It takes one glance

It takes one glance

First time participating in Sinful Sunday. For some reason, I thought I couldn’t participate in it because I’m mostly writing, but that’s not true. I love taking pictures. Here’s to more Sinful Sundays!

Xx MLSlavePuppet

(Yes, I did make a full photoshoot out of this. All pictures can be found here and will be uploaded here over the next few days.

Sinful Sunday






37 Replies to “It takes one glance”

  1. Posy Churchgate

    Wonderful image – that red latex really pops and hugs your curves. As for that little flash you’re giving us – well that will grab a lot of folks imaginations!

  2. Molly

    Welcome to Sinful Sunday. I am delighted that you decided to join in and oh my this is seriously sexy shot.

    I hope you enjoy being part of this community. I do encourage everyone to comment on at least a few other peoples posts each week as that helps to build a nurturing and encouraging community for people to share their work in.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you so much!

      I was really surprised to find such a big community here and all the different memes out there, which is shared across the community. I’m very excited to become a part of Sinful Sunday, and it’s a pleasure to have a look at other people’s pictures too!

  3. Tom

    Latex is not my thing, but you look gorgeous in it ML, and naughty (as a young lady should, IMHO). Very nice ?.

  4. Floss

    Wowee! What a way to kick off your participation in Sinful Sunday, this image is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely looking forward to seeing what else you share with us all x

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