Piercing my Nipple with a Needle

I was in a masochistic mood the other day. I was still at my dad’s house so I didn’t really have any tools with me to inflict pain except for… needles, perhaps? This was the first time I used needles. I had always been quite scared of the idea of using them, but curious as well. A long while ago, Miss Lois wanted me to buy needles so we could use them to pierce my boobs, as a reward to me for being a good slave. There were two occasions after I’d bought them in which we wanted to use them but we didn’t end up having the time. Then our dynamic ended and I never used them.

Last week I was sick and I stayed in bed all day. Somehow, while my body felt weak and in pain, I felt masochistic for another type of pain. I don’t know how the idea got in my head, but I thought it’d be fun to try and see if I could hold a piece of paper that said “I am a slave” up with two needles pierced through the skin of my boobs. I hadn’t brought my needles to my dad’s, so instead, I went downstairs and asked the mother of my dad’s girlfriend (she was the only one home) if she knew where the sowing kit was. To my surprise, she knew where it was right away and actually, to my surprise, they owned one. I know neither my dad or his girlfriend ever sow; they ask my grandma to do it for them.


I made my way back up to the attic and sat down on my knees on the bed. Okay… so how does one do this? How do I know if it’s safe? Or how do I know that I’m not doing anything wrong? I googled and Google pretty much told me what to do so I pierced the needle through one side of the paper, chose a spot on my boob and tried to push the needle in. It didn’t go at all like I’d expected. I’d always thought a needle would go in quite smoothly. Did I see this on videos or something?

It hurt. Duh, of course, it would hurt. That’s why I was doing this, right? I took a deep breath and just kept on pushing until the needle had entered my skin. Then I paused… now what? How was I going to get it to come out on the other side? I figured I should do the same as how I’d gotten it in, just keep pushing and ignore the pain, so I did but all I felt was pain while the needle wasn’t moving. Why wasn’t it moving? I tried again and again and finally noticed that the end of the needle appeared to be pushing against my skin. You know when you need to re-pierce your earring holes because they’ve grown closed again and you can see that the earring is trying to go through the hole that’s no longer there? That’s what it looked like to me so I pushed some more and suddenly it came through! Thank god, I thought. But then it didn’t want to move any further! I had only managed to get a little part of the tip out at the other side. It took me an extra 5 minutes and some more pain to finally get it all the way through. All in all, it hurt more than I’d expected but it had also hurt less, somehow.


Cause I’d done it now, I thought the second one would be no problem. I’d simply have to stick to the same strategy as before but my thumb had started hurting from pushing the other one in and no longer had the strength to do it again. The sowing kit didn’t happen to have that little thing you can put around your finger to protect yourself from the needle, so I tried using my left thumb instead. It wasn’t ideal as I’m not left-handed but worked well enough except it was more difficult to pierce this one through. It hurt more, it moved in less smoothly and it was harder to get it out on the other side. I really wanted to do this though. I was already halfway there, I had to finish it now. I kept on pushing and pushing without that the needle moved at all. It hurt every time I pushed and yet… When it finally did come through it again took another 5 minutes before I could push it out beyond just the tip of the needle.

Pictures of what it looked like without the piece of paper are on my Onlyfans here.

I took a little breath, unsure if it’d hurt if I were to move now; it felt strange to have two needles in me. I moved though as I felt like I should take a picture. I had successfully managed attached this piece of paper to myself with two needles. After I’d taken a few pictures I took the needles back out which went a lot easier than expected. I then went back to bed and wrote to Laura and my best friend about what I’d just tried. Laura’s response was, “you didn’t do the nipple. Do the nipple.” (It was a joke) but I thought, mhm, you’re right, maybe I should try that! *facepalm @ me.

How hard could this be? Just push it through, ignore the pain and don’t think about it. Well, turns out it hurts a lot more when you attempt to push a needle through your nipple! I knew it would but I hadn’t realised how much more painful it would be. Yet, again, I felt like I shouldn’t give up; if there was ever a time I’d try this it was today. Still, I had to pause several times when I hadn’t even pushed it inside. Then when it got inside it felt like I wasn’t making any progress pushing it through to the other side, just like when I tried to push the others through the skin of my boobs. I closed my eyes and bit my teeth to stop myself from making a noise and kept on pushing and pushing and pushing as I tried to ignore the pain as best as I could. God, it hurt. And of course, once the tip had come through the rest of the needle didn’t also want to move out!

Once I’d managed to move the needle so that each side was on either side of my nipple evenly, I didn’t get up. I didn’t feel a desire to move with this and instead took the pictures from where I was. The feeling was strange, different from nipple clamps and yet it had some resemblance to them. The pain remained active as if it was pulsating, but it wasn’t unbearable. I kept it in for about 5 minutes as I had no other purpose for it, really. I decided I definitely wasn’t going to pierce the other one too, I didn’t know how I would be able to manage that also.

When I attempted to pull the needle back out, it didn’t want to, at all. I had to do as much effort to get it out as I had to get it in and it hurt equally as much too. When it came out, there was a little blood coming from one of the holes. Oops, I thought. Is this bad because I’m on blood thinners? It wasn’t though. It immediately stopped in the same way that I usually bleed. However, I felt like I needed to disinfect it and my best friend agreed, but where would I find disinfectant in this house? He suggested I get some water and put salt in it as this would also work. By this point, my dad and his girlfriend had also gotten home and I could hear that someone had started cooking. I slipped downstairs and was quite lucky because all three of them had just accumulated in the living room which gave me just enough time to fill a glass with water, add salt and run back upstairs again.

I disinfected it, which didn’t hurt at all compared to piercing my skin and then put a tiny little plaster on it. My nipple stayed a little sensitive for a while but it eased off within a day. I think it’ll be a while before I try this again!

Xx MLSlavePuppet

Extra pictures of both the pierced nipple and my boobs can be found on my Fansly here.

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  4. thebarefootsub

    I love this! Sometimes that maso-itch is just too needy.
    My delivery of needles arrived last week, I’m just waiting to try them out. If you’re on fetlife check out the carnie. He is my needle inspiration (and all round Nice guy)

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Yes! I am actually afraid of it now though. Like, I don’t know how I managed that lol. Are you going to try something similar? I love needle patterns! And yes I am, I’ll have a look

      • thebarefootsub

        I have no idea how you pierced yourself with a sewing needle! Hats off indeed. I think I’m going to start with a breast “corset” And then an endorphin button. Its the tension play that he creates that inspires me though, so maybe I need to invest in a sewing kit myself? 😉

        • MLSlavePuppet Post author

          LOL. I wasn’t thinking about the kind of needle it was and was just like… it’s a needle? It’ll work!
          Are you going to post about all of them?
          And yes yes, perhaps you do

  5. thebarefootsub

    And you were right, it did work!

    I will do eventually. I’m trying (and failing) to keep my adventures in chronological order. As I’m only up to may 2017 I have a way to go. So many exciting stories to remember, that’s the problem

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hahaha! That is the struggle I was having as I’m chronologically recapping my journey too (with Lois) and eventually made a split so now I have it chronological for those posts and current with the rest

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  8. Slave Mark

    I’m a long time piercing slave, and adore needles ( individually wrapped medical ones are best and they look and feel the part too !!). I used to make Body Jewellery and had a constant supply of rings and barbels. I have many exploits in my journey of self torture.

  9. Slave Mark

    If anyone is interested, l have written torture stories and done drawings with them, I’m a coniser of Electro stimulation / torture and use it in conjunction with my very well established Prince Albert and foreskin piercings, l have a very kinky imagination, and the pain and pleasure l get is amazing. Usually l dream of being clamped to a torture table, with a mistress at the contols !!!!

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