Part 1: Hot Queer Play Party

Looking for kinky events to attend I came across this party and thought, that’s one I want to be at. The word hot could have been indicative of a good party but what caught my attention was the word, queer. As you’re well aware, I’m gay so what better place to meet other queers than at a queer party? However, the time of this party Continue Reading →

My First Fetish Event

If you read my post Breaking into the scene? or Attending my first BDSM event you know I was anxious about attending play events or any kinky events for that matter. I freaked out on the Saturday before Sugar Kane, the fetish/play event I planned on going to. My thoughts spiralled, thinking I couldn’t do this and that it was even stupid of me to Continue Reading →

Breaking into the scene?

As you are well aware, I am looking for a Mistress; I’m a slave without an owner, of course, I am. Many of you ask me if I have found one yet but like with vanilla relationships, it doesn’t just happen because you want it to. However, I have been wanting to get more involved in the scene and as you might also be aware, Continue Reading →