A Happy Accident 

A Happy Accident 

A Happy Accident

Roxy gave me the task to find a secluded spot in nature, take off my top and spread my arms so as to let my nipples feel the breeze. I’ll write about that in a separate post, but while I was there, I thought I might as well sneak in some extra pictures. I hadn’t brought my actual camera though, as it requires me to work with a timer, so instead, I used my phone, which I balanced on top of a very unstable bush. This picture was taken as my camera slipped and tilted, but didn’t quite reach the ground (thank god). It was quite a happy accident because look at the sky it captured!


I studied media design, which included print, web design, animations, video and in my first year, also photography. I was doing this degree because I love video editing and playing around in After Effects. I did not like the photography class at all. I don’t think it was so much photography itself but the classes were boring and I very actively disliked being sent out to take some photographs. I know most people would enjoy the thought of that but the themes were again, so boring. After we returned to class, the teacher would always look through the photographs with us individually and somehow, he always liked mine. I tried to get good photographs but I certainly didn’t put in as much effort as I did for literally all the other subjects. Ironically, apart from video and animation classes, I got the highest marks in photography.

When my dad got a reduced-priced Canon he was crazy enthusiastic about it and thought I might want one because of my degree and all. I told him I didn’t want one because I hated photography lol, but then got one later as I figured it’d be useful for video too. I realised that photography isn’t all that different from video as it’s all about the framing, which is something I love doing. When I got my camera, coincidentally, I also travelled to South-Korea as my then best friend was studying there for a year and I could stay with her for a month. We had the most amazing time and visited most of the tourist spots as well as my first ever gay pride! I took about 5000 photos while I was there and was found my love for photography.

Erotic Photography

I enjoy taking pictures on holidays and in nature, but as I haven’t travelled anywhere for a few years and don’t tend to specifically go out for photographs, I stopped using my canon. I had been feeling guilty about it because my dad had bought me the camera but now suddenly I use it all the time and it’s thanks to this blog! The downside is that I can’t tell him about it because you know. Me: So I’m finally making good use of my camera! Him: Awesome, let’s put them in a slideshow and play them on the TV screen. Me: Erm…

I much prefer taking pictures with my canon as I have control over the iso and the focus and the quality of the pictures is simply better. The one downside is that I have to work with a timer as the camera is too old for Bluetooth remote control.

I think I love the creativity of photography and capturing the perfect shot. I don’t think I can quite capture the perfect shot, but it’s fun trying and these erotic photographs make me feel so free. The more pictures I take, the easier it seems to get. I like that I can just play around and do my own thing. Hopefully, I can do something like this with a friend or a photographer sometimes. It would take away my frustration when one of my pictures turns out to be out of focus, and it would make it easier to get my body in the right position, which is hard sometimes in 10 seconds!

My favourites Sinful Sunday Pictures from last week

Natural in Nature by BlueSubmission
What’s more natural than nature? Especially in combination with some nudity! Bluesubmission captures this amazing shot of sideways lying facing gushing water. The wet rocks, the green trees and the water really touch upon that natural feeling and her pose, and flowing hair emphasise this. She merges in with nature flawlessly.

Decisions by Krystal Minx
This blue top is sooo nice especially when you lift it up so that the light can properly shine through, which is exactly what Krystal did. Her body shape comes out so well. It’s very erotically attractive picture.

Through The Looking Glass by Discovering Kink
Considering last week’s theme of unedited, Raven managed to capture a great picture, which I’d think would usually be one you’d have to edit. The focus is on point, as well as the subject in the middle. I really like how the reflection in the mirror is upside down, while the reflection in the mirror behind is upright.

Barely There by A Leap of Faith
I love how her tattoo and panties get a lot of attention in this picture. Her feet look very elegant in this position and I like where the frame cuts off and how the light comes in from that angle.

Xx Mila

Sinful Sunday   



36 Replies to “A Happy Accident ”

  1. Cousin Pons

    I enjoyed reading this very much. As someone who loves photography, but only got a a dslr camera two years ago (a Canon!) it was very interesting to read how you got started. I love your photo and the happy way it came to be.

  2. thebarefootsub

    This is such a beautiful image. The big sky has a certain magic (I need to get out under it regularly) and you’ve captured it wonderfully. A happy accident indeed!

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you!
      I know right? I used to love just lying in the grass and watching the clouds as a kid. Maybe I should do that again when the sun comes back out here

  3. ams

    Regarding the self-timer, my camera has no bluetooth remote either but I can pair it with my phone via wifi and use an app as a remote timer. Or maybe your camera has an interval timer that takes a picture like every 30 seconds or so. That could help you position yourself and even change positions between each shot.

  4. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    It may have been an accident but it is certainly a brilliant, brilliant result. That sky is just wonderful … and I know I’ve mentioned it before, but you do have such a lovely bottom !!!
    Oh, and I always love your photos, and always look forward to your posts!!!
    Xxx – K

  5. sub-Bee

    I don’t have an eye for photography at all! But I do love this, I love the angle and how it’s captured you in your stunning surroundings too.

  6. Molly

    You might want to look at buying a CamRanger. It basically acts like a wifi hotspot so you can use your phone as remote control and also viewfinder. They are not cheap but they do transform what you can do if you are into self portraits.

    Oh and I love this shot, the sky is so dramtic and the angle makes it feel like you are reaching up into it


    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      As in, it would allow me to tap my phone so that my canon takes the picture? o: I’ll have a look, that sounds like the thing I need (or want), thank you for the suggestion.

      And thank you x

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I’m not sure. I imagine it is hard to keep up with the frequency that I post. I know she read Yearning for rules because she said she had after that one went out so maybe? I do tell her how the task went in our private chat which is similar to what I write on my blog about these tasks

  7. Sweet Autumn Rose

    I think that sometimes the things we don’t plan for can turn out to be the most magical. This picture certainly proves the point. I love the way the whole thing looks, that sky is haunting and the angle creates a feeling of uncertainty.

    And of course you look beautiful thank you for linking to the fun theme photo meme too

    Take care


  8. Marie Rebelle

    First of all, the image is absolutely gorgeous. Indeed a very happy accident that your phone slipped sideways. Then about your photography journey. Funny how you didn’t like it at first, and now you do. I giggled when I read the part about not being able to tell your dad. I’m just imagining your sexy images on the television screen 😉

    Rebel xox

  9. Julie

    This has to be the happiest of images. The sky and your surroundings are stunning and that somehow makes the image of your body all the more stunning.

  10. DeviantSuccubus

    Well, you know I love this shot. Sometimes accidents lead to perfection. You look amazing, and the background really frames you well! Superb! I am totally not great at technical stuff, but I have a creative eye, hence my frustration with photography, because I need to learn all these different functions, while I really just want to make the image in my head realty. I will most likely buy a proper camera in the future, but phone pictures work well too, which yours shows so splendidly.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hehe, thank you <3

      That's relatable! I kind of feel like that with writing because I have this perfect thing envisioned but then I don't feel like I have the skill yet to pull it off and it's so frustrating!
      Honestly, phones are so good nowadays, you really don't 'need' a proper camera

  11. It Is What It Is

    Beautiful picture ML. It has often been said, that the so called “perfect shot” was the one the photographer didn’t even realize had been captured, which is truly evident in yours. The obtuse angle of the camera catching the moment could not have been planned or staged. Such is the beauty and allure which has enticed those whose eyes prefer to view life through a viewfinder.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you. And I know, that’s what I thought of too. I’m really lucky with how this turned out. I initially didn’t even see the picture in my files because I didn’t know it existed!

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