Friday Back

Thursday Belly Button | Saturday Erotic Video

“I would very much appreciate an artistic photo of a body part: Friday Back.”

Like with the Belly Button, I wasn’t very inspired by this prompt. I talked about it with Devie for a bit and she suggested doing something with black stripes on a black background but I just couldn’t envision it. I thought of a picture I’d taken of my back before, which I would’ve been perfect for this, but I didn’t want to copy it. However, it did inspire me to focus on the natural lines that become visible on my back if I tense certain parts of my body. What if I simply present my back as an empty canvas? That would certainly touch on terms we’d used before and convey my desire for her to mark me.

Friday Back

Friday Back

And that empty canvas got marked indeed when she came over two weeks later (read about that here).

Her Response

Xx Mila

Thursday Belly Button | Saturday Erotic Video

20 Replies to “Friday Back”

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  3. missy

    Your photography is always so good and this is no exception. I know that you love colour but this works so well in black and white 🙂

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