No Reminder Like Marks

Marks, mhm… I love marks because they are a visible reminder of the good time we had and sometimes they leave a soft sting of pain. Walking away from a task with marks reminds me of the pain I might have endured or whatever message a Domme wanted to instil in me. Having marks can be a moment of pride because it shows that what I did was ‘severe’ enough to leave them.

While I love marks, there weren’t a lot of instances during my dynamic with Miss Lois which left significant marks. Of course, we never met so impact play wasn’t really an option. Still, Miss Lois liked leaving marks as reminders, as she knew it could help keep my mental health stable for a few days. The reminder would help keep me connected to my slave self longer and feeling connected to that part made me feel calmer and happier.

Visible Marks

The first mark I remember was really small and probably by no means intended. Miss Lois had only just started training me and was looking for something in the room (I was at my dad’s place) that could hurt me. My dad is a very neat person so he literally has nothing useful for kink lying about in the rooms, including mine (guest room). Therefore, she told me to use the heaviest book I could find to squish my nipples in between the pages or something? I don’t remember how it worked. I remember this mark because I liked that there was one, no matter how small. I suppose it made me feel like I’d pushed the book shut in a painful enough way. The mark was proof of this.

The first time Miss Lois literally told me that she wanted me to have some bruises for a few days as a reminder was when she wanted me to hit myself with a cable; I wrote about this in this post. While I managed to get my butt pretty red, it didn’t end up leaving a very visible bruise, though I felt like I had a minor one for a few days. The first image below were the marks on the day and the picture after is from a day or two afterwards.

The second time Miss Lois very much intended to mark me with ‘impact play’ was when she’d thought of using an elastic rope. I wrote about this in this post. All I had to do to hit myself was to pull the rope away from my body and let go. It made it a lot easier to hit myself hard, compared to attempting to hit myself with a cable. The result, therefore, was also a lot better. In addition to the marks from the elastic rope, Miss Lois wanted me to leave the writing, as these marks were supposed to remind me that I was a good slave and had been doing really well. These were the remaining marks, and writing, the following day.

They stayed for a few days, fading slowly and eventually turned yellow for a few days. These marks were certainly a badge of honour. Miss Lois intended them to be and they certainly felt it.

A Permanent Mark

Another time, Miss Lois wanted me to put some clips on my breasts and nipples. I have written up this post but it’s in the queue to be uploaded as I’m trying to keep my Miss Lois posts chronological. I had 4 binder clips on my breasts and a less painful type of clip on each of my nipples. I had to pull all the clamps off and then put them back in exactly the same spot. One of the clamps didn’t want to stay on after I’d pulled it off. I’d let go of it and it’d bite my skin and then slip off right after. After trying this several times, I told her it wasn’t working. She didn’t accept it, though suggested that I could put it elsewhere, pull it off and put it back on that mark. I felt no desire to do that… then somehow, I managed to get it on the right spot with a lot of pain.

These are the marks it left. And perhaps you’ve noticed in my pictures that there’s a little scar line on one of my boobs… that was caused by this, the clamp that didn’t want to go back on in exactly the same spot until the 15th try or so. She told me that I should be proud of the marks this had left and I certainly felt proud of wearing them.

Body Writing

Because of our inability to have impact play in our online dynamic, Miss Lois was a big fan of body writing as this could leave a mark for several days.

The first time she marked me with writing was by giving me the task to write ‘slave’ on both my wrists and leave it for a day. I wrote about this here, and the goal of this was to make the word mine and to help me identify with it more.

The next time, she made me use a permanent marker and have me write on my naked body. The words on my body are all words I chose apart from the arrow that is pointing down at my vagina with the text ‘never used’ and the arrow pointing to the back with the text ‘use back entrance’. Again, the purpose of these words written on me was to instil a connection of my identity.

The time that followed is the one in which I also have marks from the elastic rope. Then followed another time about which I wrote this post, in which I discussed the idea that body writing can help me recognise my slave identity.

Then finally, she once wanted me to cover my body in as much writing as I could. She specifically asked me how many days the marker would last on my body. I thought it might for 4 or 5 days, a week max. It lasted a lot longer than I anticipated though, while the marker wasn’t any different from the times I’d written on myself before. Maybe it took longer because more body area was covered? I will write a post about this instance, but again, I am trying to keep my posts on my training with Miss Lois in chronological order. For now, below are a picture of the day it was written on and two pictures were taken several days or a week+ afterwards.

Invisible Mark

There is one quite severe invisible mark that a session I had with Miss Lois left. I think it was the most severe mark she gave me. Again, there will be a post about this at some point! She basically made me sit on the side of a table with my vagina, then told me to lift my feet off the floor and my arms in the air. I sat there for so long that I lost my ability to squirt and orgasm. My clit was literally numb for over a week. In the end, it took 2 weeks and 5 days before I was able to squirt again and another day before I managed to orgasm (with a lot of effort). If that’s not leaving a mark…

Very Temporary Marks

These marks only last about an hour if it isn’t shorter but as we’re talking about marks, I still think it’s good to mention them. I quite enjoy them for the same reasons that I like the others. While they don’t last long, they still show me that I’ve done well after a session. They’re some kind of reassurance, as I am never sure that I have done good enough.

What’s next…

As you know, I’ll soon have my first cane session, which will definitely leave some proper impact play marks. I’m excited about the session itself and the marks will be a nice bonus, I think… I’m sure I’ll feel less enthusiastic about it when I have to sit down on a train for a few hours to get home, lol.

I love seeing pictures of women that carry a severe whip, cane and other impact tool marks. It doesn’t really matter on which part of the body. I specifically like the marks around the vagina area too. Of course, this means I’m attracted to the idea and would like to try it myself so hopefully, caning will only be the start of more impact play that leaves marks in the future!

Xx MLSlavePuppet

This post is inspired by Kink of The Week

20 Replies to “No Reminder Like Marks”

  1. Molly

    I absolutely LOVED looking through all these pictures and reading how you got them. I have tried self inflicting pain but I find it mostly disappointing. I wish that wasn’t the case though as I would like to have the marks to show off


    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you!! Your comment makes me smile. So glad to hear you loved it!
      I also find it disappointing to be honest. At least if I would choose to do it myself. It doesn’t matter to me when I am serving someone online and they tell me to do it as it’s about what they want in that moment.
      But man do I love marks too!

  2. May

    Wonderful post – love that image of you covered in marker pen – excellent idea! and I expect was a bit painful in its own way

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