Task 3: Shaping a Sun

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“Use some needles; 4 of them to be precise in a place of your choosing.”

When I get a task, I don’t want to just do it and get it over with. If possible, I like to do something special or creative with it, though I’m not always sure how. Four needles, for instance, left me wondering what I could possibly do with them. It didn’t make sense to do something with them like I’ve done before (holding a piece of paper or piercing my nipples), so I thought of perhaps a nice pattern and googled one. Maybe it would be fun to try and have all of them cross over and so I made a… sun?

This task was more challenging than I thought it would be. I know it seems like I don’t struggle a lot with pain, but I’m in fact very sensitive. I can cope because that’s just what I do and also take joy in, but implementing these sorts of things on yourself is difficult and needles hurt more than you might think they do, in my experience anyway.

After the first, the second became a struggle, then after the second, the third became a struggle and by the fourth, I just bit my tongue, held my breath and pushed it in without caring. Pain is temporary, is what I tell myself. I can assure you it still hurt for an hour or two after they’d come out!

Xx Mila

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22 Replies to “Task 3: Shaping a Sun”

  1. David Proctor

    Your sun or star are beautifully symmetrical. I wonder how differently it would appear on different areas of your body? If one had a group of friends, they could gather around you and simultaneously make suns and stars all over your body and drip candle wax on each one. I wonder if they’re being done simultaneously all over would that process neutralize each site’s pain or accentuate it? I wonder.

  2. It Is What It Is

    Bold and sexy indeed ML, especially in using sewing needles, which seem to need a little more coaxing to complete the piercings. I have played some in various locations with both sewing and catheter needles, and found the latter to be easier to use, although they tend to be a bit bulkier in length. My goal is to do a hex placed behind and around my nipple.

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