I had the best time spontaneously taking pictures as the sun was shining brightly outside. The outside air touched my skin from the open window (and open curtains) without a care in the world. It had something primal and sexual, which reminds me of the queer party. I did end up having to duck when one of my neighbours came outside to go for a walk and then later, a car arrived right in front of my window so I just lied down for a little while. But hey, fun!

My favourite images from last week

Kindness and Coffee by Floss Does Life
This is such a cosy looking picture. Perhaps it could have been taken just after sex. Maybe this would only turn out to be a little break before her pyjama bottoms come back off again or maybe she’s just having some coffee, who knows? But this picture is making my imagination run wild.

Sticky Sweet by Blue Submission
I hate the idea of having such stickiness on me but it looks so attractive in the picture Blue has taken. It looks like the perfect dessert. It feels as if it’s tempting me to come closer. I love that it covers just her butt. I love that the background is black and even to keep our focus on the only thing our focus should be on.

EPI by Pain as a Pleasure
I just love the bread and the thingy thingy which I assume is used to take the bread out of the oven question mark? I have clearly never baked my own bread. I love how this bread is so strange or different from any bread I’ve seen. I don’t know, I just love everything about this picture.

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Sinful Sunday

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