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  1. askmefast

    My background, my orientation, my life experience could not be any more different to yours. But, how I love in my mind, living through the experiences you share with us. I suppose what draws me in is the strong desires you have that contrast against the social awkwardness you feel being something I very much relate to.

    As you are doing, live your life , don’t leave space for regrets x

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I think it’s a real compliment when someone whose life experience is completely different can still relate to what I’m writing. And it’s really nice as well how different people with different backgrounds can find relatable things. Thank you for leaving this comment and as you say, live your life and don’t leave any space for regrets x

  2. Never Waste a Dirty Mind

    Dear Marie Louise,

    Aren’t you being bold?

    Why am I not surprised that you didn’t know what you wanted on the unicorn board? 😉

    As for the massage, I understand your thinking that being the service slave, you should be the one doing the massaging. But the D/s dynamic can work very well the other way around, where the submissive is passive – a toy to be played with – perhaps aroused and denied as part of a massage. Especially, if the submissive doesn’t have a say in what and where and how the touching and massaging progresses. But, granted, that is hard to do with a stranger at a play party. Bondage and spanking (or the caning you tried) also involve the dominant doing something to the passive submissive. So it is really a question of degree and whether you are primarily playing with the body or the mind. I guess what I am saying is that the other girl may have felt very dominant having your body at her disposal to run her hands over and massage.

    I am wondering, if you can say a bit more about your dissociation during the evening? It almost sounds like you have gotten to the point where you can turn it on at will, but I know that is not quite how it works. But perhaps you have gotten better at calling on it almost subconsciously when you need it? For example to tackle your old friend Mr. Anxiety.

    A big “good for you” for getting out there and getting involved in the scene and getting to know some people. Next time will be easier. This time you had the electro play person as someone you knew. Next time, there will be all kinds of girls that you have already kissed!

    And let me see, if I can get your face to match it, by telling you that you do look hot in your red dress.

    All the best,

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