Task 3: Pegs on Labia

Previous task | Next task “Put clothes pegs on the labia and use your wand.” Just after waking up I put the pegs on my labia while my music was still playing, then walked back to my computer to turn the music off. As I walked over I started to feel a slight burning sensation around my labia and wondered what the hell was going Continue Reading →

Deep Throating and Insertion

Previous Post | Next Post (Please keep in mind that my dynamic with Lois ended over a year ago and this was written a while ago.) The conversation between Lois and I started by her reflecting on how I’d been doing well, in response to thoughts I had written to her earlier. Then she immediately followed it up by a command. “Wear 244, 232 and Continue Reading →

Task 10: Dripping Wet

Previous task | Next task “This task involves some rope, your wand and pegs. You will tie your feet together, be on your knees, put pegs on your labia and sit on your wand.” A video of the middle picture all the way up until reaching the very nice orgasm on Onlyfans here, as well as more pictures here. I kind of improvised tying my Continue Reading →

Faking Orgasms

When I saw all these posts about faking orgasms come by I was immediately inspired to write my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time that week/thought I’d already missed the deadline for the prompt so I am thrilled that Food 4 Thought has a catch-up week and I can write my post on faking orgasms now! There are two instances in which I faked an Continue Reading →