Task 14: A Circle of Needles

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“Create a circle or a heart around your belly button. Spend some time researching different designs on FetLife and then put it to the test. Once your needle art is complete use your wand and make a nice squirt puddle.”

Recently, Roxy asked me to buy some ‘proper needles’ to get used to them for something she hopes to do with me in person, ha! Previously, I had only used sewing needles and to be honest, I didn’t really know much about needles. As far as I was concerned they simply had to be sharp enough, right? lol. So I asked Bee for some advice and bought some proper ones here.

Proper Needles

There is a massive advantage to these needles as they have the plastic bit on the end which means it doesn’t hurt my thumb when I try and push them in. Additionally, the tip of the needle pierces into the skin far more easily and they are sterile. On top of that, the plastic bit on the end makes it more colourful; I would love to create something with several colours sometimes!

Needles are interesting. I never realise or remember that they hurt until I put another one in my skin. When doing my research, I settled on a circle as 1) I recently made heart shapes with wax and 2) I’m not skilled enough to make a heart out of needles. So to start off a circle, I thought it’d make sense to do the first four, like north, south, east, west sort of thing. But when I actually opened one needle I thought… ah, these are rather long lol. And I chose a circle design that had at least two layers (two circles).

Biting through the pain

The first needle I tried to insert was below my belly button but my god, that hurt! In fact, it hurt so much that after trying to push it in for two minutes, I took it out. It hurt enough that I highly doubted I could do this at all. Not doing it isn’t an option though. I reset my mind and decided to do one from the side of my belly button. Upon piercing my skin, I felt the same sharp, stinging pain and had to pause again.

I suppose it’s all about convincing your mind to do it. You have to pull the plaster off, not peel it off slowly. So on my next go, I held my breath and kept pushing the needle regardless of what it felt like, which is like gritting teeth! Turns out that once you get it through the first bit, it doesn’t hurt as much. My method became to push it in while holding my breath, pause and breathe for a second once it was through and then push the needle out the other side.

A Circle of Needles

More pictures on my Onlyfans here, here, and here.

Can I really make two circles?

I started going clockwise but changed to doing it at random, not too long after. I tried to get the spacing between needles even, but I wasn’t very successful. When I reached the area below my belly button, the pain was as agonising as it had been for the very first needle. Apparently, that area is more sensitive.

As I was executing this, I wondered if one circle would be enough perhaps but when I finished it, I felt like something was missing. I settled on a design so I wanted to make that design! Which brings me back to how the needles weren’t spread out evenly enough. As a result, I redid 4 needles (I mean, I discarded the 4 and used new ones), which made the shape better.

A Circle of Needles

Pain and Enjoyment

I was half struggling to cope and half actively enjoying this task. It’s an interesting fight in my mind, but arousal gives me a good indication of how I truly feel about this. It won’t be a surprise to you that I was quite aroused. I had been dreading the idea of an orgasm while having all these needles (I think I counted 32?) in me! I think this has more to do with the fear aspect. Moving makes it hurt a little more, but it’s not that significant that one should be afraid of it.

I put a plastic bag down with a towel on top and got my butt on it. It appears that I squirt more when I do any kind of given fun or painful task and this time, Roxy specifically told me to so I was quite happy to obey 😉

To my surprise, the needles in my skin did nothing more than look pretty while I was masturbating and I didn’t mind. The feeling of the wand is so nice, it’s probably my favourite very sex-specific sex toy. And before long, the puddle was created. I can tell when I’m about to squirt but sometimes it just comes and then keeps on going and going and going and I’m like, aah, what the hell is going on? Stop, too much, aah!

A Circle of Needles

But hey, that was fun and I’m really pleased with the result!
Though sub-Bee Keeper has pointed out it’s more painful to keep the needles closer to the surface because of nerve endings… Maybe next time?

Find the video of my orgasm on my Onlyfans here.
More pictures of this task here, here, and here.

Xx Mila

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15 Replies to “Task 14: A Circle of Needles”

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  2. Marie Rebelle

    I am absolutely amazed by this! I love the look of needles, but I will never be able to do it to myself, and am not sure I will allow someone else to do it. But damn, it looks so good!

    Rebel xox

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you!! Needles are surprisingly good for pretty patterns I still have circle on my stomach right now, as if it’s one of those temporary tattoos!

  3. collaredmichael

    Your finished work looked fabulous! I’ve never been into needles and don’t expect to be in the future, but I do know I would find it extremely difficult to pierce myself. You have oodles of strength, determination and courage! Well done!!

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