Task 13: Write ‘slave’ with Alphabetti Spaghetti

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“I am sure you are familiar with Alphabetty Spaghetti. I want you to spell out slave with the Alphabetti Spaghetti whilst your hands are tied.”

So I was, in fact, not familiar with Alphabetty Spaghetti (which I hate to write, by the way, why can’t it just be Letter Spaghetti?) and I had the most trouble trying to find it. Before trying to find it, however, I didn’t quite understand the challenge of this task. Spaghetti is just that? Not even sticky, really. Was I supposed to cook it? Because if I didn’t even have to do that then it made even less sense. I suppose that’s why I couldn’t find it in the shop either because I didn’t know what I was looking for. How was I supposed to know it came in a tin with tomato sauce?

Write 'slave' with Alphabetti Spaghetti

I’m uploading a video of this on Onlyfans in the next few days!

Behold food porn lovers. I realise that this would have been the perfect food prompt picture for Sinful Sunday two weeks ago. What a missed opportunity! When reading this task, I thought she might have meant that I should tie my hands on my back to try and spell slave. The idea of that seemed rather humiliating but that’s not what she meant, which makes sense because the letters are rather slippery and perhaps too small? At the same time, I felt like I might have been able to fulfil that challenge? I’m probably wrong. This is my stubbornness speaking.

Write 'slave' with Alphabetti Spaghetti

Anyhow, I tied my hands with the handcuff tie, which is really easy to me now and voila, there it was, the word slave. Throughout doing this I didn’t feel embarrassed or humiliated at all. I just kept on laughing instead because of how silly this seemed. I tend to need someone’s physical presence or visible presence there in order to feel the embarrassment. When I’m on my own it just becomes a thing I do and I laugh about it in a self-deprecating way, which is fun for me. As it took so little time to find the word slave, I thought I should also spell out my full username and I had fun trying to capture this from the right angle with my camera.

Write 'slave' with Alphabetti Spaghetti

Perhaps I should mention that I’ve done far more gross things than this. Disclaimer: I’m about to trail off. The university where I did my Bachelor hosted this event called Superteams every year in which you’d make a team of 10 (my football team made 2 teams of 10) and participate in 10 different events over 3 days competing with 25 other teams. Starting at 4 pm on Friday until 11 pm, there’d be the events swimming, canoeing or waterpolo (changed every year), bleep test and tug of war. Saturday ran from 8.30 am to 1 pm (in time to watch the 6 nations) with basketball, dodgeball and football. Then starting at 8.30 am again on Sunday until 4 pm or later, depending on your starting time for the last event. On Sunday you had to do a fitness circuit test, then the campus mile and lastly, the mystery event!

So the mystery event took place on the sports grounds which are 4 to 5 football pitches next to each other in 3 rows and there’d be about 15 different stations going round the entire grounds. The aim was to complete the event as fast as possible so you’d have to run from station to station and complete whatever task you had to do there. Back to why I initially started mentioning any of this, the first station in the mystery event is always ‘disgusting food’. Picture fear factor in which you also have to finish something disgusting as quickly as possible. In my first year, there were 10 different items and everyone had to finish one and you could only start yours if the person in front of you had finished theirs (no pressure). I think mine was something spicy and jelly-y and there are pictures where I’m like throwing it back up into my hand lol. In second year they’d filled this massive Tupperware container with spaghetti, pieces of bread, milk, pieces and bits of many disgusting things and we all had to finish it together, eating with our hands. In third year, they made us army crawl through something like what they’d put in the container last year. So yeah, the letter spaghetti was fine!

Ps, I’ve also had to eat two full raw onions (also a pot of mayonnaise) and the worst, crackers with wasabi! (This is why I cannot stand so much as the smell of wasabi anymore.) Fun huh, university.

Xx Mila

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