Tasks Given by People on Fetlife

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Lois had been interested in having me do tasks given by other people for a while. I suppose this is evident in how she’d ask my best friend what he’d like me to do, or what embarrassing position I should take in pictures. So far, however, I didn’t seem to respond in the way she’d expected me to. The fact that the ideas came from him didn’t make me feel more embarrassed than usual. Next step then, having strangers giving me tasks.

I didn’t know that she was going to request tasks for me on Fetlife. On this particular day after we’d been talking for 2 hours, she asked me what I had planned. I replied that I had nothing planned, which must have meant, ‘I was going to do things at home but now that you are here all my plans have gone out the window.’ The next question she asked was if my flatmate was in (no), followed by whether I had sellotape (yes).

Lois: “Get naked, put on your ballerinas and send me a picture.”

I had no idea why she wanted me to wear my ballerinas (that I never wear). I never felt like she liked them that much because she never usually told me to wear them. In fact, my stilettos were the usual choice.

“Put your hood on, stuff your panties in your mouth and wrap sellotape around your open mouth to keep the panties in.”

The idea of stuffing my own panties in my mouth is always something I found a little gross, which naturally, made me aroused. I figured it would make more sense to have the sellotape attached to my skin rather than the hood, so I put my hood on last.

She told me to add another pair so that my mouth was full, which is another thing I dislike because my automatic response is to choke, though having it stuck in place with tape helps with that, somehow.

Right, so I look ridiculous, I thought. I always felt very aware of this whenever I had to wear something in my mouth, whether panties or a ballgag, while also wearing the hood. But I think that was the point.

She asked me if these pictures were ok to go on Fetlife, which it was. (She was still controlling the profile, which if you remember, I preferred her to do, rather than doing it myself because I didn’t feel alright about having to deal with the potentially negative messages.) I asked her what she liked about the Fetlife profile and she said that she loved being able to show me off, which, as you can imagine, is a very nice thing to hear.

So, the panties in my mouth were the thong I’d been wearing that day and a clean one as I’d just done laundry so there were only clean ones available (bless me). She asked me if I remembered the time when I was afraid of wearing thongs, reiterating our progress and, as always, making me aware of this.

By this point, I was feeling pretty good; peaceful and just happy to be talking to her. An emotion and state of mind to be cherished as it appeared so rarely.

“Have you seen that I posted on Fetlife, asking for task suggestions? That’s where the sellotape came from. The post seems to generate quite an interest in your excellent abilities.”

Ah… I felt like I must have been blushing in response. My heart certainly skipped a beat but most of all, I didn’t have to touch myself to know I was wet, is how wet I was.

It’s funny how I didn’t think people would be interested in giving me specifically, tasks. Currently, I feel like quite a few people might have wished they’d been on that Fetlife thread back then to put in their suggestions. Back then, my only response to random people giving me these tasks was saying that I suppose their interest in me was positive, which I based off Lois’ previous lessons of how it made her proud when people showed an interest.

“Me telling you to do the tasks and doing them made you very wet.”

Yes, it wasn’t the strangers or their tasks that had an effect; the effect came from Lois. The thing that attracts me to the idea that Lois, or my Mistress, wants me to fulfil tasks by other people is that she likes to use me in that way for her own pleasure. The fact that this might be embarrassing or that I might not like it only makes it more appealing.

“Which one would you like to do first, pee down your leg so we can see it run down or stuff something you’re going to eat later inside.”

Erm… Here came the second thing this made me feel, a slight sense of anxiety. If strangers were setting these tasks it could be anything. How would they know if it’s okay for me to do them? They didn’t know my ‘limits’. I, for one, absolutely despise the idea of using any sort of food for sexual or kinky means. I didn’t say this though. My obedience had come a long way and my priority was simply doing what I was told. It’s not like a carrot would pose an imminent danger to me.

Lois decided the peeing task would come first as I hadn’t made a decision and said to just film my legs up close. It took me ages to do this as I’m terrible at peeing on command and additionally, it was hard to see the pee tickling down my leg. The only way you could tell was by a dark patch appearing on the towel. She only uploaded a screenshot of the video; she wasn’t going to give them any more than what they’d asked for, which had been a picture. (I have put the video on Onlyfans here and here but there’s really not that much to see at all, so don’t get excited.)

“Now the carrot. You will put it either in your pussy or arse, then put your hood back on and put it in your mouth. Which hole do you want?”

I chose my pussy because another thing I hate the idea of is rimming. I made the wrong choice. I had based my decision on whether I preferred my own wetness or possible butt marks in my mouth, forgetting that I can’t do vaginal insertion.

“… I don’t know how to get it in any further Mistress.”

She told me to spread my legs and to twist the carrot if it was wet enough and to use more force. Oh, and also, she wanted a close up picture.

Caption of the above picture I sent to her: Me upon realising I should have chosen the other hole considering I’m shit at taking things in my pussy.

She said I could change my mind about which hole to use if I liked. She didn’t allow me to change my mind often so I wonder if it was because she wanted me to put it up my butt instead. Apparently, my friend had told her I really disliked the idea of rimming…

This picture wasn’t good enough. She wanted one from the back but then that one wasn’t good enough as she wanted to see my hole and then yet another angle. Nine pictures to try and capture the one she wanted (see Onlyfans).

“I like knowing that no matter how often I change my mind, how many positions I ask of you, you will do it. Just because it is what you do. No reason to feel uncomfortable for me, because you are happy to serve.”

I felt good, or proud for being able to do it without asking questions. It’d taken a long time to get here and being able to do it gave me a lot of peace.

Next came putting it in my mouth. After our contact ended, I removed the carrot pictures off Fetlife because it’s the one thing I’ve always felt embarrassed and a little disgusted by. Remember how I said I dislike the idea of using food and rimming. But I’ll leave one here for you now (and put the other 3 on Onlyfans here.

And while doing this all I could think apart from trying not to choke and taste whatever was on the carrot was, what a straight thing to do.

She checked in how wet I was, which hadn’t changed since she asked me last time. This was the end of the Fetlife tasks, though she didn’t tell me at the time. (Once our conversation ended I went back to the thread and saw that other people had also suggested tasks but that she simply hadn’t chosen them or wanted me to do them. So my worry earlier of what if they didn’t know my limits was unnecessary!)

Before we started with these Fetlife tasks, she had been wondering if I would fit under my bed. This was her own idea, not a suggested task, which she really wanted to make a reality. I didn’t know why but I was very curious and eager to make it work because she wanted it. But I couldn’t get under the bed. She suggested using books to lift it up so I might fit (which poor books!!) and she wanted me to try this now. I sent her the following picture, saying that I wasn’t sure if this would be enough.

“Be sure.”

She concluded I wouldn’t fit under the frame once I’d be under the bed so that was the end of that.

Was I enjoying myself? I thought so, but did she enjoy it?

“What you’re saying is, it doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying it. You need me to enjoy it to enjoy it yourself.”

That’s completely true.

“Next week, you will wear the long black skirt and the long green skirt twice. So you are going to wear those skirts for 4 days in total.”

Yes, Mistress.

“That scares you.”

It does Mistress.

“That makes you a good girl.”

I mean, I know but aaaaaah. Lois had told me to order these two long skirts and was very keen on me wearing them but I was terrified of doing so, so naturally, I had not yet done this out of my own free will. I knew this day was going to come but it felt too soon. At the same time, I know any day, whether in a year, would have felt too soon.

She wanted me to choose four complete outfits now so I wouldn’t have to decide what to wear alone. The first one I suggested was an outfit we’d already chosen together previously, and which had gone in the ‘ready-made outfits folder,’ designed to help me choose what to wear/outfits which I was scared of wearing but which Lois would like me to wear.

Secondly, I knew I’d feel most comfortable wearing a plain shirt with this skirt and red always works, so the following was okay too.

Following that same logic, I thought a plain black skirt would work with the green skirt. The reason why plain shirts felt better is because I felt like the skirts were too ‘on display,’ ‘out of the ordinary,’ and ‘attention-drawing’ already so wearing a plain shirt would even them out.

Lois: “That looks so pretty.”

Hearing that made me feel slightly better about this upcoming task of actually wearing it, ha!

“Sit down, spread your legs and take a picture of your pussy in the mirror in that outfit.”

Did me choosing that outfit, and her being happy about my choice just spark this sudden idea of these new pictures? lol. I wasn’t sure how to make it work with the mirror because the space between my mirror and the bed isn’t that big and I raised this concern.

“You know your task, make it happen.”

By this point, I would often not even say “yes, Mistress” and just do it. The picture of having done it would be my response. Another problem though, this skirt does not allow you to spread your legs!

“Very good. Now we need one more outfit.”

I wrote some options to her, thinking out loud, not with the intention for her to respond necessarily and then went ahead and took a picture of one of my suggestions.

“Ooh. I like that.”

Hehe 😌😊

We wrapped up our conversation and she said she’d had a lovely time.


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  1. collaredmichael

    A long time ago (very long), I had a woman put a carrot in my ass. She fucked me with it for a while and then removed it and had me suck it like a cock. Finally she had me eat it. I was very turned on because of the humiliation and the dirty aspect of it! It it was gross. She made me brush my teeth and use mouthwash before she let me go down on her afterwards.

  2. Never Waste a Dirty Mind

    Dear Marie Louise,

    I feel like an eager student with my hand up going: I know, I know! when there is a question of whether a task will make you feel submissive and turned on, or leave you cold.

    It is all about pleasing your Mistress with you!

    You are nothing if not consistent.

    All the best,

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  5. thebarefootsub

    “What you’re saying is, it doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying it. You need me to enjoy it to enjoy it yourself.”

    I totally relate to this. Lovely post, and I’m looking forward to reading about the 4 days of skirts.

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