Part 2: At the Unicorn Board

Continuing where I left off at Part 1: Hot Queer Gay Party,

I walked up to the unicorn board. A woman was looking at the board and taking some of the notes down. I think I said hi or perhaps she turned towards me because she noticed someone approaching. Once she saw me, her expression changed, as if she was very excited to have some fun with me, which I absolutely did not oppose. She asked me if there was anything I wanted to do.

“Erm, well, erm, I don’t… know? Erm…”

“Violet wand?” she suggested.

“Yeah, sure,” I happily said.

She mentioned how she just needed to find a plug socket and walked to this flat sofa-like furniture. “Here?” she asked and I just kind of nodded, briefly thinking that this space was completely out in the open.

A little unsure of what I should do next, I looked at what she was doing, which was taking off her shoes. For the third time that night, I unzipped my dress and pulled it over my head to let it drift to the floor. Should I take off my fishnets? I wondered and thought about how I was wearing a thong under the crotchless panties, which I now wished I hadn’t. She sat down and indicated for me to follow, then asked which way I wanted to sit around, whichever was most comfortable for me. I didn’t know, but for once in my life, my body just acted, eagerly leaning in to show that I wanted to kiss her. She could clearly tell I wanted to, smiled and remarked that I seemed happy facing her this way and then we kissed.

She turned on the violet wand and I looked at it as the purple light came on. I knew what it would feel like but I still felt a bit nervous with anticipation. She moved my hands to my thighs as if for me to hold onto. It indicated that I should keep them there, which made me feel relieved as I didn’t have to worry about what to do. Our eyes locked and I could see how she slowly brought the wand closer to my skin from the corner of my eye and by occasionally, swiftly glancing over. But while I felt the natural urge to follow the wand which was about to zap me, I felt more compelled to look at her.

I couldn’t help but smile when the wand touched my skin, though I might have already been smiling. It was weird to feel the shock but it didn’t hurt. I could tell she was trying to gauge my response and it made my smile broader and I wondered if she wondered if it hurt me. She asked me if she could turn the wand up and I nodded. I couldn’t help but keep on smiling. It felt like she was trying to find my sensitive spot, and the focus appeared to be my nipples, which didn’t hurt me all that much and when it did, I liked it. I think it was very clear that I was enjoying myself and she seemed to enjoy it too.

She asked me if I wanted to turn around and lean into her and as I did I could now suddenly see the room with the remaining group of people. I couldn’t help but think about what we were putting on display: Two mostly naked girls, me in front, fully on display and the two of us having some very clear sexual enjoyment. So I leaned back against her and let the pleasure take me. I disregarded my usual need to hide my feelings in front of other people and it felt so good to feel my body against hers. I think she spread my legs a bit wider and moved my hands to a certain place, once again subtly telling me what to do and then put her hand in front of my eyes. 

The next zap landed somewhere I didn’t anticipate but it just made me smile. I enjoyed that she didn’t want me to see it and I liked that I couldn’t anticipate the shock as it made my body respond more. After she covered my eyes for the fourth time, I decided to keep my eyes closed. The focus of the wand started to be increasingly on my clit and vagina, which did hurt and caused my body to move in response to the pain. I couldn’t make up my mind whether I liked the sensation (as with all pain, I both love and hate it) but I certainly liked how my body was moving in response and how she seemed to enjoy it. She kissed my neck and around and every time she came closer like that, I felt the urge to kiss her, which she sometimes allowed and sometimes teasingly seemed to deny me and all the while, I just couldn’t stop smiling.

I briefly opened my eyes again and noticed the people I’d now met and knew by name who had also interacted with me at the very start of the night when I was completely stiff from anxiety. What a difference, they must think, which made me smile again and then I closed my eyes once more.

She paused the wand for a little and started playing with my nipples, sometimes gently squeezing them, squeezing them more tightly and then pulling at them. I’d forgotten how much I liked someone to play with my nipples and she did it so well. When the wand came back into play, she seemed to switch from my nipples to my vagina and I honestly don’t remember because the sensations were all over the place. It felt like the wand had been turned up and she continuously left the wand on my vagina for a bit while my body instinctively tried to get away. For a few moments, she held me more tightly and I couldn’t really do much about the recurring pain on my clit but I loved it. It was such a sensual, wonderful experience and I could have stayed there forever.

And I suppose when I took these pictures I didn’t have a certain idea in mind. I just spontaneously felt like doing whatever it was I did. I got this necklace in January and judging from recent pictures, you might have noticed I like it a lot.

I’ve never been able to let myself go that freely or let all my borders down and show my personality so openly to everyone. I always say that I can’t be spontaneous and show people who I am even though I want to and somehow it happened that night. I can’t hide the smile on my face when I think about it. I felt quite embarrassed being so happy in front of my flatmate when I came home; it’s not an emotion I’m very used to. I’m always so in control.

I wanted to both kiss and hug her again and we did. Then when she said she was leaving, she swiftly moved closer and gave me another kiss as a goodbye. 

Xx Mila

I’m now doing some tasks with her, Roxy, which I’m posting about here.

23 Replies to “Part 2: At the Unicorn Board”

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  2. PurpleSole

    Phew that sounded like quite the experience, so sensual. It’s great that you were able to let go and really enjoy yourself. I really enjoyed reading this.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed reading this! I really wanted successfully share this experience because it was just so and I feel really lucky that I got to experience it

  3. askmefast

    I was waiting for this instalment to quote something I recently read “I am always fascinated by the physical transformation of two complete strangers into intimacy and how random and accidental this journey is”

  4. collaredmichael

    This was wonderful. I love reading about people having extraordinary times. The fact that you were able to overcome your anxiety and truly enjoy the moment is terrific.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you Michael! I’m so glad I can share these kind of moments with readers because I can’t contain my own joy and excitement over it! haha

  5. David Proctor

    I’m so happy for you persevering and adventuring into such wonderful sensual sexy experiences with so many new people. I feel joy and smile as I read your retelling. Your joy and excitement do come through….

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you David. I’m so glad my joy and excitement come through! I am so sad social distancing and soon quarantining is putting a hold on this just newly discovered world. Patience, I guess!

    • Jamie Gravea

      From Jamie graves (sorry)
      Thank you for sharing your experiences.
      I love to learn from you hereby reading here.

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