Traveller in the Dark

“Then the traveller in the dark, thanks for your tiny spark”

Over the weekend I took a few different pictures with different themes for Roxy, about which I’ll write soon but as this particular one happened to coincide with Tie me up Tuesday, I’m posting these pictures now. I have a new purple rope, which is a lot thinner but appears to be of better quality. I was rather lucky that my body is small enough to only need the 10 meters, otherwise, the one colour scheme might not have been as pretty.

Traveller in the Dark

After doing two simpler ties recently, I was surprised to find that tying didn’t come as easy to me as it had before. That certainly shows I’m not that good at it yet, I guess, haha. However, I managed to do it in one go and while if you look very closely it’s not entirely even everywhere I think I came pretty close.

Once I had the harness on I didn’t know how to take creative pictures of it. I stared at myself in the mirror for about ten minutes, then tried to capture the harness and me and it wasn’t working out. I wondered if I needed to make an additional hip harness or do a leg tie but then my muse suddenly hit me. The result is a set of 30 pictures, ha! Once I get going, I don’t know how to stop. I’ve posted them all on my Onlyfans here.

Traveller in the Dark

I really like the effect this harness has on my boobs and I also love the shape of the star. I really wanted to try and capture the star in the picture. I was then surprised by the rope marks it left below my boobs but rope marks are always welcome.

We did a ‘what to wear to the party’ prompt a little while ago and I think it’d be nice to combine this harness with something to wear. I’m not sure what would work yet, but there must be something. I think purple is starting to become a favourite colour of mine. Certainly in regards to rope.

Xx Mila

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  1. nudo4

    Hi ML, yes this rope bra and hotpants would do. Make the rope between minor and major labia with a knot right above clit, then you split a little up to waist rope, rest of the frame? Your choice.
    Then put on the red long see through dress ( pic 3n4) the color will not match, white would have been greater

  2. Tom

    The color becomes you. The contrast between the dark purple and your nearly alabaster boobs looks great. I cannot imagine how you can tie yourself up like this. How long did you leave it on to produce those marks? Let me guess, an hour or so?
    Beautiful boobs and aroused-looking nipples

      • Tom

        The kind of rope play I would like to get involved in would require another person. I would like to be tied up tightly in uncomfortable and exposed positions and possibly in combination with clamps attached to my sensitive parts and with little or no possibility to get out of the predicament. I would like to have my limits pushed. Shibaru stuff looks very exciting, but it’s clearly an art to learn and not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately my wife is not into this.

  3. David Proctor

    These very beautiful portraits of your self tie together so well. The color of the rope contrasting with your white skin and brown nipples is stunning. You may have found a new vocation.

  4. Posy Churchgate

    I do admire the ties you create, they look very good on you, enhancing your breasts and almost framing your nipples. Purple IS my favourite colour so I would always choose purple – rope, toys, nail varnish!! Great pictures ML

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