Task 28: Pegged Toes

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“Wear some stockings, put clothespins on your toes and hit them off with something.”

After task 27, Roxy stopped giving me tasks for a while. This was around the time I moved to Glasgow and since I have been able to see her much more often, especially as she’s my extended household during this lockdown. Naturally, as a result, we haven’t felt the need for many tasks because it’s far more fun to play together. I asked her if we could reintroduce the tasks while I’d be away in the Netherlands for a teaching position, but this plan fell through due to Covid.

How then did this task come about? We were talking on the phone and she mentioned the funny things that appeared on her Twitter timeline, then asked me why I wasn’t doing something like that for her. Uh… Yes, my active submission hasn’t really been so active lately.  

So then she said, as she was thinking out loud, how it’d be nice to see me in some stockings, to put some clothespins on my toes and to hit them off with something, didn’t matter what. “That’d be amusing,” she said.

Okay then… your wish is my command.

Task 28: Pegged Toes

As turns out, I don’t have many stockings. I have one black pair I dislike, a white pair from a caning clip, red ones I wear too often and fishnet ones; I opted for that last one. I really like the fishnet stockings, which a fan gifted to me and have wanted to wear them to a party for a while but obviously there haven’t been any due to Covid. Therefore, it was quite nice to actually use them.

Task 28: Pegged Toes

I wondered if clothespins would actually feel painful on my toes, but unsurprisingly, they didn’t. I picked up my riding crop and tried hitting them off but annoyingly, a few quite liked to stick to my toes, which actually did make it hurt a little. I put the pegs on and hit them off three times because I wanted to capture it on camera in one shot. I help my phone in one hand while hitting them off with the other. The video can be found on my Onlyfans.

Xx Mila

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