Task 30: Fetish Girl Pose

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“I like you to practise this pose every day so that I’ll be able to take that picture.”

The picture and pose Roxy was referring to is this one from Eric Kroll’s book Fetish Girls. I bought it a little while ago and Roxy had a look when she was over. I’m not sure whether we sat together and looked through the pages before or after the punishment, but this task was something for me to do daily right after, which I found helpful. She chose a few pictures in the book that we could recreate and put post-it notes throughout.

Task 30: Fetish Girl Pose

When we got to the picture above she asked me if I could do this.

“Erm… I don’t know, let me try…” I wanted to be able to do it but I only managed to get halfway there before falling over.

“Practise it. Every day. You’ll get there.”

I had my doubts, sceptical as I am, but who was I to question her? Her wish is my desire, of course. While it would be very simple to take a picture of whatever I was wearing each day (spoiler alert: hoodie and pyjama bottoms cause nowhere to go), I felt like I had to make somewhat of an effort. Undressing is one of my least favourite things to do because it’s always cold so I procrastinated quite a lot every day.

On the first day getting into the right position seemed pretty much impossible. Try it, you’ll get what I mean (unless you’re flexible in this specific way). It simply feels impossible to put my legs behind my shoulders. I remember being able to put them behind my head just one or two times when I was a kid but since my flexibility levels have gone down a lot, mainly since I started playing football.

Task 30: Fetish Girl Pose

As the days progressed, it started to feel a little easier to do the pose, which I believe was mainly because I figured out a better way to do it. It’s easier if you allow yourself to lie down every so slightly (though you can’t tell that I am from the pictures).

Getting into the pose and taking the picture became kind of funny to me because I definitely struggled to hold it for long enough sometimes and would sometimes fall over before the 10-second timer was up.

I only managed to do this for a little over a week, as one day, I took the 3rd picture, thinking the first two weren’t good enough and then suddenly something happened to my back. Something moved I think. A few years ago, this sometimes happened after rugby and football and an osteopath would fix it. After it happened, all day I was thinking: This was not worth it. This was not worth it. This was not worth it! 

I expected it to last for a week before getting slightly better, as that’s what it’d been like in the past but luckily with my posture shirt it became alright after the 3rd day or so. That ended this task, unfortunately, but at least we got some funny pictures!

Task 30: Fetish Girl Pose

Xx Mila

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  2. Lisa Stone

    You’re already doing pretty well. But if you look at the very first photo, then you understand that there is still something to strive for.

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