead, my mind was really focussed. It seems that once there’s a creative purpose to the things I do I can fairly easily push aside the possible pain I have to go through in order to accomplish it. Still, I was biting my teeth while urging my hands to stay stable as I pushed the first needle in.

So pushing a needle in has different stages (for me anyway). First, you have to get through the ‘wall’ of the nipple, which you would expect is the most painful part. Don’t get me wrong it’s painful but I find that stage two, pushing it beyond that is really painful. I suppose it’s because the tip doesn’t have the same width as the actual needle. Once the needle is halfway in it kind of slides through until you reach the other wall by which point I try to ignore and turn off the pain and just get on with it. I managed it way more quickly compared to the first time I did this.

Despite not feeling much fear, the second one did feel a little scary to do because I worried that the second needle would hit the first and get stuck. Additionally, how many needles can a nipple take? Am I crazy for doing this? lol. Nonetheless, as you can tell it worked.

Wednesday Nipples

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I first had a look in the mirror in my room and admired the look of it. I quite like this tone of green against my skin. I then hopped over to my living room for the pictures, on which I must have spent over an hour. Once I start taking pictures I tend to get lost in trying to capture the perfect shot and so I took a total of 75 pictures, of which I kept 40 (quite a good rate!) You can find them all on my Onlyfans. When I shared some with Charlie he suggested taking some in black and white and by the end, I’d forgotten about the pain of the needles.

Wednesday Nipples

I absolutely hate taking the needles out of my nipple. It’s as painful as putting them in and I do have to fight against the fear somehow and need to force myself to just swiftly pull them out. Disinfecting the small wound afterwards isn’t my favourite part either. Still, the pain eases off relatively quickly and it doesn’t bother me all that much. While looking for inspiration for needle play I saw a picture of a needle pierced through someone’s clit and now I’m morbidly curious about what that’s like but I don’t think I could do that to myself! (Not sure if I would actually want someone else to do it to me either.)

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  1. May More

    I do think this looks really pretty but I said “oouch” as soon as I saw it and know I could not do that with a needle for all the tea in china lol but I don’t drink tea actually – except herbal tea 😉 xx

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