Crotch Rope with Weight

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I have always been interested in crotch rope predicaments. So much so that it’s one of the few things my ex and I actively pursued even though we barely ended up doing anything kinky. Last year before December I made my own crotch rope predicament by lacing the rope around the rail in my wardrobe and locked myself in place for 45 minutes and now this year,

About 5 days before Roxy and I met up we spoke on the phone. I’m going to clean/re-organise her flat when she’s away for a week or so and she said something like “you better do well or else I will give you a vagina trashing…” and I was like “uhu” (not very impressed), “and then use a crotch rope and attach a brick…” again my reply, “uhuh.” (In reality, I was smiling thinking challenge accepted!) “Yes Mistress, of course, Mistress!” Roxy said for me, to which I replied, “You’re talking to a masochist you know,” and I felt pretty smug saying that.

At the end of our call, she gave me the task to make a harness (will write about this another time) that included the option of attaching a crotch rope that could be used for a predicament to which you could attach a weight. I didn’t make the connection between what we’d just said and didn’t think anything of it; after all, she’d given me tasks to make rope harnesses before. I did the task, put the result on Twitter and when we called again two days before meeting she told me to wear a rope harness under my dress. It then dawned on me that maybe… Maybe this meant she was going to attach an actual brick to a crotch rope laced between my legs.

Erm… Wait, is this because I said the prospect of such didn’t face me? Oops. lol. I thought we were just talking… Aaaah! Should have kept that comment to myself.

I would have never kept that comment to myself, of course. And in reality, there was something exciting about the prospect of this crotch rope. I felt a little scared but was morbidly curious at the same time.

Going off where we left, we walked into the room (she walked, I crawled) where there was a suspension frame with a weight positioned underneath. “I’m going to test you,” she said, by which point I was thinking oh shit, this is definitely actually happening. I’m not sure if the nerves were showing on my face because I can’t help but smile in amusement when something painful is about to happen to me. In my head, I’m like, oh my, lol, what did I get myself into now? This is fun, I guess (sarcasm). At the same time, I’m telling myself to stop smiling. What if she wants to put you in more pain simply because you’re smiling? Stop it! 

She first pulled the rope through my crotch. Then pulled it closer towards her as she walked backwards, which made me stumble along forward (to avoid the pain, I guess?) and resulted in some sort of teasing comment. By the time she was attaching the weight my breaths had gotten shorter, my heart was beating in my chest and my glance was darting around the room. Yet still, I believe I was smiling.

She attached the weight and held onto it for a moment, then let go. The rope got pulled up and I felt the inclination to stand on my toes. It was sort of okay until she told me to take some steps back. Uuuh, step back? And pull up the weight attached to the rope that’s running through my legs? Alright then… I looked up, probably appearing a little more nervous now and took a slow step back. The rope chafed past my vagina and I squinted. It felt like a burning sensation. Don’t tell call it friction burn? lol.

I think its best to pull the weight up with each step without hesitation. If you don’t you won’t manage to lift it but still get the intense burning sensation, while having to do it again. I would count to two and accept the pain I’d feel as soon as I took that step.

The best way to do it is to actually pull the weight up and let it happen as if you would normally lift a weight. Don’t hesitate because I assume if you do you don’t manage to lift it but you’d still get the intense burning effect and then would have to do it again. So in my head, I count to 2 and then pull with the mindset that I’m going to accept this pain and it’ll be fine.

“Stay still,” she said when I couldn’t move back any further.

Okay… I’ll just keep standing here because it’s oh so pleasant!

She wanted to take pictures. Standing there was a bit of a balancing act as I half stood on my toes to escape the full pull of the crotch rope. It meant that I was risking stumbling over and landing back on my feet, which would mean a sudden increase of pain. I suppose it looked a bit like this.

I liked that she was taking pictures. I suppose it’s nice to know that she wants to capture me because she likes what she sees. I really enjoyed how pleased she was with how this was turning out, as well as how she instructed me to take another step back, to stay still again and how she controlled the situation like that. When I stood as far back as I could my vagina felt like it was at the pain point of getting hit very precisely on the vagina with a belt or whatever tools these sadists like to use.

She then started hitting me with something, which made this the perfect predicament as it made me want to move back to escape the blows. Because my body responded instinctively and suddenly, the rope pulled very painfully whenever I took a step back and my mind couldn’t figure out which was worse: moving back or staying within perfect reach of her blows. When she got the wand out I got the worst (or best) of both!

It’s weird how during my body wants it to stop but my mind is thoroughly enjoying it. Releasing the weight after and removing the rope from my crotch felt like a relief, but the throbbing burning continued.

As we still stood opposite each other she asked me: “What am I to you?”

For a brief second my cycle of worries came back, then was cut off before it finished. “My Mistress.”

“And what are you to me?”

“Your slave.”

This was just a trial run as she plans to make it more painful in the future. She had been hoping this would make me cry, which means it wasn’t painful enough yet, ha. I wonder if this can make me cry. I’ve mentioned before how pain doesn’t tend to make me cry quickly unless it’s emotional. Next time the rope will go through the middle of my crotch, rather than having it on either side and she plans to add a knot. The prospect of going back to this kind of predicament makes me really excited.

And after this, we went for dinner. To be continued.

Xx Mila

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  2. sass c.

    Reading about this experience is rather exciting because there’s something about a crotch rope that’s rather arousing. When I didn’t have rope, I used to pull my panties up so that it would rub against my clit much like a crotch rope haha.

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