At an Angle

It’s during attempts like this in which I wish I had a photographer and a better location! My other attempts (of which 4 others made the cut only) can be found on Onlyfans here with and without heels. My favourite Sinful Sunday pictures from last week: The Power of Three by Knkstriped I was taken by the idea of this, capturing yourself threefold! I like Continue Reading →

H is for Headstand with a Twist

Half an H H is for headstand I didn’t know I was capable of doing that Only worked on the first try- 10-second camera timer! Following Sinful Sunday Week 541’s prompt: the letter H I did also turn it into an H, but I liked the original better. Click on the lips below to see all the other blogger’s great pictures! Xx MLSlavePuppet

First Time Posing and Naked Pictures

I can still remember the first time Miss Lois asked me to pose for her on a picture, which was also the same time that I sent her my first naked pictures. I was quite reluctant about this, or conflicted rather. It’s not that I didn’t want to but I had always been told that I should never send or post any naked pictures of myself. I mean… Continue Reading →