First Time Posing and Naked Pictures

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I can still remember the first time Miss Lois asked me to pose for her on a picture, which was also the same time that I sent her my first naked pictures.

I was quite reluctant about this or conflicted rather. It’s not that I didn’t want to but I had always been told that I should never send or post any naked pictures of myself. I mean… have you seen all the news items about people doing this and hackers stealing them and selling them online? But then… Miss Lois wasn’t really asking as much as demanding. She was trying to push me and I had to admit I wanted her to push me. I wanted her to see me. Screw the internet and hackers.

I had no idea how to pose. I knew how to take a picture (duh) but that didn’t mean it looked any good that way. I’m sure most of you know how difficult it is to shoot good pictures of yourself. Usually, you never get a good shot unless someone happens to capture you when you’re not paying attention. So Miss Lois told me exactly what to do and what to wear. We started with a white skirt and a black top. She showed me three different ways to put my legs and told me to mirror that in the pictures I was taking.

First time posing and naked pictures

As you can tell, I had no idea what to do with my arm. As you might also notice, my hair is covering my boobs. This was something I always did in normal life. I never wore a bra and I solved that issue by covering my boobs with my hair. It soon became a rule that I always had to ensure my hair was behind my back, and never covering my front, whenever I took a picture.

At first I deliberately only sent her pictures of me without my face. She accepted it for a little bit, but then told me to send her the same pictures with my face included. I looked very awkward, as one would have expected. And I didn’t like most of the pictures I had sent her.

However, she complimented me. Said I had a very pretty body. And that I only had to see it for myself. She also said that I might like the pictures with my face more if I was using make-up (and smiled, lol).

She told me to pose with my arm too and to move my hair out of the way.

In the end, I did really like one of the pictures I took. It was one that didn’t include my face. It was some sort of ‘aha’ moment, in which I saw my own beauty for the first time. I liked it. It made me happy. It made me see what I could be if I tried a little. I could be attractive.

First time posing and naked pictures

Unfortunately, I deleted the naked pictures after I sent them to her. We used Yahoo messenger at the time (which no longer exists) so I have no idea how to get those pictures back.

But it was like a new world opened up to me after this. I wasn’t sure what it meant exactly but it felt good and exciting. Secretly I was both dreading and looking forward to the next time I would get to send her pictures she liked. At the time I certainly wasn’t aware of when I got aroused but when she asked me to check I was certainly wet.

Looking back, this seemed to be the start of my training, as not long after I got the task to get a thong… and from there it moved forward…

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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