Task 1: My Pain is your Pleasure

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The lovely Miss Roxy who I met at The Unicorn Board has been giving me some tasks which I’ve been uploading on Twitter, but I thought I’d keep up with my blog as well. I’m catching up but once we’re at task 8, I’ll upload them on the day they were done.

“Use clothespins and snake them down your body, continue the trail onto your vagina so both sides are covered in pegs. In the midst of the snake write in black marker: My pain is your pleasure.”

I forget how clothespins start burning after a little while. This was fun!

My Pain is your Pleasure

My Pain is your Pleasure

All pictures available on my Fansly.

Xx Mila

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20 Replies to “Task 1: My Pain is your Pleasure”

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hey, I’m so sorry about that! It’s still going and Laura has done her task. She was going to post it on her blog this week but covid has gotten in the way of that at the moment. I believe she is currently trying to get home. I’m sure that once this is sorted her post will go online and I’ll get a new task and then it’ll continue with less of a break!

  1. Avner

    No need for sorry, one’s health and well being both mental and physical are much more important. I hope you are keeping well and finding ways to enjoy and be productive with your time alone. I know your posts have proven to be a stress reliever and an enjoyable part of each day. So keep the posts, pics and creative posing and writing coming. We all need to rely on each other, now more than ever.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Yes, we do need to rely on each other especially in these times. I will definitely keep it up, thank you for reading and leaving comments. It makes it extra worth it!

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