Saturday: Artistic Video

Friday Back | Next Task “Saturday, I want an artistic video of you in a mask, gimp hood or otherwise.” Out of the six tasks this week, I dreaded Saturday the most. For some reason, I get anxious every time Roxy gives me a video task; I think I’m afraid to fail – I mean, that’s definitely it. In order to avoid my anxiety spiral, Continue Reading →

Task 22: Snappy Erotic Video

Previous Task | Next Task “Make a one-minute snappy erotic film where the focus is on your emotion and the aesthetic. I remember a friend who used to work on gay porn say to me ‘ the story is told through people’s bodies in porn…well good porn anyway.’ And that’s true, how you channel that is up to you.” Another Video… I haven’t been enjoying Continue Reading →

Task 20: Erotic Video

Previous Task | Next Task “For your next clip think of a loose storyline and combine close-ups, medium and wide angles with thought to your framing and imagery. Also if you have premiere think of how to make a ‘look’ or cancel areas of digital noise (grain) with masking etc. Although the expectation for porn in low, audiences are sophisticated in that their eyes are Continue Reading →