My Best Friend Tied Me to the Bed with Ginger up my Butt

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Miss Lois was a bit busy again so we didn’t get to talk a whole lot, but my friend was visiting me (for four days) anyway, so it was good that she didn’t have time to play. She did still come online every now and then to leave me a short message of some sorts, and on the second day my friend was here, she suggested:

Miss Lois: “I was wondering if you could ask your friend to use the under the bed restraints on you and leave you for an extended period of time alone, tied up like that. So that you can have some feeling of being restrained. You can return the favour, of course.”

I asked if it would then just be staying like that and she said that it would depend on how much interaction I wanted. She suggested we could use my riding crop or a whip on each other or put clamps on the body, but that it was up to me as she didn’t want to create any awkward unwanted sexual tension between us since we were just friends.

I felt very unsure about this. I certainly didn’t want to inflict any pain on someone else myself so I felt like the whip option was out of the question. And I wasn’t sure how I’d feel if my friend would do it to me either. It felt kind of weird.

She then said that instead of clamps and crops we could also insert ginger and then get tied up.

I thought that might be a better idea. I thanked her for the suggestion and said I’d discuss it with my friend and would see what happened.

We did it over messenger, lol. Because that’s less awkward somehow. I told him Miss Lois had suggested something and then said:

Me: “We could each insert ginger in a private place and then put on some trousers. Then we could strip each other in place with my under the bed restraints and leave the person there for x amount of time.”

He agreed.

I then asked him what his longest time with ginger inserted had been, which was five minutes. I believe the longest time I’d had ginger up my butt was 10 minutes, so I said something like “I’m feeling sadistic towards you and masochistic towards myself, so let’s do 25 minutes.”

He really wasn’t that sure and/or enthusiastic about that time, ha!

The next day, we had to buy ginger first and did some other mundane stuff like watching Nikita. Then in the late afternoon, we decided it was time. I think he wanted me to go first so I prepared my ginger in the kitchen and then inserted it into my bum in the toilet.

Oh man… I thought. I’d forgotten how much I hated ginger. I did not like the burning feeling of that! It was way too intense too quickly.

But then we went to my room and he put me in the under the bed restraints and then left the room and closed the door behind him.

I hate ginger. The intensity doesn’t go down for a long time. I hate the burning sensation. I remember a friend telling me about ginger when I was a lot younger. He brought it as if it would be painful but then become pleasurable after a while, and that its effect would die down in about 15 minutes. How wrong he was! And how wrong I was for believing him!

So lying there on the bed, I definitely wouldn’t have stayed there for 25 minutes with ginger inserted if I hadn’t been restrained, unless Miss Lois had ordered me to.

I tried out the restraints for a little bit. Seeing how far I could reach with them on. But moving meant increasing the intensity of the ginger, and I knew I couldn’t get out of the restraints anyway, so I decided to just stay still and wait for the time to pass. I tried to look at my watch for the time sometimes, but I didn’t manage to keep track very well.

As I was lying there I thought: I would be such a boring porn star because I don’t move, I don’t make any sounds… I’ve just accepted the situation for what it is.

However, the reason why Miss Lois had suggested this (“so you can experience being restrained”) didn’t exactly work out. I didn’t feel much about being restrained. I had rationalised the entire situation. Being restrained is just being restrained. It only becomes interesting if a certain person *cough Miss Lois would have restrained me.

When I restrained my friend afterwards, I thought I heard him make some noises every now and then and concluded that he’d been struggling more than I had, which amused me.

Have any of you ever done such a thing with a friend?

You can find my best friend on his blog Liam’s Taboos.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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25 Replies to “My Best Friend Tied Me to the Bed with Ginger up my Butt”

  1. collaredmichael

    Intriguing!! You were both clothed? I would have wanted to be naked— it I am an exhibitionist!! lol
    Btw, I voted for your blog. Feel free to do so in return if you like. No pressure—it would be nice to approach the top 100.

    • MLSlavePuppet

      Yes, haha. I don’t know if it would be different if we did it again now. I mean, I kind of don’t feel comfortable seeing men naked in my presence? I know, it’s really silly?
      My friend has seen me completely naked though, but only on pictures. Although when we lived together I was never very careful with towels coming out of the shower or when wearing a bikini in the pool, I’ve flashed him before so to say. (Not on purpose but it’s funny now) So I could be naked in his presence.

      Thank you! And I definitely will vote for yours!!

        • MLSlavePuppet

          Haha!! So you know… I’m this weird sort of person that’s just like normalises things? So when I did this ginger tying to the bed thing, afterwards my friend told me he’d been soooo worried about me seeing that he was aroused. So he like walked very awkwardly to the toilet after I untied him. But when he said it I was just like… you know it’s normal right, I don’t care. Although to be fair, if I want to tease someone I can be quite sadistic and have a lot of fun hehe

          (Also have now voted ^-^)

  2. Tom

    You really have a high tollerance for the burning sensation in your tender privates, wow.

    I experimented with ginger in my ass and peehole, but only solo. That’s burning from hell!! I never managed to keep it inside any of my holes for more than two minutes, in most cases much less. And once you remove it, there is no immediate relief, it just keeps on burning for a long time!! I cannot imagine holding it for 5 minutes or more in the ass, I would have to be restrained with my asshole taped over, otherwise I would expel it. Ginger in peehole caused the most intense burning sensation I have ever experienced in my penis and afterwardsbit burnt when I had to pee the whole day.
    I had the erection, yes, but only at the beginning.
    I love the erotic humiliation of being seen with erection. I am totaly used to nudity (nudist resorts and beaches, saunas, locker rooms,…) and that on its own never triggers an erection. But put me in company of naked women and other guys with bigger cocks and I get hard from the embarrassement that I am the smallest and that all the Women can see it. It happened more than once and I was not always able to hide my arousal. My Wife found it hilarious.

      • Tom

        Well, She teases me about it and She likes to put me in position where I cannot prevent arousal when we are in nudist places so that I get embarrassed and try to hide the erection and the precum which I leak in abundance. It is ironic that I can still get fully aroused so quickly and easily, yet I now have some problems maintaining long-lasting firm erections.

          • Tom

            My Wife’s reaction when She first noticed it was the same, She excused us and pulled me away. She was upset and I had to explain myself (I was so ashamed, but it just made my erection stronger). She sympathised with me and said it was kind of cute and just added it to the list of my “teenager” traits. We found a hidden spot where She quickly sucked me off (that’s my dear Wife back then allright, ?) and we rejoined our friends. But this was many years ago, now She would never let me cum to stop the erection, we would withdraw and She would tease me about it or maybe even punish me for getting hard like that. And if there was nobody we knew around us, She may even force me not to hide it at all. A couple of years ago, at a small nudist beach with some 20 other folks around, that’s exactly what She did. At that time my raging hard on was triggered by Her comment that I probbably had the smallest dick on the beach. She wouldn’t let me turn over or hide it and when we walked together to the water I could tell that a few people did notice it ?

          • Tom

            You bet ? And the most powerful kind is when it’s spontaneous and you get caught in the event and have no time to think how to react. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the feeling stays with you for ever. At least in my case it does.

    • MLSlavePuppet

      Honestly, the first time I had to use ginger was… pretty much how you describe it and somehow every new time is never any better! But when you have no choice because you’re being told to do so it just you know you manage? Haha

      In your peehole sounds awful tho!!
      I’m sure my friend could talk to you about the embarrassment of people being able to see your arousal haha

  3. Tom

    You’re right, as a slave, when you are told to do something, you try and do your best.
    You mean other people get embarrassed because of my unsolicited erections? Quite possible…

      • Tom

        Oh, ok.
        Yes of course, a situation with inappropriate erection is always deeply embarrassing for me, but with the way I am wired, it further fuels my arousal which then leads to even more embarrassement etc. It makes me panick and I want to hide/flee, because I know it’s weird and, well, wrong, but I cannot help it, certain kinds of pain and sexual humiliation in the right circumstances turn me on and make me feel ashamed at the same time. It’s like with orgasm denial, I can crave the orgasm so badly that I get tears in my eyes and I beg my Wife on my knees to let me cum, but at the same time I want Her to deny me (and most of the time She does deny me), because I am addicted to this feeling of perpetual unsatisfied arousal and because it makes me want to submit to Her and serve Her and make Her cum even more. I learned to enjoy my Wife’s orgasms more than I enjoy my own, how weird is that?? I am lucky that my Wife now absolutely enjoys the attention She’s getting and likes the effect She has on me. It arouses Her, She admits it, but even if She didn’t, Her wetness when I am finally allowed to touch Her pussy says it all. And it fuels my need/craving for Her domination even more…

        I hope I make sense ?

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