The 4 aspects of being a slave

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She didn’t just want to train me for her, she wanted me to understand and train me for me. She didn’t want me to be able to be a slave for her alone. She wanted me to acknowledge my slave nature and

So one day she told me to get a piece of paper and divide it into 4 blocks. One for obedience, pain, humiliation and classiness. She then told me to rate them from 1 to 4, one being the most important aspect of being a slave.

My first response was to say that this was difficult, to which she said: things I ask you to do, often are, aren’t they?
Then I sort of thought my thoughts out loud, saying I didn’t know how to rate classiness. She clearly didn’t want me to discuss this with her first and to come up with the answer myself. She said I was going to do as I was told and that her order then would overrule mine.

So I rated them like this: 1. obedience, 2. classiness, 3. humiliation, 4. pain.
I thought that humiliation and pain were tools to help along with the submission, while iI thought that obedience was essential to be a slave at all, and so put that on one. And during the time she’d been training me, I’d been learning how important classiness was, so naturally, it came before three and four.

She then said that actually, obedience is the final goal along with classiness. That humiliation is only valuable when classiness is there first and that pain is simply a tool for all the others.

She then moved our conversation asking me which area I thought we should work on most, which, while I didn’t really want to work on it, I had to admit was classiness. This then included how I dress, posture, make-up, how I walk in heels,

She asked me how I felt about nail polish too, which just so happened to be something I hated wearing. For some reason, the last few times I’d worn it I couldn’t stand the feeling of it on my nails and I removed it within the first 5 minutes of applying.

“Ah, very good to know. This could be an interesting experiment,” she said.

“Are you going to make me wear nail polish for a day?” (please don’t)

She replied that she certainly would at some point but that we were going to do something else now. Lesson over. The fun was about to start… Something to do with clips and hangers, about which I’ll write in the following post.

As for the nail polish, at a random moment, she told me to wear nail polish for a week and some days (until she’d return from her trip). She often did this… surprise me with a new task, giving me no time to mentally prepare. I was to change the colour of my nail polish every time the old one stopped looking good.

This worried me because I never wore nail polish before. What would people think if I suddenly wore several different colours in the same week?? (lol, I’m such a strange person. It’s funny now.)

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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21 Replies to “The 4 aspects of being a slave”

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  3. Tom

    Interesting, classiness, I wouldn’t have thought of that.
    My order would be obedience, humiliation, pain, classiness.

    • MLSlavePuppet

      I think classiness is very important because like it allows me to be attractive and appealing to the outside world, while also be put together and professional when necessary & it just gives me a lot of confidence and joy in general

      • Tom

        Oh, I am all for classiness in general, I just didn’t see it so important in the context of my submissiveness to my Wife. Maybe for you it plays a more important role because you were not used to accept compliments. Poor thing, I feel for you, I am glad that you are now more comfortable with it. You were experiencing anxiety from dressing up, using fingernail polish, wearing heels etc. and you were forced to do those things by Miss Lois. You look really pretty in those heels, btw, and you have beautiful hands. I don’t have such problems (I have others, lol).

        • MLSlavePuppet

          True! I felt like I pretty much started from 0 on the classiness front, not being able to appreciate myself at all or knowing how to dress in certain ways etc. I mean, I didn’t even know how to make a bun lmao. And thank you, I really like the way it looks now! ^-^

          What problems do you have? haha

          • Tom

            I also have some social anxiety issues, I procastrinate too much, I have hard time making decisions, I overthink and overanalyze, I am a sex addict, and I am, after so many years, still insecure about my performance in bed (small penis, quick “shooter”, recently also some erection issues). Stupid, silly, etc., but I can never quite shake it, in spite of all the positive experiences and the fact that I know how to work around my shortcomings and most importantly, I satisfy my Wife properly more often than not. She is no longer shy of telling me what She wants and also when I underperform – I totally need this blunt honesty.

          • MLSlavePuppet

            I think with these things it’s important to acknowledge that that voice in your head causing all the anxiety will probably never go away and all you can do is talk back to it and have other people in your environment help, like your wife!

  4. Tom

    Yes, it will never go away. It’s who I am. Talking about it with sexual therapist and my Wife helps to somehow “ground” me. I don’t know why I feel so strongly about it.

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