Task: Squirt at 3 AM every night

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Once I got a Fitbit, Miss Lois could look into my sleep pattern and as it turned out, I seemed to wake up around 3 AM most nights. This helped her decide on the outline of a new task: to wake up every night at 3 AM (without an alarm, my body had to know that I had to) and to masturbate until I squirted. I would only be allowed to go to sleep afterwards and was to send a picture with a small report on how it went in the morning.

This task was partly designed to try and get my sex drive up a bit, as I generally didn’t care much about cumming and didn’t feel deprived when I wasn’t allowed to. It was also partly designed to give me a reminder of being a slave so that it’d become a more constant part of my life. I think it was also partly designed for Miss Lois to try and control my body further based on her command. And of course, it was meant to push me further.

It might be important to mention that when Miss Lois and I started talking, we would sometimes end up talking far into the night and quite early on I told her that I couldn’t do this. That my sleep was too important. That I had too much trouble with my sleep. Sleep was the one thing I would not compromise on because my sleep is honestly a nightmare and when I go off schedule I literally end up not sleeping at all. I cannot function when I haven’t had enough sleep. In fact, I already have to function on shit sleep. So now, a lot of months later, it was quite a big step that I trusted her with this task to start playing with my sleep.

The first night I woke up at 2.20 AM and decided to do it then in case I wouldn’t wake up at exactly 3 AM after that. The second night I woke up at 2.05 AM (and at 4.15 AM after that). It seemed like my body was protesting because I’d literally been waking up close to 3 AM all the nights before these.

The second night I was already a bit wet when I woke up and became a lot wetter when I started touching myself. My clit was also more sensitive compared to the night before, which made it harder to get to squirting. I had to do it twice to squirt enough before I went back to sleep.

The third night I woke up at 2.30 AM and decided to go back to sleep. I then woke up at 3.25 AM and made myself squirt then. I wasn’t very wet when waking up this time but again more sensitive compared to the night before. It already started feeling like it was becoming more difficult every night.

To be honest, I really disliked waking up and having to stay awake to ensure that I’d squirt. I’m sure you could all relate to this. When you want to sleep you just want to sleep. But at the same time, I think it made me feel like I wanted to touch myself more at random times during the day. Or I was longing for the 3 AM where I could get to touch myself again (never when it was actually night tho!) I also longed for it because I felt like the task hadn’t been going right yet. I wasn’t waking up at the time Miss Lois had specified and I wanted to get it right.

On night four I squirted at 3.30 AM (I’d woken up at 1.25 AM and 3.23 AM that night). However, I couldn’t fall back asleep afterwards and around 4 I started feeling the compulsion to lie in the wet spot even though I didn’t think I wanted to because gross? But it also felt like I should because it was my mess that I’d made or something… So I ended up sleeping in it that night and didn’t fall asleep again until 4.30 AM.

A friend was coming to visit me from far and would stay with me for a few days (in the spare room). I had told him about the task (as he’s also into BDSM and we tell each other most things) and I didn’t feel uncomfortable while he was here. Rather, I thought it was funny that he knew what I was up to each night.

I woke up at 3.40 AM and managed to squirt by 4 AM on the fifth night. I was starting to feel the effects of missing out on sleep and asked Miss Lois if she would grant me one day a week without having to squirt at night.

She said that she thought the night task was working and that while she understood it was hard on me, she thought my body had to readjust to waking up in time and then going back to sleep. Therefore she wanted me to keep on going for a little while without a break, as it was having the effect on my subconscious that she wanted it to have. She also felt like it was making me more proactive in terms of trying to please and also more submissive and more in tune with myself as a slave.

So on the sixth night, I managed to squirt again by 4 AM.

On the seventh night, I only woke up at 5 AM and it took me 10 minutes to squirt. We had been drinking the night before and went to bed pretty late, so that might have had something to do with it.

That day, I asked her if it was strange that it felt like it became harder to squirt every night. She didn’t think it was and asked me if I hadn’t orgasmed yet. I was still on the medication that stopped me from orgasming, but I guess there was this small hope that maybe it would work again someday.

The first time I woke up on the eight night was 4.50 AM, and it took me 17 minutes to squirt. I was really tired, which apparently put my waking time further back.

(Side note: do you have any idea how annoying it is to change your sheets a lot?)

On the ninth night, I only woke up at 5.45 AM and squirted 10 minutes later. It was probably due to the fact that Miss Lois and I had had a session that night and only went to back after 12. Again, it took me a while to fall back asleep after.

Then on the tenth night, I woke up at 3.10 AM! (Woo, very close! Finally!)

This didn’t mean much though, as I only woke up at 6 AM the following night. I had also gotten my period (yay…)

I’ve put the nights that come after in pictures:

On the fifteenth night, I slept very poorly after I had squirted (that tiny little bit, lol). At 5.49 AM I sent her a message to say that I was having too many dreams and couldn’t seem to stay asleep for longer than 45 minutes at a time. At 6.27 AM I wrote to her that I was sorry if I wasn’t awake when she would be this morning. But when she messaged me at ten past eight, I was awake.

As a result of my poor sleep, I started feeling like it became harder to do the daily tasks I had been given by Miss Lois. I also no longer felt more aroused during the day because I simply felt too exhausted, nor did I care about squirting at all. In addition to this, I had three mental breakdowns that week and I told Miss Lois that while I really wanted to do this task right, I was wondering if it was really good for me.

She then told me that she would give me the chance to write a document to state my case of why it would be better for my development and my emotional state to no longer having to squirt at night. It had to be detailed and convincing without me moaning. I wasn’t allowed to complain or be sulky in the report. Additionally, she wanted me to come up with alternatives that would make up for my night time squirting.

She said she gave me this chance because I’m a good slave and because we were a team. She also gifted me three nights without having to squirt so I’d have the energy to finish the document. After that I was to restart the task if she hadn’t made a decision yet.

I was quite relieved and grateful for this. While it had only been fifteen nights, it felt like this had been going on for several months now. I really didn’t feel okay anymore.

So I wrote like a 2.5-page word document and sent it her way. We had a play session on the third night (my last night without needing to squirt before having to start again if she hadn’t made a decision yet) and once we finished at 2 AM, she said that she’d decided I could stop squirting at night.

I was very relieved because I had been really worried about my health and had been feeling sort of conflicted between needing to say no and wanting to serve her. I trusted her though and my trust was well-placed as she made the right decision for me after trying the squirt at night task for a while.

I felt very grateful for having her.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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