Task 29: Staple your belly button

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“If you have staplers and needles I want to see your belly button stapled and/or with needles in it.”

Aah, really?! That’s what you want me to do as a second task?! A week ago or so a friend said to me about how I had put needles in my belly button before and I corrected her then: “Not in, but around!” Had Roxy secretly managed to listen in on our conversation? (I mean she wasn’t there so she couldn’t have but still.)

Thankfully, I still had some staples leftover and when I mentioned this Roxy reiterated, “Yes, staple your belly button shut.”

Okay, so that meant I didn’t necessarily have to use needles? Naomi asked me what I was doing today and we joked how me stapling my belly button would just be a casual Wednesday.

I set up my camera and lied down on a black sheet for aesthetic purposes. I put some needles ready on the side in case staples wouldn’t be enough and then brought the stapler close to my belly button. Wait a minute… My belly button is like a crater… Did she say to put a needle and or staple into my belly button? I had another look at her text. I could just staple it shut, I guess?

Stapling a belly button is kind of similar to stapling a vagina shut, though the latter may be a bit more painful? I can’t quite tell but the area around the belly button is quite sensitive. I thought I’d struggle more with it than I did though. It seems like once I’m given a task, the thought of doing this for Roxy is far stronger than my apprehension for the pain. Plus, I’ve used staples quite often now (though the last time was in July) and it’s just momentary pain. The hardest part is pressing the stapler shut.

Task 29: Staple your belly button

It surprised me that the staples started hurting more the more time passed. I often find that staples only hurt the moment they go in but not when it comes to the belly button. Of course, they had to stay in for a while as I tried to capture an ok picture. I still haven’t been able to find a nice spot for pictures in my new flat but the black sheet helps.

I love the way my stapled belly button ended up looking and I wish I had done this for Halloween! I went over and saw Roxy that evening and we did a whole bunch of other things before she finally opened her phone and said, “oh, that looks great, well done.” I felt quite satisfied hearing the slight surprise in her voice. Perhaps I’ll get to do this with needles some other time!

All pictures can be found on my Onlyfans.

Xx Mila

Buy a video of Mistress Stapling my vagina shut here

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