Stapling my Vagina Shut

Buy a video of me stapling my vagina here | Buy a video of Mistress Stapling my vagina shut here

This idea wasn’t entirely fabricated by my mind alone. I mean, of course, it wasn’t. But it’s also not like I, myself, personally stumbled upon this idea or saw a porn video. I had no idea people did this. When I found out, I thought it was mad. This isn’t something I ever thought I’d do but here we are. I tried it out.

Without saying a word

One day, a long while ago, Miss Lois sent me this link to a video of a woman stapling her own vagina. She sent it to me just after I’d woken up and I looked at it with my eyes wide open, feeling slightly in shock. P-people did t-this?! And… why was she sending me this? Did this mean…

I watched the video from beginning to end, unable to click it away. It looked so painful, which was probably partly due to her loud cries, hesitation and the later appearing blood. How the hell was she able to do this to herself?! And again, why was she sending me this?!

I messaged her a million thoughts, hoping that she’d come back to talk to me about it but she’d disappeared. Then when she appeared again, a day or so later, the topic wasn’t mentioned at all. In fact, the topic wasn’t mentioned at all for the next few weeks until she, very randomly, sent me an Amazon link, saying ‘buy this,’ a medical stapler. Again, the topic wasn’t raised beyond that. Nerves and anticipation truly started creeping up on me now.

When it arrived

The stapler arrived when I wasn’t home. I’d asked my flatmate to open my packages because I knew I’d have to send one back and wouldn’t be back in time to do it myself, but I didn’t anticipate that the stapler would arrive this early. Amazon had said it could take up to thirty days until delivery and when it says that, it often means it won’t arrive within the first five days. She sent me a picture, saying, “did you buy a medical stapler??”

I thought it was best not to respond so a day later, I brought up a completely different topic. Then when I got home she came into my room. “Why did you buy a medical stapler?” to which I started smiling, though I tried to hide it, and said, “you know for when, erm…” I started laughing. I didn’t have an excuse and I couldn’t stop thinking about how funny this was. It didn’t kill her curiosity but she also seemed to understand that she wouldn’t find out and perhaps didn’t want to find out.

The stapler and the staple remover were smaller and lighter than I’d expected them to be, which made them a lot less intimidating. Still, I couldn’t get the video out of my mind. Quite frankly, I didn’t know how I’d have the self-discipline to do this to myself.

Skipping forward to now

Our dynamic ended so we never actually used the stapler and I have to say, it didn’t exactly cross my mind to use it on my own accord. In fact, I probably felt a little bit of relief; at least I didn’t have to be that woman in the video. But you know, since I owned the stapler I kept on seeing it. I have one box for my toys and I put the ones I rarely or never use at the bottom but there’s always a time when you have to get it all out because you can’t find that one thing. So while it was on the bottom, it kept on coming out and eventually, I got curious again.

I say eventually because I definitely mean eventually. Quite a lot of months have passed but I have been steering more towards masochistic tendencies lately so of course… this was bound to happen. Plus, when I read the Medical Staples post by Deviant Succubus and also after talking about it with Laura, it really became something I grew more and more curious about.


So… erm. I’m not sure how this thought got into my head, it might have appeared after I pierced my nipples. I kind of expected it to hurt as much or perhaps more than stapling my labia and that’s what attracted me to trying my nipples first, I think.

Well, I was right. Stapling my first nipple was excruciatingly painful. When I’m hesitant about something I tend to like look up and stare into nothing, probably while frowning, or something. So I did that, looked back at my nipple, looked around again and so on for a few minutes till I managed to encourage myself to do it. I didn’t manage to do it in one quick go. Instead, I just pushed the stapler together very, very slowly until it started biting into my nipples and I immediately stopped because of the pain! I breathed in and out, recollected myself, thinking there’d be no way I’d be able to do this, and brought the stapler back onto my nipple, my arm shaking slightly this time. Still, I wasn’t brave enough to just do it in one go and so I started pushing it in very slowly again until it hit that point and I squeezed it shut. I didn’t actually make a sound but I was screaming internally. Fuck.

Deep breath in and out and a curious glance down. That looked kind of… interesting? Pretty? Strange? Cool? It didn’t hurt anymore. It was simply there.

Getting the first one in didn’t make the second one easier. In fact, it was more difficult because I knew what it felt like now. At the same time, I also knew how to do it this time. All I had to do was bite through the pain. It would only be one quick moment. One quick moment of feeling like my nipple was being slid through, which at first brought this terrifying image to mind that I might break it. I don’t know how you could break a nipple with such a tiny bendable thing as a staple but you know.

Of course, I managed to get it in. Though that sentence sounds way more composed than what I felt like. I felt like I couldn’t quite keep holding onto the stapler but somehow I did. Guess that’s my own puppet master holding onto my arm for me. (Did I describe dissociation as being my own puppet master of myself on this blog? If I didn’t I guess that sentence just now makes no sense whatsoever, lol).

Another deep breath in and out and a curious glance down. It looked shiny and so small. How could this small little thing cause pain? I mean, it didn’t really once it was in. It was just there and so that made me want to try something more…

Stapling my labia shut

I was sitting at my desk when I stapled my nipples, but I moved to the floor for the next bit. How difficult can this be? I thought. Like before, all I had to do was just staple it in at once. Rather than following the example of the woman from the video, I wanted to close off my access to my clit so I pulled my labia together and then held onto it with two fingers. I was struggling to position the stapler as my arm was in the way, so I turned the stapler around several times. Then when I finally thought, fuck it, I’m just going to do it and snapped the stapler shut, it barely hurt because the staple didn’t go in and fell on the floor instead. Grr. My labia was too slippery… I mean, of course it was. The second one didn’t go in either. Third time is the charm though, right?

It’s certainly the charm if you consider that pain to be one. At the very least it didn’t feel like it’d rip my labia apart like with the nipples. Suppose that’s the advantage of a bigger surface area. By this point, I’m also sure I was high on adrenaline and I’d floated away a little. I was more focused, more able to just do this while ignoring the effect of the staple. So rather than lingering on this first one, I jammed the next area of my labia together and while my hand was shaking, I just did the 3, 2, 1, go thing. Self-control? I don’t know. I guess.

I was fascinated by how just two staples managed to shut off access to my clit. Maybe it’s not masochism that drove me to do this. Maybe it was pure curiosity, lol. Or maybe it was both. Probably.

Strangely enough, I didn’t feel like that’d been enough yet. It had felt a little too easy. Two more then, I thought. Why the hell not. That would lock my clit away, surely! But then as soon as I decided this I felt like, shit, what did I get myself into now? I suppose this would be the point where most people would quit but I like to finish the things I start (unless they’re movies or series or books…) One of the bosses I’ve had did always praise me for being so determined.

The third one was so much easier to get in because the other two were holding my labia together very well, which meant it could no longer slip away and escape. Stapling it felt like hearing the sound of a gunshot. It’s like feeling the shock and then realising that you’re actually fine. This one didn’t even hurt that much. Apparently I’d simply grown scared of the act of doing it, which was clearly visible in my very much shaky hand now. It made me doubt if I’d be able to get the fourth one in, to be honest.

The fourth one reminded me why I was feeling so reluctant, as this one definitely did hurt. Fuck me. Some sound actually nearly escaped my lips, but my flatmate was home so that wasn’t an option!

Side note, this was the kind of ‘I’m just doing this for me moment’ so I didn’t really think about taking pictures, hence I hadn’t thought of shaving myself and didn’t actually check if they were sharp. To be fair, I was probably too focused on coping with what I was doing. And once these four were in, I didn’t want to move.

Okay, six staples, now what?

Contrary to the staples in my nipples, the ones in my labia did hurt once they were in. It was a very faint sort of burning, far easier to cope with than when I wear clamps down there but still. Once I’m in pain I tend to feel like the answer is staying still, so instead of sitting down, I stayed in my half squatted position, which, god knows why I was half squatting to begin with.

I let them in for about half an hour, careful not to move too much and sort of waited for what would happen. The burning increased but I was mostly just scared of it. I don’t think the pain was actually that bad.


So then… haha. ha. Well. I got curious about whether I would be able to make myself cum. I didn’t think I would, considering my clit was essentially locked away, but I wanted to find out regardless. So I got my mini vibrator and started pushing it against the sides, careful to avoid touching the staples. From experience with clamps, I know that it’s never a good idea to have stimulation on the tools that you’re hurting yourself with. The vibration didn’t make me feel anything though, no matter which side, top or bottom I tried it on so I got my big wand. I guess I wanted to know if the vibrations of a more powerful one would be able to reach my clit. Well, they didn’t.

I broke my own rule of not touching the staples with my vibrator and pushed the wand down on top of them in an attempt to get closer to the clit. It felt very strange on the inside, as in, the part of my body that was locked away. I could feel I was incredibly aroused and wet, but I also couldn’t really feel it. Though with the vibrator on top, I felt something. There was a small amount of build up, but it would never get me to an orgasm.

I decided to take two of the staples out to try and uncover my clit, which partially worked. I had a specific tool to remove the staples, though I wasn’t sure how it worked so I was quite afraid of hurting myself by doing so. After all, it hurts a lot to remove nipple clamps! This tool made removing them barely painful though. I was happily surprised.

Now that I had a little bit of access to my clit, I started trying again. There certainly was more build up this time. I tried getting to orgasm for about ten minutes but every time I got closer, it felt like the remaining staples were piercing my skin and would break or end up flying through the room so, in the end, I stopped. I did squirt though… I kind of ruined a big area of my floor… oops. I cleaned it, of course.

Removing the staples

While the first two staples came out really easily, and while the third one did too, the fourth one certainly did not. This was the one I’d put in last and which had hurt the most so I guess it made sense that this one wouldn’t come out. Getting it out hurt a lot. The only reason why I got it out was because it obviously couldn’t stay in. There was no bleeding though. None at all. And the remaining staples in my nipples came out very easily.

There wasn’t much after pain. I could only feel it in my labia for maybe an hour or two, but it was far less bad compared to when I use clamps. Stapling feels very different to clamps though and I’m afraid of both of them. But hey, fear doesn’t appear to stop me.

I was exhausted as it was close to midnight now if it wasn’t closer to one already. I cleaned up a little but decided to leave most for the morning as my body needed some aftercare first. Aka. the warmth of my bed.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

Buy a video of me stapling my vagina here

Read about how I pierced my own nipple with a needle

61 Replies to “Stapling my Vagina Shut”

  1. Never Waste a Dirty Mind

    Hi Marie Louise,

    There is something very hot about the idea of locking your clit away. You do have a kinky mind!

    And it makes perfect sense that this would make you dissociate and make you your own puppet mistress.

    I know you have a timed padlock, so let me put the idea in your head of locking your clit away with staples or stapling your vagina shut, while the removal tool is locked away for some amount of time.

    I am wondering if that sense of being locked beyond your own control would appeal to you, or if it is exclusively the rush of the pain that you seek?

    All the best,

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I think I was mostly curious, to be honest. I like the idea of it being locked away but I see no purpose in it unless it’s for a Mistress. I feel like I would simply get bored on my own because it has no meaning. Because I got the stapler and it was never used with Lois, I always felt like I’d missed out on something, so I think by doing it eventually, it means I got some closure? I don’t know if I actually feel the closure, but I like the theory. It’s a little simialr to trying the needles, as that’s also something she wanted to do with me but then never did.

  2. Moondance Pages

    I first heard about this when Molly posted about it, that was a while back. At first I thought ‘no way’ but I was so intrigued by it. I’m not sure I could do it to myself, but I’d love to try having someone else do it to me.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Oh Molly posted about it too? I have to look up that post! I get the feeling of intrigue! Hopefully you’ll get to try it with someone. I’d like to too. It’ll be easier in that I then wouldn’t need the selfcontrol but probably more challenging in that it’ll be a surprise when the staple goes in, while when I did it I could anticipate it fully

  3. BrainMassage

    Besides the very interesting report about those painful staples, my attention was captured by an aspect that might have been neglected by most readers: the fact that sometimes a part of you becomes your own puppet master, so that you “obey yourself”. This dissociation mechanism is what I was suggesting you in a comment to another post of yours, as a trick to become more independent, because if you are able to lead yourself this way, you don’t need any external support to find your own path towards happiness. Although in most cases this kind of dissociation can be dangerous and bring to pathologic double personalities, in my opinion in some cases (as this one) it can be useful and good. It has to be kept under control though, and you need to be consciously aware of the fact that those different aspects of your character are simply part of what you are as a complex and unified individual, and you should not have conflicts between those parts.
    It’s interesting also that you have chosen MLSlavePuppet as your nickname, so you consider your puppet master a subject that acts on a major aspect of what you are.
    From a psychological point of view, this topic is very very interesting and fascinating. I’d be happy to read more posts of yours about your multiple personalities and the relationship between them, as well as their role as part of a whole, in your individual being.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying my posts and that this topic interests you. Just to explain a little further, I don’t think I need to become more independent. The dissociation is the problem in my daily life, in that all I can be is in control and independent. It’s not a good thing. I should be far less independent. It’s a curse. I hope I can resolve it one day and keep the positive parts of it. It’s also important to note that I don’t have multiple personalities. It’s a very different thing from just having an alter ego and dissociating. Deviant Succubus has written several posts about her Dissociative identity disorder: which you might be interested in. All of this is kind of complex and often hard to understand as a lot of people don’t exactly know what is what.

      • BrainMassage

        Thanks, Marie Louise, for your additional explanation and for the link to a good source of first-hand information. For sure this is a complex matter, that can not be grasped and understood fully without a far more thorough insight. I will read that post about dissociative identity disorder, and perhaps I will comment further afterwards. Similarly to what happens in many other fields, communication is based on an agreement on the meaning of some words and concepts, which can not be taken for granted in general and that can become even trickier when speaking a language as a non-native speaker. I would feel more comfortable discussing this kind of topic in Italian. However, it is not impossible to get used to the actual meaning and complexity of some English words, and to achieve a better level of communication, which is what I will keep attempting to do.
        I am currently trying to interpret what you mean when you say that you should be far less independent, and that you consider being in control and independent as a curse rather than a good thing. I am sure I am missing a wide part of the full frame, so I am a little puzzled. But I believe I will get a more complete insight step by step, reading your future posts.
        I actually like feeling ignorant about something and having the opportunity to increase my knowledge and improve my communication skills this way.

        • BrainMassage

          I’ve just read the post you linked. A very interesting first-hand description of dissociation, alters, switching mechanisms, hosting and sitting in the back, memories that are stored by different alters,…
          I still fail to understand to what degree you experience that kind of symptoms, but I guess it will become progressively clearer, the further I follow your posts.
          However it feels for you, I wish you to follow a path towards self improvement, that (even slowly) can bring you towards the direction you are aiming at.

  4. Tom

    Wow ML, so adventurous and hot! My guess is that with deprivation of direct stimulation to your clit you would eventually learn to cum in a different way. What do you think? Not that I would want to encourage you, your pretty vagina should be left fully accessible for the special person of your choosing .
    I can totally relate to your reluctance before stapling yourself, except that I could never bring myself to actually do it to myself (and most definitely not to anybody else). Just like you I would be willing to try nearly anything as far as sexual pain and humiliation are concerned (as long as there was no permanent damage), but for stuff like this I would need help.
    How is sterility maintained with the medical stapler?

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I don’t think it would at all. My orgasms only come if you do it the right way, otherwise my body is just like, nope, this is not happening.

      I think you use it once and then throw it away? in theory? I think that’s what it says in the name.

      • Tom

        Ok, you know your body. And everybody is different.

        But I just have to tell you this. My Wife said more or less the same thing the first time we fucked; that She could orgasm only in one way, with Her on top aggressively riding a hard cock burried deep inside Her. And She was the sexually experienced one, not me! Well, She discovered She was wrong .

  5. Cara Thereon

    That was really quite fascinating. I’ve only had someone staple my arm, so know how it feels. But for as painful as it sounded at parts the thought of trying it on other parts like you did sounds kinda hot. Something to think about.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you 🙂 I haven’t tried it on my arm and its both intruiging and also scary to me! I’m sure that must hurt loads too so it also appeals to me haha. If you try it on sensitive areas, I would love to read a blog post about it!!

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  34. Sam

    I am new to your blog I am a guy but beginning into self pain stuff . This is the first thing I had read on your blog . After doing various clothespins and nipped piercings for few months I wanted to step up. And the moment I read your experience I was inspired to go ahead . Luckily I had a medical stapler at home brought for a different reason. What I didn’t have was the removing device . Somehow after everyone slept at home late night I gathered courage and unpacked the stapler. Then I used it on a cloth to see how it works . I thought if I pressed it lighter it wouldn’t go deep enough and will be easy to remove . I put the first one , felt a strong pricking pain and then this gave me an arousal of sorts and went ahead with the second and because of my arousal I pressed the device hard and it pained and now I felt the pain continously burning. I fired 6 staples 3 on each side. Stayed with them for around 10-12 minutes . I had to struggle to remove them as I did it with scissors opening the scissor blades in the opposite direction and it did require force. All the sites except the first started bleeding. And I was more aroused . After cleaning up the mess I had a good orgasm. And since then I keep reading your blog . You re lovely !! I love the way you write ❤.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Aw thank you for sharing your own experience and reaching out. I’m so pleased to read that reading my blog has encouraged you to try things you’ve wanted to try. Did you disinfect after it started bleeding? Please be careful. And I would advise to buy a removal tool for the staples in the future!
      I’m also so happy to read you enjoy the way I write, thank you!


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