Feeling like a good slave: Elastic bands and Candle wax

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I was at a friend’s house when Miss Lois messaged me at the start of the evening. We’d just eaten dinner so I felt like I could find an excuse to leave as it seemed like Miss Lois wanted to play with me.

The first thing I did when I got home was take off my clothes. Usually, I then put on comfy clothes, but I decided to not to as I suspected I might have to take them off shortly anyway. Miss Lois asked me to show her my room with pictures and afterwards, I snuggled up comfortably in my warm bed. Only for her to tell me to get up 5 minutes later.

She told me to get naked (already done!) my elastic rope and to use the band double through my legs and up over my shoulders and to tie it so there’d be a good amount of tension.

I felt a little excited and nervous. I thought it was interesting that she’d told me to use the elastic rope because I’d never really thought of using it this way.

She told me to pull the two ropes over my tits as far away from my body as I could and to let them go. It was quite a stingy sensation and pulled painfully on my pussy when pulling the rope away.

I then had to get a slice of ginger and to place it in between the rope and my clit. I had recently had ginger up my butt and I wasn’t looking forward to this sensation. I hate ginger. I don’t think I can ever get used to it. Putting it on the clit caused a more intense sensation compared to putting it up my bum.

She told me to pull the rope over my nipples away and to let it go again. It didn’t really want to hit my nipples exactly… but it was very painful regardless. She suggested I pull it forward and a little to the right and left respectively, which helped me hit them. It was quite painful. Especially the right one.

The ginger on my clit was now making me struggle to stand up straight (and we had barely even started…)

Naturally, she then told me to make a high heel walking video. I had to walk up and down at least three times without hesitating. Usually, in these videos, I’d stop once I felt like it looked silly or if I was losing balance. I had to send her my first try and wasn’t allowed to retake the video…

Miss Lois: “How often would you say you hesitated?”

Me: “5 times, Miss?”

Miss Lois: “I want you to get a candle and light it.
I think it’s time to cover your nipples in hot wax.”

I had felt anxious about the heel walk video, as well as a little excited because it felt like a challenge. But when a camera is filming me I have this sort of block, as if I’m frozen in place and can’t make myself move. I felt embarrassed and ashamed for doing badly. It must have looked quite ridiculous too because I couldn’t walk in heels yet and I felt really disappointed and bad about hesitating even though I had been told not to.

You can watch part of the video here: https://onlyfans.com/7474481/mlslavepuppet

I lit a candle and we talked for a little bit. She wanted to know how I was feeling but I struggled to tell her as I wasn’t sure. It felt like my coping mechanism had been activated, which tends to take me away from the presence and empty my mind so she told me to get the pads with the pins and said that she wanted to try and break through my coping mechanism with pain.

I had to put the pads on my nipples under the rope, but they wouldn’t stay on very well with just the rope. She told me to tape just one of them to my nipple.

The pads on my nipples stung, but the pain on my clit was still more intense and partly cancelled out the pain of my nipples.

She told me to pull at the rope on the side of the attached pin pad and to aim for the nipple again. I remember quite enjoying the feeling the first time around, especially after seeing that it let a mark. The sting hurt a lot more under the breast, rather than on the nipple.

She wanted me to hit the nipple hard enough though, so she gave me instructions to hold the rope differently. Doing it that way, the first surge of pain was most intensely on the nipple, but after 5/10 seconds the pain was more clearly present below the breast again.

She told me to do it again.

This time, the burning as a result of the hit made the pain on my right nipple slightly cancel out the pain on my clit.

The ginger kept on slipping out though, every time I moved an inch. It was very annoying, so eventually, Miss Lois told me to put the second pin pad between the ginger and the rope to fix it in place, which worked a lot better.

After this, she told me to write “Good slave” on my stomach with a small line underneath to represent 1 point that I deserved for getting as far as I had today. She said that I was being a good slave today and was making her happy and proud of my dedication. The writing and the points were supposed to show me and make me believe too that I was being a good slave.

It was time for the wax after, which meant I needed a floor that could get stained by the wax. aka. not on carpet. So the bathroom it was…

Miss Lois: “Bathroom sounds good. Nice and cold.”

Me: “Yes that sounds… wonderful, Miss.”

Miss Lois: “I am glad we agree on that.”

(Ugh. Yes. Cold… love that.)

Once I was lying down on the cold bathroom floor she told me to empty the candle in one go without stopping on my left nipple.

I was sixteen when I tried candle wax for the first time. I had been scared of it before trying it out, but I had been ordered to try it. Then, to my relief, it wasn’t that bad. In fact, I kind of liked it. I made me quite curious, really. However, I hadn’t used candle wax in two years by this point so while I was excited to use it again, I wasn’t sure how well I’d cope with it.

It was a lot less painful than I expected it to be. In my memory, the wax had been more painful (yes, I used the same sort of candles in the past).

She told me to pull the waxy rope as far away from my nipple as I could and to let go. Naturally, it hurt. It was now stinging more than the nipple with the pin pad. I then had to pull both ropes at the same time and let them hit my body 3 times in a row without a pause in between. It hurt my left nipple without the pad more than my right every time. I managed to do it in quick succession of one another too and so the third hit was a lot more painful than the first. It was surprising how much the pain had intensified already.

After I’d done this, I started feeling more at ease with where I was. My nervousness had faded and it felt good to be here.

I asked her if she wanted me to light a new candle and she said that I could light a few of them. I asked her what “a few” meant, which was “all of them,” except I’d brought the entire bag lol, so she changed her answer to 6, as she had thought I’d only brought 6.

About 5 minutes later, the pain in my right nipple started feeling worse than in the left. She wanted me to put a little bit of wax on the rope on the right and to hit both sides three times again and to see which one hurt more now.

  1. right, 2. right, 3. both equal.

She said I could give myself 2 more lines on my body now because I’d done so well with the bands twice in a row now.

She asked me how my clit was doing, which by now had sort of gotten used to the constant burning.

Miss Lois: “Pull the rope above your clit and let it snap.
As far as you think you deserve.”

I suggested only pulling one so that the pad would be held in place, which Miss Lois thought was a good idea she hadn’t thought of.

I tried not to think about how much letting this go was going to hurt. It was difficult to let it go immediately because I feared the pain. It hurt!

I had to do it again and had to take a picture of my face right after I’d let go of the rope…

I felt very embarrassed about the picture. It kind of looked like i was in pain/responding to the hit of the rope while my body/face arched up a little bit. At the same time, it also looked like I was smiling a little bit… lol.

But Miss Lois said that I made her very proud just then and this gave me a warm feeling inside. I got to add two lines for the snapping, and one special heart for having made the suggestion of using one of the ropes to keep the pad in place on my clit because I’d recognised a potential problem and come up with a solution myself and then executed the task with the solution in place. She said this showed the initiative that we had talked out before and that it showed we were working as a team. Hearing that made me really happy and even a tiny little bit proud. It felt like I was doing it right and it felt good to be there and to be a slave.

She told me to hit my nipples three times in a row again with both ropes, but to hold the rope more to the sides so they’d hit the nipples from the side too. Most painful side:

  1. right, 2. right, 3. right.

She now wanted me to remove the pad from my clit and to put the rope on each side over my labia so that it’d open my clit and expose it. Then to drop the wax on it. I asked if she meant all the wax of one candle.

Miss Lois: “If you can stand it.”

I felt curious about what it’d feel like. I’d never poured wax over my clit before. Wax had always felt too painful in the past. Naturally, I felt a bit nervous but by this point, I had also somehow accepted whatever pain I was going to have to endure. Like, I was simply going to do it and it’d be fine and I would cope.

As I poured if over I felt the urge to pause the pouring a few times but tried not to. It definitely burned! But then afterwards it didn’t hurt anymore. I guess that’s the thing about wax. It’s very intense as it’s being poured onto you but stops being painful very quickly when the wax dries up.

So she told me to pour another candle over it…

The drops falling on my clit in quick succession really hurt. It made my body shake and my breathing quicken. I couldn’t keep entirely quiet either. (I know, I don’t often say I make noise because I don’t. I control myself through my breathing or something. As a child, I learned to be quiet so it’s kind of natural for me. My ability to stay quiet is quite useful when playing with Miss Lois when my flatmate is home, haha! (My flatmate wasn’t home though.))

She said that I deserved 2 more lines now. I now felt like I was in the right place doing the right things and like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was as if I had slowly started feeling peaceful, exactly as Miss Lois had intended. My defence mechanism had pretty much withdrawn and allowed me to feel good.

She reinforced this notion by saying how I was indeed where I was supposed to be. I was being useful and had a purpose. I was a good girl and a good slave.

Then immediately after this, I forgot to say “Miss” when I said thank you… ugh. I felt very ashamed and disappointed and stupid.

Miss Lois: “Take the rope between your legs. Pull a single strand away as far as you need to be forgiven and let go. Do this with the other strand after and tell me which hurt more. Show me pictures and once I am happy with the distance you are completely forgiven for forgetting Miss.”

Pulling the rope around the first time ripped the wax apart. I made a noise in response. My finger had started becoming reluctant about letting the rope go. I had started hesitating but I forced myself to do it and managed to pull the ropes three times in a row very quickly which made it very painful.

The left one hurt more when pulling that one on its own, compared to pulling the right one on its own. When pulling both ropes at the same time, the right one hurt more.

She said I’d done very well and was forgiven. I was in pain but I felt more at ease now for being forgiven.

Miss Lois: “See, teamwork.”

Me: “Teamwork is nice.”

After a few minutes, the pain around my clit had slightly eased down again. At the moment, the right nipple was hurting the most.

She asked me if I was able to feel the world around me now. If I felt connected and like I belonged. I felt connected for about 70% now and felt like smiling. I was fairly confident that I felt like I didn’t want to be alive earlier today but this had now changed entirely.

“Teamwork,” she mentioned again.

She also told me to forget about my feeling from earlier. In this moment, I was able to see that I had a purpose and that I didn’t always have to feel like I didn’t want to be alive.

Miss Lois: “Just the ability of you being of use and having a purpose means that you always have a purpose, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.”

That kind of made perfect sense… it was like the pieces of a puzzle suddenly came together.

She told me to do pull the tit ropes three more times to enhance my feeling of connection.

My nipples were intensely burning. The left hurt slightly more than the right.

I had 4 candles full of liquid wax left now. One had to go over my left nipple with the rope pulled out of the way.

It felt less painful than I expected it to be, but it was really painful at the same time. Maybe it’s the at the moment that’s really painful, but then afterwards it feels like: okay, it wasn’t that bad because it’s over so quickly?
But having 6 drops fall on it in quick succession hurt so much that it made me pause. I then continued to have it drip instead of pouring it all at once because the dripping was more painful. My breathing was really quite fast, but it felt good doing it. She then told me to take the pad off my nipple.

Another candle had to go over my right nipple.

I deserved another line now and was then to pull the ropes 3 times again and had to try and hit the nipples hard from the side.

It became harder to pull the tope every time. It was hard to tell my fingers to let go. They hesitated a lot. I didn’t always manage to hit the nipple but when I did it was very painful.

  1. Left, 2. Right, 3. Equal on both sides.

She asked me where the last two candles with liquid wax had to go.

I suggested the vagina because when I had poured in on the clit, and when I’d missed the target, having it fall on my labia hurt a lot. So she told me to open my labia with my fingers and to pour one candle in.

Afterwards, she wanted me to snap the ropes around my nipples as often as I thought necessary to cause bruises for tomorrow to remind me of having been useful today. I had to send her a picture when I was done and keep count.

Doing this made me feel a little nervous because of how much is enough? I could decide… and deciding is scary. I almost lost count around the 6th time, then around the 13th and then around the 17th. Guess I’m really bad at keeping count (I mean… when I play a tennis match and have to keep track of the score… ha ha ha…)

I needed to take some breaks in between. My arms were shaking a lot. I think my entire body was, to be honest. It was impossible to keep still (and quiet) when getting hit. Sometimes I managed to do a few in quick succession of one another and then had to take a break to deal with the agony of the hits.

First I had thought: let’s get to 10. Then when I reached 10, I set my mind to 15. When I reached 15 I felt like I should do at least 20. But when I got to 20 I thought I should get to at least 30. Once I reached 30 it really really hurt and I felt unsure if I could still do this properly. My finger did not want to let go of the rope anymore. I didn’t want to give up though so I tried one more, which was awful, and then one more.

In a way, it felt good because I proved to myself that I could hurt myself more than I initially thought I could. I still felt nervous about whether I’d done enough, but then managed to find some peace with it because I knew that I had done as much as I could at that moment.

Miss Lois: “Very good.”

There was still one more candle left. She told me to put the rope on my clit as far to the side as I could and to open my labia to pour the wax on my pussy. Not on the clit, but on the place where my wetness came from.

I was a little nervous but more excited about doing this. It felt good that she told me to do it because it meant that she knew that I would be able to take the pain.

It hurt and it was interesting at the same time. It was a very different sensation from pouring the wax elsewhere. It felt warmer. I don’t really know how to describe it other than that it hurt a lot.

Miss Lois: “Now squirt on the tile floor.”

At this moment in time, my clit was so sensitive that I would jump-move every time the rope slightly touched it. I tried to just push through the pain though but didn’t touch my clit directly.

I thought I squirted at first but then didn’t felt like it had been enough and then kept on going until I squirted properly. It felt like a relief that I’d been able to as I feared I might not be capable when this sensitive.

Miss Lois: “Now you’re going to slurp it off the floor
and take a picture of doing it.”

My relief of having squirted was so big that I didn’t quite process the new task at first. I had to re-read it three times and then felt like… no, please… ew.

I kind of put myself in it with my nose while holding in the air so that I wouldn’t smell it and then sucked up several gulps until I felt like I needed a break. Coming up from slurping I started coughing. It was… ew.

I wasn’t sure if I had to suck it all up but I forced myself to get as much as I could. Pushing my nose back into it every time was a struggle. It felt degrading, embarrassing and gross, which in turn made me feel even more submissive. By then I felt like I would do anything you’d ask of me.

Miss Lois then said that all I had to do was take one last picture in front of the mirror, smiling. I felt relieved as if a small weight lifted off me. I felt like I’d done well and could be proud of myself. It felt like I had the right to be here (as strange as that may sound). So while it’s hard to smile in pictures sometimes, I also wanted to because I felt happy.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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