Learning how to walk in stilettos

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One of the things that had a lot of importance from the start of our dynamic were heels. Naturally, I never wore them, used them or really owned many. I guess you’d have a field day if you enjoy training someone. How many women don’t know how to walk in heels? lol.

But Miss Lois didn’t want me to walk in the semi-normal height heels. (Duh, I hear you say), she wanted me in Stilettos. The highest ones (that work for my height). So first I had to buy a pair…

I tried looking for very cheap ones because I thought this was just to practise walking… surely there was no need to get fancy ones. But apparently, these kinds of shoes should always have a round nose rather than a pointed one, which none of the cheap ones has. (I do agree nowadays.) So after a month or so, she decided that I should just get the right ones that she’d found on Amazon, and we used my kinky budget to buy them.

To be fair, once they arrived (at the start of October 2018) I felt quite excited about the way they looked. They arrived in a pretty fancy box (for my student-y standards) and once I opened it, I was welcomed by some sort of… maybe leather-y smell? But not quite. It smelled good, anyway. They were also shiny. I was happily surprised, minus the super high heel part, ha!

Then I tried them on, ha ha… It felt very unnatural to stand up in them. I struggled just to keep standing. And she wanted me to walk in these??

She was happy about the way they looked too. She asked if they fit and made me take pictures from different angles up close. My feet have different sizes and one of the heels seemed too big for my foot, so she told me to order some heel grips.

They arrived a few days later and it helped… but not enough to help me stay standing and let alone walking. I literally could not walk in them.

Of course, that didn’t matter. I would learn how to walk in them.

She gave me the task to practise walking in them for 5 minutes each day. She suggested I put down a scarf or something as a line so I could walk along it. And told me I should practise with a tennis ball – hold it between my thighs while walking, to practise/create the hip movement.

Well… I wish I could re-enact what it looked like back then because I’m not sure how to convince you of how ridiculous and clumsy it looked. I could not do it at all. Like. At all. It felt like there was absolutely no point in trying. I tried it day after day with no improvement. It felt stupid. It felt pointless. I hated it.

I remarked that this task felt like as if I would have to invent a rocket, figure out how to get to the moon on my own before anyone ever accomplished anything like that, and to then make it to the moon and put down that flag.

She laughed and said “ever the optimist.”

Every now and then Miss Lois asked me how my heel training was going. There just wasn’t any improvement. She linked me to Youtube videos in which Youtubers explain how to walk in heels, but it didn’t really help me.

Eventually, we came to realise that this wasn’t working. She asked me what I thought I needed in order to learn this. I said that I felt like I didn’t have any balance so she made me order a balance board. Then when it arrived it turned out I had great balance.

She told me to additionally practise on the balance board for 5 minutes every day though.

I still barely improved. I suggested that I show her a video of me walking in heels. I’d been thinking of this for a while but it was a bit of a scary idea, as I’d never sent her a video before. She liked the idea though, and so that happened.

It opened another discussion about what we thought I might need to learn how to walk in heels.

I suggested that it might help if I first learn to walk in my normal-sized heels, considering I couldn’t even properly do that. She agreed that until I could walk in these, I could stop practising in the stilettos. In addition, I also stopped using the tennis ball, which helped a lot.

After this, I slowly started improving as I kept on sending her videos of me walking in heels, as some sort of progress update. Side note, for the videos, she wanted me naked.

Anyway, one thing that was still missing was the hip movement. You know the one that all models and Halsey do so perfectly.

Learning how to walk in stilettos

I mentioned before that I struggled to twist the hip for taking pictures too. Walking with the hip movement seemed completely impossible. I had no idea how to make my body move in my hips. I could sort of do it with a hula hoop but that’s different.

Finally, when I discovered how to do the movement for pictures, it felt feasible that I should be able to do this while walking too. I now had the belief that it was possible which made me determined to figure it out somehow.

Miss Lois also suggested I practise balancing with heels on one foot, on the balance board, as well as practising the hip movement itself while on the balance board.

I also went back to the Youtube tutorials and tried to imitate them. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong though, and Miss Lois wasn’t online often enough at the time to be able to coach me in this aspect so I showed my close friend (who is also into BDSM and with who I lived for three years) a video (in which I was dressed and walking in the heels) and asked him what he thought I was doing wrong. He suggested some things and I tried them out and recorded it for him. This way we made progress quite quickly.

We got into December and I went home for Christmas. While Miss Lois was happy with the progress, I still wasn’t quite there yet, but I didn’t know what else I could do to get any better at it, and she didn’t seem to know either. I went back in January when that same friend visited me and we had a live learning how to walk in heels session.

I had been walking up and down the living room for maybe an hour – while he looked at Youtube tutorials and showed me some things every now and then and suggested things I could do differently.

I was walking away from him when suddenly…

“THAT’S IT!” he said as he jumped off the couch when I’d walked the same path in heels again.

“Really?” I said, slightly in disbelief but also excited.

“Do it again, I’ll film it.”

So I walked in the heels again and again and again but it wouldn’t happen again. He put the camera down and I tried it a few more times when suddenly I did it right again. We tried to capture it once more but it seemed that as soon as a camera had been turned on, I couldn’t do it anymore.

However, it didn’t matter. It felt like I’d finally mastered it! I told Miss Lois of course, and had my friend message her about his observations too).

In the future, she asked me to walk in front of the camera/webcam on heels sometimes and every time I did she mentioned how good it looked nowadays. While unlike me she had seemed convinced from the start that I’d learn how to, it felt like she was happily surprised with how well it turned out.

I now feel pretty confident walking in my normal height heels. I enjoy making the hip movement (never thought I’d say that) and I like the noise they make. The best thing though is that they make me taller, hehe.

I can walk in the stiletto’s, and Miss Lois says it looks good, but it hurts my ankles to and this is both uncomfortable / a bit worrying and also makes me feel less confident because to me it feels like it must also look bad.

She sent me another Youtube video, with ankle stretches this time. Then for a while, I did the following exercises every day (I didn’t make this up, I just followed the video:

  1. Toes up | 20 reps
  2. Heel walk | 30 secs
  3. Heels up straight | 15 reps
  4. Heels up diagonal | 15 reps
  5. Jumping over an imaginary line on one leg | 15 reps each side
  6. Ankle circles | 10 reps each side

The daily practising in the stiletto’s in combination with playing football 4 to 5 times a week started taking a toll on my ankles until one of them eventually got a little injured. Heel training was paused again and never truly resumed.

I didn’t think the walking training was really needed anymore, because I can walk in the heels now, but somehow my ankles aren’t in the right shape to walk in high stiletto’s / or any shoe with a heel that high. I’m not sure how to solve this yet, but hopefully, I will one day.

Either way, I DID IT! What seemed more difficult than inventing a rocket and flying to the moon on my own turned out to be ok. It took from Oct till Jan and wasn’t easy, but I can walk in heels now and move my hips while doing so, so yay.

Are there any of you rare souls that struggled to walk in heels too at some point?

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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