Heel Tie

Last week, I’d had a really poor night falling asleep past 2 AM and waking up at 6 AM. It’s weird how sometimes I can’t really sleep despite my sleeping pills and nights like this represent what my rest was like before I got these pills. Feeling pretty shattered I thought I’d do something fairly mindless and yet fun by doing the heel tie for Tie me up Tuesday at 8 AM. I guess that counts as a productive morning, right?

Heel Tie

As you can tell I had quite a bit of rope left but I wasn’t about to cut it. The two heels and my ankles are also effectively attached to each other as if they were cuffed, which I suppose could be fun for a dominant to play with, lol. When I first started speaking to Miss Lisa at eighteen our D/s dynamic was very imaginative, as if we were writing how we’d play and interact if we were together in real life. In the absence of in real life for the time being she once told me to picture wearing cuffs around my ankles with just a little bit of space in between my feet, which meant walking a little strangely on my way back home as I imagined so.

You can tell that these heels are actually too big for me. Lois picked these specific heels for me (post here) when she wanted me to learn how to walk in heels. It’s a miracle I can walk in them now. Around the start of my heel training, I said that this task felt like as if I had to invent a rocket, figure out how to get to the moon on my own before anyone ever accomplished anything like that, arrive at the moon and put down that flag. Feedback from others tells me it looks pretty flawless when I walk in them even though it doesn’t feel like I do. The heels themselves are a little too high for my height, I believe. At the same time, these are my favourite heels because I really like the look of them. If I could find this pair again I’d try and get a better size (at the moment I have those……)

Heel Tie

I like the idea of these heel ties as at least two of the Dommes I’ve known very much liked me in heels. I previously never did, so quite like the idea that they’re literally attached and can’t be taken off (even if I do like wearing heels now). It would also be quite uncomfortable to wear high heels for a long time like at a Domme dinner party where I’d serve everyone. The rope is also quite aesthetically pleasing and can add that extra bit of style to black heels, especially as there loads of different coloured rope so it would allow you to change things up. Of course, I went for purple this time. I find that purple and black work really well together.

Heel Tie

Xx Mila

24 Replies to “Heel Tie”

  1. Tom

    It looks very sexy, purple/black combo works great, elegant and erotic at the same time.
    I think a all purple set (heels and rope) or all black (or burgundy red) would work very well too. Together with your rope masterpiece from Booty in a Bind post, all in the same color, it would make you look… well, stunningly sexy, for girls and boys alike.

  2. Posy Churchgate

    I love what you’ve done here ML – the rope tie is awesome, but twinned with the heels – wow!

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