Task: Wear Nail Polish for 10 Days

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(Note: this took place after slave training had been paused for 2 days, but due to personal circumstances at the time, the break had been a little bit longer.)

I hated wearing nail polish. Miss Lois had mentioned nail polish before and I had told her about my dislike. Of course, I knew that now it had been mentioned it couldn’t be long before I had to wear it, but one always keeps hoping that the day is never today.

As always, getting the task at that moment surprised me. It had been a little while since nail polish had mentioned and I had no suspicion of this task happening any time soon.

Miss Lois said that she was going to be away for about 10 days, due to having to travel to another country for her job. So to keep me occupied she told me to use the nail polish that had been left behind by the previous occupant and wear it each day until she returned. I was to use a different colour each time the past colour no longer looked pristine. (I mentioned this before, here.)

I both liked and disliked that she’d chosen this task for the time she’d be away, as the fact that she was away meant I had no option to plead with her to change it. I’d have to just do it and deal with it. No excuses.

In terms of the task though, first of all, I was worried that I’d hate the feeling of nail polish on my nails. The last time I’d tried using it, I couldn’t keep the polish on for more than 5 minutes. Miss Lois knew, but if this would be the case, I’d just have to suffer through it.

Secondly, I was worried about this visible change in me to the outside world. (I mean nail polish is such a shocking change! lol. Never mind that it’s very normal for women to wear it.)

Thirdly, I was even more worried about wearing several different colours in a span of 10 days. This way people would definitely notice that I was suddenly making an effort… or something…

So that day I went to the shop and looked at some nail polish. I thought it might help me if I choose a colour myself, rather than using the ones that had been left at home. If I chose the colour, then maybe I’d feel a bit more comfortable and confident wearing it.

I don’t think I told Miss Lois this. I only showed her the nail polish once it was on. (In hindsight, not sure if this was allowed? but I think the purpose of the task was for me to wear nail polish and to potentially start liking it. I think she suggested I use the ones I already had because I was always quite tight on money and didn’t like spending it on things I didn’t believe I would like.)

I felt quite excited when I sat down at my desk with this new nail polish. I liked the colour a lot and I was kind of curious about wearing nail polish again.

This is one of the things I liked so much about Miss Lois. She always pushed me but also knew what I truly wanted even if I didn’t realise it yet.

Applying nail polish though, wasn’t that easy the first time around. My hands were shaking (I mean, they do kind of often so it’s not weird or anything), but it made it difficult to apply it properly. I’m sure you all know if you’ve applied nail polish before for the first time. It’s very easy to colour your skin in addition to your nail (I tried to correct this afterwards).

I was happily surprised once it had been applied. It didn’t annoy me. I didn’t have the irresistible need to take it off right away.

wear nail polish 10 days

I liked the colour on my nails too. I didn’t love it yet entirely, but it wasn’t too bad. When Miss Lois came online she complimented the colour, saying how it suited me, which made me quite happy.

In class, I got a compliment on them as well. I felt both relieved and a bit shy, wishing I hadn’t received this attention. It made me worry about the second colour I’d have to apply because would that get me another compliment, aka attention? I wasn’t going to buy another new nail polish, and that hadn’t been the original task anyway.

I was hoping the nail polish would stay good for a good few days, which it surprisingly did. I believe it stayed alright for 4 to 5 days? After which I reluctantly took it off and took a look at the colours I had at home.

Most of the colours weren’t very nice (probably why they’d been left behind). There was only one which was ok, but it was bright red… not exactly the colour I wanted to wear because bright red would be very visible. Wearing bright red almost felt like a statement that I didn’t want to make. But what choice did I have?

wear nail polish 10 days

However, red is my favourite colour so in that sense, wearing it wasn’t too bad, but I felt super conscious about it when I showed up in class the next day.

Every time I had been given a compliment on my nail polish in the past few days I’d replied saying: “the previous tenant left a lot of nail polish behind so I thought I’d try them all out.”

Somehow saying this made me feel more at ease because I’d given people some sort of explanation for why I was suddenly wearing nail polish.

The red polish didn’t stay pristine as long as the blue one did. I tried to stretch wearing it for an extra day but eventually had to take it off and look for another colour. There truly were no other good colours though…

wear nail polish 10 days

This day was coincidentally the day Miss Lois returned and I eagerly asked if this meant I could stop wearing nail polish now, which I could.

After this task had finished I didn’t feel like I never wanted to wear nail polish again. In fact, it had actually opened my eyes to the wonders of wearing nail polish. It made me want to wear it more often and try out different colours. I think this task was therefore very successful and required no more managing on Miss Lois’ part.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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(PS: During the 10 days Miss Lois was away, she’d also given me the task to visit all the charity shops in town and try on different shoes, as we wanted to start looking for nicer shoes for me but didn’t know what suited me exactly.

I felt quite shy doing this because people always look at you when you’re trying on things in shops. I hate it. So I stepped into the first charity shop and without trying anything I stepped back out, lol. I knew I had to do this though, so I forced myself to go into all the other charity shops and returned to the first one in the end.

I didn’t really like any of the shoes I’d tried on but I’d done the task so yay!)

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  1. Tom

    Hey ML, I don’t know how come I missed this post before. You have beautiful hands, BTW. I guss your anxiety when trying on new stuff in shops must be much less now.

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